Why a married lover is jealous of other men and what to do?

Why a married lover is jealous of other men and what to do? A man who, in addition to his family, builds relationships on the side, has to constantly balance between two women. If one area sags, the balance begins to be disturbed, which affects all participants in the system. The presence of two women is always energy-consuming.

A man needs to pay attention to both, fulfill agreements (duties), be generous, caring, ost. And all this at a double rate. Also, and jealousy, on can arise not only to the legal wife, but also to the mistress.

What is the basis of the relationship with the mistress?

Jealousy, for the most part, is built on fear of losing. However, a jealous person is not always afraid of losing a partner. It also happens that the fear of losing emotions that a person likes so much or an unwillingness to lose habitual emotions is involved.

But does a man really have a fear of losing his mistress? If you think about it, she is not yet close enough to him, because he is in no hurry to leave the family. Let’s try to figure out where jealousy comes from in relation to a woman whom a man has chosen to spend his leisure time and get pleasant emotions.

If this is the case, in which case it is so:

  • Emotional content.

A man receives from his chosen one what he is not able to receive from his wife. The wife is more immersed in family concerns, solving everyday problems. The mistress does not have to spend energy on washing, cooking and cleaning up the whole family. She is able to spend more time on herself.

A man likes that his mistress does not get tired and is always in a pleasant mood. There is some EMO-rational binding. He begins to depend in some way on his feelings next to his mistress. He feels like a male next to her, desirable, charming and attractive.

  • Few claims and demands.

The mistress tries not to burden the man. A man perceives this as an incredible plus of his chosen one. However, if you look deeper into this, the mistress is only trying to earn extra balls on this. She plays in contrast with the behavior of his wife.

The lover looks so independent, not demanding, independent and easy. This attracts a man even more, because he wants to conquer and conquer her.

Of course, passion, emotional excitement and attraction are the basis of a relationship with a mistress. Sometimes, the feelings are so strong that a man’s mind is filled only with thoughts about her. If this is the case, risk is risked and there is a difference between the two. This whole cocktail awakens the desire to experience this as often as possible.

How to respond to jealousy?

  • No commitment.

This is at home, in the family, a man bears the burden of responsibility. On your own it is possible to get and enjoy it as much as possible. And with a mistress, he can be frivolous and spend himself only for pleasure.

So where does fear come from then? Of course, it is this carelessness, airiness and lightness that he does not want to lose. It was for her sake that he began to risk his family happiness, for this ease he was on and ready to sacrifice something.

Do you know how to live?

Fear of loss is not the main reason for jealousy. Fear is just a consequence. The explanation lies deep within. Consider the main factors:

  • Character feature.

The man is temperamental by nature. He is short-tempered and easily excitable. Jealousy always accompanies him: in every relationship he is not tolerant of the communication of his women with the opposite sex. The mistress is no exception. He considers her already rightfully his, therefore he is convinced that he can fully claim her freedom.

The most important thing is that his jealousy does not cross the line. Aggressive behavior, constant anxiety, the use of physical force indicate an inadequate perception of reality.

  • Completeness and innovation in it.

Neuwerennosty in sposobna how to lead a man in general to building relationships on the side, and to wild jealousy. Such a chosen one is constantly looking for evidence that he is irresistible and perfect. Although he does it at the expense of his women.

His insecurity makes him an unbalanced person who is constantly trying to find evidence incorrectly. Although in reality he is only afraid of being left out of his lot.

  • Projects own behavior.

Often people who are very jealous are ready to commit infidelity themselves. They judge others by themselves. That is, knowing how easy it is to change, they think that it is equally simple for everyone. Although in fact, not everyone is able to show a fleeting weakness.

A lover, being in a relationship with a married man, may simply not be serious about such a union. She calmly meets with other men. A married chosen one is not ready to calmly accept this state of affairs.

  • Serious intentions.

If a man is in love with his mistress so much that he is ready to leave the family, he will perceive enevyuk. Every man is an owner, so he does not want to share his chosen one with others. In addition, it is not necessary in this case.

  • The mistress has a husband, a family.

By and by, so in the brake not tolerable, not in the same way. To the end of the day it is possible to plan the future to the next. He does not want to share his beloved with anyone, he longs for the sole possession of her.

How to behave as a mistress with a jealous chosen one?

If there is jealousy in your relationship with a married man, this may indicate that he is not indifferent to. Jealousy can be a pleasant addition to your feelings Only if it is intrusive and does not go beyond the permissible.

If he is jealous for no reason, constantly demands an account of where and with whom you were, you should think about whether he even has the right to claim such personal details. Initially, it was wound up so that he was not free. Are you asking about it?

How to deal with a jealous person?

Be careful with the moment, with those that are in the room. If it is not possible to give it, it is not possible to do this. If you want specifics in a relationship, discuss the future perspective.

Let’s say a man is jealous of your spouse. No word is given to you or other people who are in possession of storage. On knew what he was getting into, what kind of indignation could there be?

  • Modify the format.

As long as there are other positions, it is new and the disk space is different. If a man wants to possess you, he should specify your relationship. From the rank of lovers to transfer them to a more serious plane.

If you don’t give it to you with drugs. Here is a question for him: “Is he ready to take on the responsibility of offering you to become something more than just a pair of lovers meeting on the sly?”

  • Agree.

If you are not interested in Change, Avnivets Does Not Quiet, indicate to Him that you are not ready to sacrifice your freedom, your autonomy is important to you. Stop trying to hear each other in this matter. Some agreement is possible, which will be the key to the implementation of partnership discussions.

  • Avoid communication if jealousy becomes an obsessive state of a man.

If No conversations, agreements do not help, And the Chosen One still arranges scenes of Jealousy, It may be worth a little delay with meetings. It is worth understanding whether you need such an unbalanced partner.

Jealousy is not equal to strong feelings, especially when it begins to interfere with everything around. Although in fact the relationship is on the side, initially, the story is hardly about true love. Therefore, a relationship with a married person involves constant self-sacrifice.

It is worth understanding yourself, evaluating and answering the questions: “Are you comfortable in such a relationship?”, “Are you ready to live like this all the time?” and “Are you happy in your union?”. Having sincerely answered all the questions, you will understand whether it is worth spending your life on a person who seems to be nearby, but seems to be not, and even a terrible jealous one.

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