Why a married man shows signs of attention to a woman – how to behave?

Why a married man shows signs of attention to a woman – how to behave? An unfree man is a forbidden fruit. Such men, as a rule, are well-groomed, successful, they know what they want.

They are interesting, give new emotions, raise the self-esteem of a mistress. After all, it is very pleasant to realize that the wife has been relegated to the background.

No so li eto na samom dele? The outlook is not always bright.

Benefits of being in a relationship with an unfree man

Of course, things don’t always go according to a bad scenario. There are always exceptions. If you have some words to say that the woman is young, so that some of the people who live there are:

  • It is not necessary to return it to the material problems, and it is not possible to prevent it from happening;
  • You are Career Focused and not very interested in starting a family at this stage, but willing to spend time in the company of a man;
  • If you yourself are married, but he is bursting at the seams, and you are not yet ready to finally leave your husband;
  • You have already been married and do not yet seek to take on new obligations;
  • All you need from a man is physical intimacy.

In these situations, a relationship with a man who is not free is not something terrible. Your lover can really give you a feeling of happiness, but if you are looking towards starting a family, then do not expect him to leave his wife. A small percentage of men are capable of this. Usually they do not want to change the awl for soap.

No, if a man is really in love with you, then neither children, nor morality, nor even a pregnant wife will stop him. He should have a strong character and break off all relationships for you, and not hang noodles in the style of “we are already getting a divorce / we haven’t slept together for a year / we don’t talk.”

A few tips to strengthen the bond

If you ask for it in the language, and you do it yourself, you should do it by yourself:

  • Your bond is based on physical intimacy. Therefore, the phrases “not today”, “headache” are taboo;
  • With you, he is looking for what he lacks in his family. He should be comfortable around you. Give a man care, affection, tenderness, and he will stay with you for a long time;
  • You must always remain attractive. After all, your main task is to arouse his desire and attraction. Don’t show up with curlers on your head, forget about old bathrobes. Come to a meeting like an event: with make-up, hair, in beautiful clothes;
  • No napryagai to solve problems. If he wants, he will offer help himself;
  • Maintain mutual understanding between you. Take an interest in everything related to it. Listen carefully when he talks about something or complains. Let him know that he has completely captured your attention;
  • Let your character be light, positive, sweet and cheerful. No star and no criticism;
  • Be a mystery. Don’t open up completely. No complain, don’t talk about your shortcomings or failures. A man doesn’t need to know everything about you.

How to behave with a married man?

What to do with surging feelings?

A man will not leave his familiar place, where a hot dinner and clean socks are always waiting for him. Whilst the psychology should not be said to be the case with names, and the actual reality:

  • A boyfriend can show in every possible way that he really likes you. No matter what you do, it is up to you to try it;
  • No matter how one swears that he has not shared a bed with his wife for a long time, do not believe it. Delit. Maybe not so regularly and passionately, but the fact remains;
  • The whole initiative in terms of choosing the time for meetings lies entirely with the man. And you just have to wait patiently, without planning anything.

You may not even be alone. Then, after you complain to him, he will just leave. You shouldn’t wait for this. The stronger your feelings become, the harder the break will be.

How to fall out of love with an unfree man?

It is very easy to capture the heart of a married man. It is more and more difficult to maintain the image of an eternally beautiful and agreeable lover every time. In a joint life, routine and everyday life appear. They come to replace love experiences. Therefore, if a man has a family, then the role of a mistress will not lead to anything. And for all the holidays you will be alone.

If your feelings have already passed the “point of no return”, then you need to pull yourself together and act decisively. Since there is no “delete” button for EMOs, you have to try.

  • Be honest.

Do not come up with any false reasons for breaking up. she is alone and she is obvious;

  • Make a firm decision.

It is better right now to say goodbye to all the expectations and hopes that are not destined to come true;

  • Prepare for contacts.

Psychologically, it will be easier to recover if you start to completely ignore your lover.

A good exercise is to analyze all the pros and cons of your secret connection. And, believe me, there will be more cons.

How to get rid of an unfree man?

No, if there is no connection between you, and such a situation is unpleasant for you in advance, then you can follow this algorithm:

  • Think of a lover.

Sometimes impregnability and coldness can only warm up the interest of a married man. In this case, even if you have no one on the horizon, you can invent a romance for yourself. Tell your colleagues about it (if you work together), show some photos. You can even ask a close friend to play along. Ideally, arrange so that a married man in love sees how your “cavalier” meets you after work;

  • Keep the distance.

Be polite and tactful, but cold. Avoid body contact and interrupt eye contact. Don’t let yourself be helped. Communicate as little as possible at work or in a common company. And don’t let him in at all during non-working hours;

  • Start a romance in front of him.

If you don’t want to think of a relationship, get a real one. Or make an attempt. Flirt and talk to another, and let the failed gentleman see it.

  • Don’t share his feelings.

In a situation where an unfree man has already confessed his feelings, sharply and clearly make it clear that there are no options for you to be together. If he continues to insist, then threaten that you will quit, leave the general company, or tell everyone everything. Anything to make him understand that he has no chance of you submitting to him.

Situations are different. There are fewer pluses in the fact that a married man is interested in you than minuses. In such a relationship, the main thing is that everything and everyone suits, but this rarely happens.

Therefore, the choice is always completely yours. If you want thrills, and you are sure that you will not drown, then go ahead. But if there are any doubts, it is better to chop everything off at once on the vine. This way you will avoid additional suffering.

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