Why are girls the first to suffer from a breakup with a guy?

Why are girls the first to suffer from a breakup with a guy? You can put a comma, and continue with another question: “Is this really so?” Something like: myth & reality. Soglasi, when it is necessary to process the existing objects and objects. It lacks the main thing – individual components, such as:

  • Reasons for breaking up
  • Psychotype of a girl
  • Her value orientations

And to answer the question, it is important to first identify all the key ELEMENTS.

Reasons for breaking up

Perhaps this block will be Central. A little later you will understand why.

The reasons for parting can be conditionally divided into:

It means when there are no past feelings. The fire of passion has long gone out. Everyone has their own interests. Summing up everything voiced, the partners come to a mutual agreement – in you need to leave. No, that’s not the building that needs to be checked, so that the small parts of the room are full.

If there is “prepared ground”, the story can continue.

On the one hand, it seems logical why they broke up, and d dohus would be supp:

  • Cooling of feelings in one of the partners.

Even if the girl is the initiator of the breakup, it is not a fact that after that she will not begin to suffer. As the saying goes: “Girls are such girls.” She herself decided that there were no more feelings, she herself was upset. We are talking about – when the guy quickly enough found a replacement.

If the cooling of feelings was on the part of the guy, the girl may feel lonely, abandoned, unnecessary. This can take a heavy toll on her self-esteem.

  • Pause in a relationship

When one or both decide that in a relationship, you need to press the “rush” button. It’s like being in limbo. It seems that the relationship of the relationship is not completely broken, and you are in a pair, but it seems, like one. In terms of the situation, the unpredictable attitude towards the subject in the shower, and the temperature in the community.

  • Lack of sexual experience

We’re talking about when the girl was a virgin. The guy, with sweet speeches, lulled the mind, and took advantage of her virgin purity. In fact, not considering her as a girl for a long-term relationship.

  • When a guy decided to walk away from responsibility

We are talking about when the girl became pregnant, and the guy was not ready for such a turn of events. He couldn’t think of anything better than just getting away from her and the baby she has in her tummy.

  • Relationship breakdown after childbirth

And by the way, it is not necessary, and the wheel is now on the child, and it is active in the spirit. He shares such good news with relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues. But when a girl gives birth, and becomes no longer as mobile as before, because now she is “bound” by responsibility and caring for a newborn, the guy begins to move away.

As it turns out, a baby in the tummy, and a newborn baby that keeps you awake at night. Screaming because his tummy hurts, etc. As they say – two big differences.

What do the words of the ex at parting mean?

Well, if the girl, at that moment, will have support in the form of parents, or very close people. What if she and the baby are left all alone? Then it will be just a stalemate.

  • Girl pressure

We will not speak for everyone, but, probably, each of us wants to be a bride: a white dress, a wedding, guests, etc. And when the girlfriends get married one by one, and the girl is only a guest or a witness at their celebration, she begins to put pressure on her boyfriend, they say: “I also want to officially get married! When will you marry me?”

The guy, on this matter, may have a different opinion. For him, feelings are important, not a stamp in the passport. If it is called an “attack” on him, on begins to move farther and farther away, they say: “Not a wife yet, but they will get smarter. And what will happen next? In the end, he just walks away from her. And she is left with dashed hopes. I think you understand how she feels at that moment …

Yes, if also with your best friend – this, as they say, is a blow in the stomach and a knife in the back. By the way, by the time the sexual contact is not made. It is a consequence of the main thing – betrayal, meanness, hypocrisy.

Depending on what served as the catalyst for the separation, the emotional depth and intensity will depend.

In conjunction with the reasons, there is the next block.

Psychological type

No building is distributed and it is necessary to understand the different classes. There are 5 main psycho types:

  • The girl with the rod
  • Sensual and vulnerable nature
  • girl girl
  • girl commander
  • life optimist

Each of these, in tandem with the cause, will equal a different emotional depth.

  • A girl with a rod – by nature will not necessarily be a leader, so-so – an iron lady. Here we are talking about something else: she will not suffer! D, it hurts, yes, she can cry, but then she will take herself.

The focus of her attention will be shifted – she can load herself with work. Maybe enroll in some creative studio, or start learning the basics of programming.

After parting, she will fill the void not with suffering, but with something productive and positive for her.

  • But if we are talking about a female commander, then as soon as the “subordinate” leaves the field of her influence, she will begin to experience discomfort, but, with a small remark: only until a new object for “subordination” appears.
  • The most “defenseless”, as you probably guessed yourself – a sensual and vulnerable nature, and a girl-girl. They have no internal points of support, they are like a delicate flower that can die under a gust of silv. In this case, it means that they are immersed in their suffering with their heads.

They need a guy who will protect, take care, and hide from this “wind”.

  • As for another type – an optimist in life, she can also cry, suffer, but when emotions subside (and this will happen very quickly), she will definitely find something positive and positive in a break in relations. Please do this in the copy that is next to you, and you will receive it by the life path.

The key is that she doesn’t sink into the pain of a breakup. She closes this situation for herself.

So why are girls the first to suffer from a breakup with a guy?

The emphasis on the causes, at the very beginning of the analysis, was made for a reason. Now you will see for yourself that this is not a myth.

  • A guy, a priori, cannot be left when he is in position.

This situation, sorry for the tautology, is typical only for girls.

  • When a guy leaves a relationship where there is a child, girls, in addition to double responsibility and burden, have resentment not only for themselves, but also for the child.

Because in fact, the guy left her and their common child.

  • For girls, the stamp in the passport is more important than for guys.

Moreover, some guys shy away from him like a bald devil. It is easier to break off the relationship, and you are so free and independent, 

You can certainly argue with me and say that the stamp does not mean anything, and in general – the main thing is feelings. And your point of view will be absolutely correct! But, we are talking about a stamp in the passport, about the recognition that a guy perceives a girl, a partner for a relationship. And not some momentary or episodic hobby.

Moreover, do not forget about the most exciting event – the wedding! In a white dress, the girl is a queen! She is in charge of this celebration. It is she who is in the center of attention.

  • Guys and girls are made of what is called “from different dough.”

Girls, more vulnerable and sensual. They are gentle and more EMOtional. Therefore, parting for them can be a small death.

  • Another important aspect: when a break occurs, the girl, in addition to her loved one, loses sexually.

Yes, you can curtsey to the side, and say: “What’s wrong here? Find another!” But, let’s not forget about the stereotypical thinking of society, where if a guy has a lot of girls, he is a macho and alpha male, and if the same thing happens in a girl’s life, she is a whore, and another bad word.

  • Guys have no concept of “virgin purity.”

And if we’re talking about when a girl chooses the wrong one and loses her virginity, it can be very emotionally painful for her.

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