Why Do Men Abandon Their Families?

Why Do Men Abandon Their Families? Very often, a beautiful love story develops into a cold relationship and the husband leaves the family.

When getting married, many women sometimes do not even allow the thought that someday this happy time can end. Both a woman and a man sooner or later face all the realities of living together and, unfortunately, in everyday life sometimes there is simply no place for romance, and the feelings of partners cannot always be static, so feelings either flare-up or fade away …

Why does a man leave the family?

1. Incompatibility of characters.

“They didn’t get along” is one of the most common reasons for men to leave the family hearth. Different views on life, temperaments, bad habits, which, alas, not everyone can put up with, the lack of mutual understanding and mutual respect inevitably lead to a break in relations.

2. Untidiness of the spouse.

Many married women are convinced that a man is ready to love his wife in any form, but they forget that men are visuals. They love with their eyes, they are attracted to beautiful, well-groomed, self-sufficient women.

Worn slippers, old dressing gowns, a dull look – such external disharmony is simply unbearable for many men.

3. Sǝxual dissatisfaction.

A man’s sǝxual dissatisfaction is a strong factor that can also provoke a break in relationships. Not always a man can directly tell his wife about his erotic fantasies and desires. It is sǝxual dissatisfaction that provokes men to cheat.

Why Do Men Abandon Their Families?

4. Insidious homeowner.

No woman is immune from such a turn of events. Anyone can fall in love with another woman without memory, and so much that both children and years spent in marriage are already receding into the background.

Women whose husbands go to their mistresses can “dig into themselves” as much as they like, but it also happens that the problem is not with them – it’s just that the husband fell in love with another woman. There are also cases when husbands leave for other women not even out of great love, but simply in search of a sense of novelty.

5. Cheating wife.

It is generally accepted that wives are much less likely to cheat on their husbands, but, unfortunately, there are such cases.

Not every man is able to forgive betrayal, due to the fact that many of them are owners by nature and betrayal is a blow to male pride, therefore, as a result, the husband leaves his wife.

6. Routine.

The stability and regularity of family life quite often lose their appeal, turning into boring rituals and habits. The daily fulfillment of mutual obligations is both something without which living together is impossible, and something that makes bright emotions fade in family life. Not all men can steadfastly pull the strap of monotonous family relationships and prefer “free hunting” to them.

7. Divorce for the sake of individual freedom.

Control and leadership over a man’s life is a common mistake many women make. Of course, when entering into a family relationship, a man must agree to certain changes in his life, but some women are delighted when they think that they have “wounded the man” and now they can easily turn right and left.

Such wives believe that their husband is their integral application, which should always be there or “on a short leash”, they constantly bother with phone calls and sincerely think that their husband needs their close guardianship and comprehensive control. This is a fundamentally wrong belief that bears bitter fruit.

Men are freedom-loving people! For the sake of a sense of freedom, husbands leave home more often than from infidelity, easily sacrificing both home comforts and established habits.

Why Do Men Abandon Their Families?

Why are husbands coming back?

Although the vast majority of men who leave their families create new “cells of society” or even prefer loneliness, but, according to statistics, 30% of those who “slam the door” return to their ex-wives.

Consider some of the reasons explaining why departed husbands return to the family:

1. Craving for the familiar.

For example, if a wife kicked her husband out of the house due to some of his misconduct or incorrect, from her point of view, behavior, then everything is clear – the man realized his guilt or became so attached to his chosen one that he cannot imagine his existence without her.

No wonder they say that habit is second nature. Many men leave the family for another woman in the hope of a completely new stage of life – bright, laid-back, filled with new colors, but practice shows the opposite – a person’s memory is able to idealize everything that happened in the past, thereby “pulling out” the best and happy moments that prevent you from starting a new life with another.

It would seem that in a new relationship, the ex-husband begins to slowly get used to the new chosen one, both in everyday life and in various nuances of everyday life, but you cannot eradicate the memory. Therefore, a man often begins to remember his past, more established, familiar life, figuratively speaking: his wife has learned to cook exactly what he loves, knows by heart that in the morning it is necessary to add three tablespoons of sugar without milk to coffee, and vice versa in the evening.

After all, even just watching a TV show can evoke memories of how he and his ex-wife sat at the TV in the evenings, which they bought with such difficulty …

2. Reassessment of values.

Some men are able to leave a woman in order to save themselves from any problems: material, domestic. Where do they usually go in such cases? To my mother and her joy.

At first, yes, he feels comfortable, but over time, he begins to feel like a child next to his mother, while he is already more accustomed to being the head of the family and feeling like an adult. Not many men like this way of life and therefore they are increasingly starting to think about their return to the bosom of the family.

3. Reconciliation.

Sometimes the return of the ex-husband is natural, so in fact, he did not plan to leave for good, but wanted, so to speak, to teach his indefatigable wife a lesson, let her suffer, suffer and understand how bad she is without him … He understands that you can, in the end, make peace and enter into a new relationship. In such cases, it is imperative for men to think about the consequences – will his wife take him back?

All of the above cannot fully cover all situations, problems, and nuances that happen in family life. Nevertheless, these facts allow us to draw certain conclusions.

It is necessary to protect family relationships, not allowing a bad mood, unrestrained character, and domestic troubles to darken the family firmament.

Take care and love your spouses to go through life hand in hand, supporting each other to the end.

Why Do Men Abandon Their Families?

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