Why Do Men Look At Other Girls?

Why Do Men Look At Other Girls? If you are currently in a relationship or have ever been in a relationship with a man, then this question is Surely Painfully familiar. Parní chaste provozhayut with the look of long-legged beauties, even if Party themselves are quite happy and completely satisfied.

Why do men look at other girls?

Do you want to do it and stop it so that you don’t have it? The situation is quite ambiguous. To understand how to act correctly and not break hasty firewood, it is necessary to analyze a specific case.

First, you have to delve deeper into the psychology of the opposite sex. After all, not always a fleeting glance at a woman passing by will mean that your boyfriend is a lover of hitting on the first comer. On the other hand, it is possible to say that it is not necessary to wear cloth naturally.

Guys often follow a beautiful woman with their eyes quite automatically. No, it is possible in its physiology, it is necessary to have a touch where there is no spiciness:

  • Desire to provoke jealousy.

Occurs quite often. Sometimes guys deliberately pay attention to another girl in the presence of their own, to make sure that not everything is to. And the desire to cause jealousy can be pathological. In this case, the real risk is real.

  • Desire to hurt.

Yes, some sadism is present in such people. They don’t care who they look at. If you don’t like it, it’s not necessary. But to feel how unpleasant it becomes for a girl or wife – yes. This brings real pleasure.

It’s more like you are the cause. For example, there was a fact of infidelity or active flirting with other men. A guy may not say anything and not disperse, but at the same time demonstrate what he is specifically experiencing

  • Due to low self-esteem.

Common moment. Insecure men often want to assert themselves at the expense of women. He diligently tries to demonstrate his “Maleness” and provoke a reaction from at least one of the representatives of the opposite sex.

  • For the company in the presence of friends.

As you know, many guys are very dependent on the opinions of their environment. And if it is customary to behave in this way in the list of his comrades, do not expect him to somehow stand out.

Most likely, a man does not even need it and does not give any pleasure. But the desire to constantly be “in the pack” always outweighs personal views. So take a look at his friends. It is possible that it is not customary to behave differently there.

  • Polygamy.

Alas, this is also not uncommon. In principle, by nature, all men are polygamous to some extent. They need to fertilize as many females as possible to leave behind strong offspring.

However, in modern society, this feature has gradually gone deep inside. And only some individuals still succumb to such instincts. Here the risk of betrayal is very high. After all, it costs him nothing to move from sight to action.

The man looks at others. What to do?

  • Manipulation tendency.

A typical tactic of a toxic partner who uses the “EMO-rational swing” method. You may feel ugly, unwanted, and unwanted because of this behavior. This is a standard reaction of the female subconscious.

For the fact of the partner, the process is now possible. And the Regular Demonstration that at any moment he is ready to leave someone “Better” is nothing but the usual manipulation of your weaknesses.

  • He sees her as a source of inspiration.

Rare, but also happens. Such a reaction is inherent in creative people, for example, artists and photographers, who no longer perceive the female body solely as a source of sex. They probably imagined the plot of a picture or a good shot in their head.

  • The presence of psycho-emotional pathology.

This is how men without empathy can behave. They can openly admire other women, and then make claims to their girlfriend in the face in the style of “well, why don’t you have such long legs?”.

Moreover, such guys believe that they simply express their personal opinion and sincerely do not understand how they could offend their own. As a rule, there is no talk of treason here. No how do you live with such a frame?

What to do if a man looks at other girls?

It is very important to behave correctly and choose the right tactics. First of all, determine the reason. After all, one man cannot be given the reaction he wants, another should openly declare his dissatisfaction, and the third should simply be ignored.

Here are a few rules of conduct for a woman who is tormented by jealousy because her partner pays attention to other girls:

  • Show indifference.

This applies to men who do this on purpose. If he wants jealousy, show that you don’t care. So the parameter is that you get bored, and one will stop annoying you by looking at ladies’ legs passing by.

  • Proved to be the case by the end of the day.

Adults can and should be frank about what they don’t like in a relationship. If you understand that his behavior is very annoying and frustrating, feel free to say so.

There is an option that a man looks completely automatically due to the presence of a residual instinct in him, not even suspecting that this causes a storm of negativity and walks on very thin ice. Yes, guys are wired differently than girls.

  • Don’t try to take revenge.

Only a woman who is not at all afraid of parting or even wants it in every possible way can go from the opposite. An attempt to show your dissatisfaction with counter-flirting and talking about other men is unlikely to be perceived.

Most guys will not understand the reasons for this behavior and will consider it as a neglect of the relationship. Therefore, it is best to start with constructive dialogue. Otherwise, there is a risk of a silent separation altogether.

  • Take better care of yourself.

A good option is to switch all his attention to yourself. Yes, sometimes in marriage, girls stop taking care of themselves, as they switch to the family. This is especially true for young mothers. Discuss this with a partner and ask him to help you recover externally.

For example, arrange to visit a fitness or beauty salon while your spouse babysits the children. After all, he may well just be embarrassed to say that there is such a problem. Not every man can say that his wife has gained weight or become less attractive.

  • Join his INTEREST.

Not every woman is capable of such a “feat”. no way. Try to start discussing his interests with him more actively.

Some couples are even able to easily carry on a dialogue regarding cute individuals of different sexes in the room where they are currently located. No, you will see the pilot, but you will not have a problem with the partnership.

  • Initiate a breakup.

Not only the present, and not an attempt to attract attention in this way. This advice is relevant when dealing with a manipulator, a mental s@dist, as well as a man with a psychological pathology. Such “love” will not bring you any joy.

Therefore, it is much easier to seek happiness with another person than to try in every possible way to explain why it is like that. On the other hand, you can do it on your own. It’s just that these men like it.

When a partner looks at other girls, it’s not very pleasant. No one wants to give it up to you. First of all, understand the reason, and only then choose the right reaction.

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