Why do men not marry for a long time after 30 – it is not profitable for them?

Why do men not marry for a long time after 30 – it is not profitable for them?  Meeting a single man in his 30s or even 40s who has never been married is alarming. A bunch of assumptions immediately arise in my head that something is wrong with him, he is a rapist or an immature sissy. Do it by hand, if you don’t want it in 30-40 years – it’s up to you when you have it.

Unmarried man 30 years old

In modern society, the question arises less and less why a thirty-year-old young man is still not married. For many, this age is perceived as a time of prosperity, when you can take care of yourself, build a career.

Most likely, 30-year-old man lives with someone, but is in no hurry to commit himself to a formal relationship, or has already had experience of living together. In both such cases, there is no particular reason for tension. Perhaps the stamp in the passport is not due to the fact that:

  • Formalities are not important for a young man;
  • He just hasn’t met anyone he really wants to live his life with yet;
  • A man is busy with a career and he does not have enough time for a serious relationship. Maybe he is following his own life plan, according to which the issue of marriage and a permanent relationship with one girl is postponed until a later age.

But there are situations when you need to take a closer look at the connection with the thirty-year-old and really ask yourself the question of whether it is worth contacting him. Whether it’s small or not:

  • The man still lives with his parents. If HE GROWED TO 30 YEARS, Still cannot manage the household himself, is not ready for responsibility, then it can be difficult to start a life together with him.

It is not clear whether he is ready for independence, for a stable relationship, whether he will constantly compare you with his own.

  • The young man lives enjoying independence. He is quite satisfied with periodic connections, they do not want more. Whatever traps you set around his person, chances are he will fall into them and you will be happy.

On the other hand, it is necessary to do so and it is possible that other drugs are used. Don Juans, heart eaters – from this series, they do not need a permanent partner.

  • The one you are thinking about is an absolute lazy person. He is too lazy to go looking for a girlfriend, to get acquainted with someone, to look after. He is waiting for the girl to find him herself, take care of him, make a decision about living together, marriage.

Perhaps you will say that there is nothing particularly wrong with this – with this you will be sure that he will not get married, not killed. But, imagine that one day you get tired of making decisions, doing everything yourself, pointing out the need to repair plumbing, glue wallpaper, take your child to English. And you just want to leave.

So, in such a situation with a lazy person, the bad thing is that he will not stop you, will not try to change, but, perhaps, will accuse you of the lost life and the opportunities he has missed.

  • The man has some mental disorders. It’s not about maniacs or aggressive, depressed people. Rather, because of their lifestyle, relationships with their parents, they have formed a certain approach to a woman’s life – they

If a man in 30+ was not married

It can be an IT specialist who spends his whole life at the computer, periodically watches porn films, has pets, and that’s enough for him. Just breaking into his life, taking possession of his heart will not work.

You may have to solve a whole range of internal problems, and until they are resolved, you should not hope for a happy relationship with such a thirty-year-old man.

Stop it when you see it

All those problems that you can see in a 30-year-old man can be safely transferred to forty-year-olds. And among them there are careerists, sissy, unable to live on their own, Don Juanist and people who live veniro.

No in this case the ball that comes from the actual problems, it is possible that it is negligible. At 30, one could give up on him, hope that everything will pass, will not develop into character, life will improve.

No at 40, the experience becomes part of the person. Often he does not realize that he has changed, that others perceive him as an embittered loser or a businessman who has closed himself off from everyone. He is what he is. Life for him takes on integrity. And if you try to change it, you can break it, turn it into a person who has lost himself.

Try to look at a forty-year-old unmarried man from the point of view of psychology. Behind him is childhood, adolescence, a time of maturation, entertainment and strong feelings.

The question of whether it is worth getting involved with a 40-year-old man who has never been married often goes into another plane – are you ready to live with him with his problems, shortcomings, pain. You are not Mother Teresa, giving all your strength, time to helping others. You want to live, to have fun, you want to be taken care of.

Here are some difficulties that may make you question the wisdom of being with a forty year old.


A man is afraid of intimate relationships. Once he was in love with a girl, but she left him. Possibly the drug, and it is broken. Trying to figure out the reasons on his own, he, for example, decided that he was not attractive enough sexually. And now every attempt at intimacy with a woman causes fear.

The psychological problem develops into a sexual one, and probably even if you can convince him that everything will be fine, it will be difficult for him to go through past negative experiences. Often the problem remains unresolved without the help of a psychotherapist, and relationships fall apart.


Disappointment from previous relationships has settled in the man’s heart, and he cannot trust other women. He is more attracted to Light fleeting Intrigues than stable relationships in which you need to overcome your distrust, get used to your partner. After all, after stability, disappointment can again come, which reduces self-esteem, destroys one’s own fire.


Another negative case is that a man can be so self-confident that this property is in some way very simple. It is impossible to determine whether a person is really so stupid that he is trying to lead everything, stick out his “I” and humiliate the woman who is next to him. Or is it all a screen hiding a vulnerable soul.

Loneliness Habit

A forty-year-old man who has never been married is getting used to loneliness. He can be independent, pleasant in communication, morally strong person. No in that circumstances prefers to live alone. They are guided by habits, inner comfort. All this is so deeply ingrained in his soul that he does not want to change or break anything.

How to find out why a man is unmarried?

To understand the true reasons why your man is not married, you need to get to know him better. Perhaps there are no problems at all, and he really is waiting for his fate all his life.

You need to communicate and spend time together. The older people get, the longer it takes to grind. Every person has experience, disappointment, fears behind him.

In the process of this grinding, you will be able to see the reasons why a man of 40 years has not yet married, and whether it is worth building a relationship with him. In some cases, problems are solvable, and you will find your happiness with a person of any age. In others, difficulties cannot be overcome. It is important to look at a man and see not a fictitious image, but a real person with all the advantages and disadvantages.

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