Why do people gain weight in the first year of a new relationship?


Scientists and nutritionists around the world are interested in the question of why people, entering into a new relationship, gain a few extra kilos in the first year and a half. To satisfy personal curiosity and help couples not get better, American researchers conducted a survey of more than 2,000 people, thanks to which they managed to find out that 3 out of 4 people do get better in the first year of a new relationship.

The content of the article

They were asked what they associate weight gain with, and they managed to find out a lot of interesting things! After reading further material, you will find out why people get fat in a new relationship and how you can avoid it.

Why can we get better

It is worth noting the fact that more men get fat in new relationships than women. Surely, insidious ladies use folk wisdom that the way to the heart of a lover lies through his digestive tract, and strenuously stuff men with delicious borscht and homemade buns in the first year of their meetings. Why not? And the man is full, and she showed her culinary skills!

Women, for the most part, begin to get better because they were able to afford to relax. Many of the respondents admitted that before the relationship they were more carefully watching the figure. And as soon as a guy pecked on slender legs, like a fish on a hook, they began to relax, allowing him to eat more sweets.

And yes, about sweets separately. Men, for the most part, are themselves to blame for the fact that their beloved’s waist has expanded, since on a date they carry not a head of cabbage, but tons of chocolate, sweet sparkling wine, delight the sweetheart with cakes!

These are the most common reasons why people start gaining weight in the first year of a relationship! What else can contribute to this:

  • Almost 41% of respondents admitted that at first they often dined and dined together in restaurants, cafes, and took takeaway food on dates. Joint meals allow you to learn more about each other, while eating a person relaxes, becomes kinder and more open, and that is what draws him to revelations. Pure psychology, on an unconscious level we go to eat together when we still don’t know each other well.
  • There are people who are embarrassed to eat a lot on a date, choose low-calorie dishes, and this is again a reason to get better. According to statistics, 30% of people, having eaten a light salad on a date, at home “catch up” with a fatty steak, chicken, pasta and other foods that are harmful to the hips and waist!

So, we conclude:

  • Eat on a date everything that you can really get enough of. This will be a plus for your partner, because he will know for the future what you like in food and what you try to avoid.
  • Try to take a walk after dinner together, this will allow you to burn a few calories absorbed.
  • An excellent alternative to food to loosen up, and go to revelations, is fear, excitement. You can visit an amusement park instead of dinner, go out of town (ride horses, go boating, climb mountains, jump with a parachute, and so on). And a person reveals himself in the dark. Wait until the sun goes down and take your soulmate for a walk, or just talk together in the dark, watch a movie.

Why do people get better after marriage?

If you are lucky and you didn’t gain weight in the first year of your relationship, then you still shouldn’t rejoice until you have been married for 2 years. Statistics showed that 9 out of 10 people gain weight after 1-1.5 years of living together! What is the reason, we learn from the answers of the respondents:

  • Women admitted that in marriage they practically do not have time for themselves. work, household chores, children – all this takes 90% of the time. There are moments only in the evening, and you can relax, eat until you drop everything in a row, including sweets and pastries.
  • The ladies also said that in the first year of family life there were stresses and quarrels. And this is normal, so people “grind” to each other. And this very stress, many preferred to eat sweets.
  • For the most part, men began to gain weight because they stopped going to the gym, often meeting friends (playing football, fishing, just wandering around the streets). An alternative entertainment option was a sofa, beer and chips in the evenings.
  • And another 80% of couples, having entered into marriage, or simply started living together, reduced their activity. They are nearby, you don’t need to go on dates (which also had to move a lot), it’s more convenient to order food together or cook it together, eat comfortably in front of the TV.

What are the conclusions:

  • Marriage is not a reason to relax, you need to keep your body in shape. According to statistics, 90% of divorce proceedings occur due to people’s dissatisfaction with each other’s bodies (overweight, neglected appearance).

  • Men should help their wife with housework, with children, so that she has time for herself.
  • Do not seize stress, a great option to “let off steam” is a run!

If you notice that you have gained weight, start playing sports, fitness together, cook healthy low-calorie foods. It has been proven that those couples who do everything together, including watching their figure, are happy.

So, we learned why you can get fat in the early years of a relationship or marriage. Knowing the reasons, you will know the methods of dealing with them, and keep a slim figure for many years!

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