Why do people get back together after a divorce?

Why do people get back together after a divorce? People break up and get divorced for various reasons. For some, freedom is more precious than family responsibilities and everyday life, while others have found another partner for life. There are a million reasons for divorce and a small cart, everyone chooses for himself the most comfortable and conducive to the development and harmonious existence of a society.

Let’s talk about the reasons

Here we are talking about the atmosphere in the family, which does not last long, and everything else is all withens. In all the variety of reasons leading to divorce, there is a place for misunderstandings and misunderstandings, this is when both partners are tired, are out of resource and cannot adequately assess the situation.

Feelings cause discomfort, and the psyche gives signals – run. In such a situation, many young people are tearing up precious and truly dear hearts and souls ^ o o ° o hael,

In psychological counseling, there are cases when people after a divorce feel a desire to return to b. Most often, addiction and habit play a decisive role here. No, not and not excludes that real feelings remain, especially when the breakup was your fault.

Sometimes it is vital for a man to get back his partner, whom he lost through stupidity or immaturity. Very often people in consultations with a psychologist say that if they could turn back time, they would act differently. No, in fact no one knows how it would be better. Everyone has their own path and many situations are given to clarify their role in life. Sudba prepares your dog, which will allow you to have a full view of the world.

Do you like it?

How to make the right decision?

Before you know it Stop breaking, as the program is related to these problems and it will be possible. Don’t worry about it and try it in your own hands.

The ideal option would be to get advice from a competent specialist who will help you change the scenario of your life and make your choice consciously. Not infrequently, after a psychological transformation, people begin to understand themselves for real and see their past.

  • Return to the former relationship is more likely to be people who themselves acted as initiators.

For example, a man behaved selfishly, underestimated his wife and made her suffer. Wishing for freedom, such a man may declare a desire to divorce, but over time he realizes that he has lost true love and a dear person with whom he could live happily all his life. Here the proverb is appropriate: “We don’t save, but when we lose, we cry.”

  • Divorce on the background of conflicts and pretense drugs to drugs.

With and scandals blocked all the hours of eartor power, in a fit of skanky bad to each other, honor hood moslet Yuyuov in such mares of beings hlen Prime in the parry in the morning, it is possible to say that it is possible to do so and not to.

If you ask a question about what is most difficult to forgive in a relationship, then both men and women will answer – treason. Of course, it plays a big role and how, in fact, the situation happened, mochi softened.

It is not necessary to return the one who changed you for another person, even if your feelings for him are strong. No two two-way transit, it is in two parts that are in one storage. So in a relationship, the seed on the love of one person will not last long.

Why do people get back together after a divorce?

You can get back together after a divorce only if there is no resentment towards your partner. Otherwise, the return to past relationships will occur constantly. On the other hand, the partner’s building is designed for the third party. If there is a negligible energy in the car, it is not private because it is positively related.

People have several excuses for returning to their former partners after a breakup:

  • Strong attachment.

Here, hello to co-dependent people who do not have self-worth, they can feel complete and happy only when they are needed, when they cause strong feelings in another partner, and there can be mixed and “unhealthy” feelings, such as guilt, pity.

Unfortunately, manipulations in relation to each other again push people who have broken off relationships, and they may decide to return to the previous system of relationships. Illusions that dependent yuTe m manipulators are all different, are developing £, but tare.

  • Passion for each other can insidiously mislead people of all ages.

There are couples who stick to this particular area of ​​intimate-personal relationships, in all the rest they completely lose and cannot exist together. Different views on life, on raising children, on relationships, on development and goals in the future, all this can be grossly relegated to the background when people are under the control of passion and sexual desire.

  • It is not uncommon for people to converge because of loneliness.

Yes, it happens that after a divorce, neither one nor the other partner has a relationship. They are brought together by the idea that they both suffer and perhaps they are waiting for each other. Often, because you can hear from loved ones: “Well, why are you suffering, you are alone, and he is alone, they would converge and live.” There was a reason for the divorce, and even if over time it seems not so significant, you should still reflect and try to understand what feelings drive you, despair, fear of loneliness, or the desire to be with a loved, reliable person.

  • Another delusion is desire, and desire converges with the former for the sake of children.

If the parent’s feelings of tension are still present in communication, aunts’re box box The main question is whether it is worth returning to a previous relationship for the sake of joint children.

In any case, restoring harmony in a previously destroyed family is not easy. It is necessary to agree on everything on the shore, until the boat of family happiness again sets off for its own life. All previous mistakes should be taken into account and not repeated in these respects.

Things to think about before getting back together with an ex

Do not forget to tell us about it, then, before that, you should wait for it:

  • Will you be happy next to this person?
  • If the result is private and it is up to you – is it not possible?
  • What is it that you want to do with your partner? Do you believe him and promises to change for the better?
  • Are you interested in partners who are prospering?

Only by working through the mistakes that led to divorce in the past and outlining ways to solve them together, you can reach a whole new level in relationships. When there is a common goal and it is clear to both, when there are boundaries that both do not cross in the family, only then will there be a chance to build new and strong relationships on the ruins of the past.

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