Why do Women Cheat? Causes, Signs & What to do?

Why Do Women Cheat? Causes, Signs & What to do? Everything is like everyone else: on Saturdays general cleaning, on Sundays – a trip to the mother-in-law, once a month – with the children in the park. Even on vacation every year it turns out to get out. It would seem that nothing threatens the measured family way. Suddenly, a problem arises on the horizon that instantly turns the whole idyllic picture into ashes – the betrayal of his wife. Old, long-lasting.

Why? For what? How and when did it come to this? And could it have been prevented?

Why do women cheat?

Violence and blackmail. “Accidentally” due to alcohol. New, and maybe first true love. All these are far from the most common reasons. If you think about it, they all happen unexpectedly for the traitor herself. Further, the motives that push on a special adultery and occur quite consciously will be listed.

1. Revenge.

Because the guy is rude and makes dirty jokes in her direction. Or because he said the florist across the street had a pretty face. This may be a mere trifle, but repeated for the umpteenth time. There are women who prefer to discuss it and find a compromise. The cheaters take more radical steps.

For the sake of justice, it is worth saying that most often girls cheat in retaliation for the same betrayal on the part of their chosen one. Often, a really serious misconduct of a man pushes them to such an act.

2. Coldness and indifference.

It is rare when the beginning of a relationship passes without a “candy-bouquet period”. At this moment, a man often gives gifts, showers with compliments, behaves gallantly, courteously.

Time passes, the intensity of emotions begins to subside. Help or attention from a woman is taken for granted. At the same time, the guy’s external interest also begins to disappear. He:

  • ceases to speak pleasant words, express gratitude to his companion;
  • ignores her need to talk. The phrase “We need to talk” causes him only irritation, attempts to avoid conversation;
  • shows negative traits to a greater extent – sloppiness, harshness, etc .;
  • ceases to be interested in her affairs, mood. Does not waste time on support and similar important things;
  • rarely helps with household chores, grumbles if something goes wrong in everyday life.

Such frank indifference and acceptance of all care, affection for granted does not like a woman at all. She will go looking for a lack of respect, interest, recognition on the side. To the one who will arrange for her a remake of the “candy-bouquet” stage with all the compliments, adoration, and admiration for her character and appearance.

Why Do Women Cheat? Causes, Signs & What to do?

3. Dissatisfaction with sǝx.

Problems in this category include:

  • neglect of her need for satisfaction, repetition of actions that she clearly does not like, lack of foreplay, kisses;
  • “Sǝx on Fridays” – a sense of duty, a rigid framework does not add pleasure. Sǝxual life flourishes in its spontaneity. Finances require regularity and account, intimacy does not;
  • reproaches, mocking jokes in relation to her skills in bed, appearance;
  • neglect of its own form. Yes, women love with their ears, but their eyes never go away. If a man completely scores on his appearance and even more so hygiene, sǝx with him noticeably worsens;
  • insipidity, monotony, the standard of intimate life, the refusal of some kind of sǝx;
  • her fear of appearing “perverted”, strange because of her secret fantasies, of being misunderstood, criticized.

In such a situation, she will look for someone who will be attentive to her desires in bed and fulfill her erotic dreams.

4. Attempts to increase self-esteem.

“If they throw admiring glances at me, then I’m good”. Because of this thought, some women get by with nothing more than flirting with other men. However, for most this is not enough, they move on to kissing, dating, and, finally, to outright betrayal.

If a girl feels ugly, stupid, unsǝxy all the time, then a guy who gives her a couple of compliments will most likely earn her interest and favor.

The jealousy of the spouse at the same time also increases self-esteem.

Why Do Women Cheat? Causes, Signs & What to do?

5. Routine.

Everything according to plan, according to schedule, no novelty and improvisation. He is unlikely to spontaneously take a day off from work, take the children to his mother-in-law in the middle of the working week to take his wife to a restaurant/cinema/theater, and then arrange a hot night.

The appearance of children, pets, gray hair, as well as long-term cohabitation does not cancel the need for dates. It is advisable to at least occasionally allocate time dedicated only to a partner. Romance and unpredictability (in a good way) make even the longest-term union happy.

6. Quarrels.

Misunderstandings, disputes are everyday things. These are natural, even regular events that happen when two adults with formed characters and outlooks on life try to live together.

However, if there is any difference, minor misunderstandings constantly result in a ton of loud abuse, mutual insults, this is an alarming signal. She will go to a place where it will be calm and quiet if the husband:

  • does not try to discuss difficult situations, shirks from real problem solving;
  • provokes scandals, breaks down on his wife (due to fatigue or trouble at work, for example);
  • takes the slightest criticism and a request to change something with hostility, goes into conflict;
  • reacts too emotionally to trifles, switching to the tone of a wounded boar in a second;
  • shows signs of passive or active aggression – pushes, slaps, sarcastically jokes, humiliates;
  • looks like all the problems to the spouse, refusing to admit even his obvious guilt;
  • sees the cause of every quarrel in excessive emotionality, hysteria of his missus.

If a man suddenly appears on the horizon, supporting her in the right, protecting her peace when she is with him, the wife will most likely begin to “visit” with him often.

7. Jealousy.

This is a reason that works in two directions. A girl will think about an affair on the side if her boyfriend is constantly and for no good reason:

  • finds fault with her, arranges interrogations about her environment, in particular – male;
  • requires detailed reports on all its actions, locations;
  • furiously flips through her correspondence, likes, comments on social networks, telephone contacts, call or browser history in search of compromising evidence;
  • uses snarky or smutty jokes about her fidelity;
  • controls her every step, noticeably limiting her freedom.

The opposite situation: if a man openly gives reasons for jealousy, his woman will think about whether she should be faithful. And the husband does not have to change. He may flirt with others, come home from work later than usual, turn off his phone and leave without saying where or for how long, but he won’t sleep or kiss anyone. However, even such a situation is enough for the wife to decide on treason.

Why Do Women Cheat? Causes, Signs & What to do?

8. Lack of support.

She was tired, she was tired of dragging everything on herself, once again without waiting for help, which she had asked for so many times already. And there, beyond the slave kingdom of endless housework, financial turmoil, and other troubles, she finds someone who allows her to relax. He relieves her of the burden of responsibility, solves her problems, and generally treats her like a white-handed princess.

The reasons why she will go in search of the “prince” or “decider”:

  • all household chores completely fell on her shoulders (cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, taking out the trash, repairs, etc.);
  • development, study, leisure and other important matters of children are completely her responsibility;
  • she is more responsible for the financial rear of the family, this does not suit her, most likely there is still not enough money, and her husband is not trying to fix everything;
  • she manages to combine life, children, work, study, macrame and self-development circles, and a bunch of other things to “stay afloat”. And the spouse is always too “busy/tired/not in the mood” to take on at least part of the responsibilities;
  • when problems arise at home, the main specialist in solving them is the wife.

How to prevent infidelity spouse?

These methods do not guarantee a 100% result. Especially in a relationship with a pathological traitor. However, following them will allow you to recognize the problem in the relationship at an early stage and significantly reduce the risk of its aggravation.

If following these recommendations seems insufficient or difficult, it may be time to visit the office of a family therapist.

1. Tenderness and attention.

Compliments, surprises (even if rare, small in the form of flowers, breakfast in bed, or romantic notes) help women feel loved, desired.

This also includes the external expression of feelings – hugs, kisses, holding hands, stroking, the same prelude before sǝx. In a house where care and participation become regular guests, there is no room for a third extra.

Why Do Women Cheat? Causes, Signs & What to do?

2. Talking and listening skills.

This is something that can really save at least half of the reasons leading to infidelity. According to psychologist Willard Hadley, a woman needs approximately 2 hours of attention from her chosen one daily.

Wives want their spouses to listen carefully, empathize emotionally, and actively participate in discussions. That is, sitting with a stone face, thinking about high matters, while she talks about an incident at work, will not work. We’ll have to delve completely, score on selfishness, laziness.

  • If she decides to talk about things that are bothering her, it’s best to listen to her.
  • If she cries, you can not ignore, leave, push everything on her emotionality.
  • If she starts screaming, it means solving the problem in a different way, she failed to reach out to her partner.

3. Sincerity.

At the beginning of a relationship, a man acts as a reliable rear, a protective wall. In any case, this is how his woman sees him. When this “knight” suddenly begins to lie – no matter how small or large – his confidence is noticeably weakened. The same applies to secrecy, silence, reticence.

If she no longer believes that she can rely on him, her interest, respect decreases, may well come to naught. And there and close to adultery. Therefore, the truth, the truth, and only the truth.

4. Constant work.

In a financial sense.

Most wives prefer stability. They want to feel confident that their children will always be fed and clothed. That the holidays will remain holidays, not eternal savings. That the necessary visit to the doctor will not become a luxury. That home comfort will not collapse under the influence of an unforeseen monetary crisis.

Who would not say anything about commercialism, but the women’s need to be confident in the future is quite understandable.


It’s not enough just to listen to her. It is not enough to understand that she needs attention. It is important to act. A conflict has ripened – sit down, discuss, find a way out, make attempts to eliminate it. Eliminate the causes of the conflict, and not the quarrel itself as its result.

Work on yourself, on relationships, on improving your life together. It is not only about the material aspect, but also about the moral, cultural, social, spiritual.

So that cheating on your wife does not become a reality, it is important to follow the described tips. Mindfulness, moving away from the perception of feelings, caring as ordinary things, working on relationships will make loyalty a permanent guest in the house. It is much easier to immediately eliminate the causes leading to adultery than to try to live with the severe consequences of adultery later.

Why Do Women Cheat? Causes, Signs & What to do?

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