Why do women fall in love with convicts and marry them?

Why do women fall in love with convicts and marry them? On the Internet, ordinary conversations often slip through stories of how some woman marries a betrothed. She is sure that the relationship between her and her lover is serious, deep; believes in happiness, love, the possibility of creating a strong family.

A bunch of advisers immediately fly in, who convince that the relationship has no future, the convict will use the girl as a springboard, and, at best, just leave her. If this is true, why do women fall in love with convicts and marry them? Why is no one and nothing stopping them?

A girl falls in love with a prisoner

Here lives a beautiful, free woman, works, loves walks, her friends, reads in the evenings, watches movies. Life runs its course.

Girlfriends got married and had children. They have their own worries, problems, interests. And the heroine is all alone. Rather, young handsome people meet on her way, but the relationship does not add up. She can’t find her soul mate.

From time to time, a girl reads dating ads, registers on sites.

Once, tired, disappointed, she stumbles upon an ad that literally digs into her heart, worries her, makes her feel excited, passionate. It seems to her that someone read all her thoughts, feelings, managed to describe them in a few lines. She believes that the person who wrote this ad is her destiny. It cannot be otherwise, because it is impossible for someone to feel so truly and deeply what she is experiencing.

But another situation is an active, bright girl. She always strives to fix the world, make it better, believes in people. Meets a lot of young people. Some of them seem to her too smug, others – vulgar. She accidentally sees an ad in which a prisoner is looking for a kindred spirit. In the girl’s imagination, the image of an innocently convicted, romantic hero immediately arises, she falls in love with a fictional character, does not pay attention to the obvious contradictions associated with his fate.

Why don’t women leave their prisoner husbands?

And one more scenario. The girl grew up in a boarding school, she never saw a good attitude towards herself. Nevertheless, she managed to get out, get an education, somehow settled in life. She knows from experience that not everyone is as lucky as she is. Many friends, acquaintances by the internet you go to the door, many things in those days by normal people.

She purposefully looks for lonely prisoners, enters into correspondence with them. With one of them, a warm relationship is established.

Why does a woman choose a prisoner?

There are many situations when a girl falls in love with a prisoner. Only 3 are listed above, but this may be enough to highlight several main features of women who choose convicts and marry them.

  • Deep feeling of loneliness.

Its appearance is associated with low self-esteem, self-doubt, inability to communicate and build relationships with the opposite sex. A woman cannot open up, she has complexes, she dreams, but she cannot make her dreams come true. Perhaps she was taught as a child that she was not worthy to be a couple to a good, handsome young man. Perhaps she firmly believes that if she came from a family of alcoholics, drug addicts, then she cannot build a relationship with a guy who had normal parents.

  • Experience the fear of inconsistency with stereotypes, accepted norms.

The probability of remaining an old maid seems more terrible than marrying a convict. Still, he is your man, husband, no matter what.

  • Feeling of shame.

Arises For Any Reason – Family, Virginity at a Late Age, A Child Born Without Marriage, a non-prestigious profession or job.

  • Blind faith that a person cannot be cruel, cannot lie and deceive.

If he ended up in prison, it was only because he was framed, or because society crushed him. You have to trust the person. He will open up, repent, become good. Usually, pink glasses are worn by girls who have read novels, romantic stories, movies and series. They created in my head the image of a strong, but mangled hero with an unfair life.

  • Inability to analyze the situation.

Ignore details, elements. Often characteristic of women experiencing some intellectual deficiency.

  • Image of Mother Teresa.

Girls who have helped others all their lives are attracted to any situation where there is a weak person. They are driven by the desire to save. They also build relationships with men based on the need to help them.

  • Low stress tolerance and anxiety.

Experiencing a stressful situation, the girl sees kind words and believes that the One who wrote them will help her calm down, come to her senses, Relieve Anxiety. Correspondence, planned meetings streamline her life, make her feel more comfortable.

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Thus, the main reason why a girl falls in love with a prisoner or chooses him for family relationships lies in her psychological characteristics and problems. There are exceptions – love does happen, but it rarely happens.

After the first, second date, a woman may realize that a wedding with a convict is not quite what she dreamed of. As a result, she breaks off relations, breathes freely, finds her husband in the wild, remains alone or falls in love again.

Consequences of marriage

Sometimes a correspondence acquaintance with a man in prison ends with a wedding. On the basis of internal unresolved problems, a marriage is concluded between a convict and a woman who has fallen in love with him.

The word “marriage” in Russian is unique, and is the best suited to describe the relationship that most often develops between a free woman and a male prisoner. On one side, this is the creation of a family. On the other, a malfunction.

Family relationships formed by correspondence, correspondence acquaintance with a person from prison, the usual way. There are several key reasons:

  • A single woman doesn’t really find a soul mate. Announcements, letters were written by the whole camera, copied from other messages. The relationship was based on lies.
  • Faith in the salvation of the innocent is destroyed when faced with reality. The prisoner often turns out to be not the weak sheep that arose in the imagination. Murder, theft, blackmail become a reality.
  • In life there is fear for themselves, children. The woman, perhaps, So, was prone to excessive anxiety, and now even greater insecurity and confusion burst into her life.
  • The lack of sexual relations is quickly compensated, they should be followed by some kind of development, but it is not there, since a person was chosen in absentia, spontaneously, without understanding his essence and what marriage could result in.
  • Nazilie. This is the most common cause of broken relationships. The reality is that a person who has been in prison may be initially inclined to violence, even if it is an impulse. If this is not so, then something may break in the zone, the spark of goodness disappears, cruelty appears.

It happens that women fall in love with convicts, marry them and live happily ever after. However, more often marriage is built on unresolved female emotional emotional problems and leads to sad consequences.

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