Why do young guys choose older women?


Numerous dating sites, which are becoming more numerous every year on the Internet, are full of ads talking about the desire of young men, guys 20-30 years old to meet a woman over 40. And if 10 years ago women were ashamed to even think about such a relationship, now this is quite a common occurrence.

Why do young people prefer older women? Does this indicate some kind of mental disorder? According to psychologists, here we can talk about several factors:

  1. A woman in her 40s has far more experience in the bedroom than her young lover. Through this experience, she already knows what she wants, and therefore can be considered a wise and valuable teacher for the young man. From an inexperienced young man, she can form a good lover. If a woman is wise, she is able to overcome the problem of age difference and turn it into a rewarding experience for both her and her lover.
  2. A mature woman also attracts with a favorable financial situation. She is independent and independent, she can even take care of her lover, starting from expensive gifts and ending with the full provision of her young partner. And the young man, without a twinge of conscience, becomes a gigolo, believing that he deserved such an attitude.
  3. But among the young men there are connoisseurs of female beauty of the Balzac age. In their opinion, this is intellectual beauty, this is femininity, connected with wisdom, intelligence and illuminated by a positive perception of life around. No wonder Audrey Helburn said that “the beauty of a woman increases with her years.”

Therefore, young men who decide to have sexual relations with a mature woman do not act at all carelessly. They acquire a caring guardian, an experienced friend and an ardent lover all rolled into one. And it is not just words. Actress Gina Lollobrigida assured her fans that a woman at 20 can be compared to ice, at 30 she is already warm, and at 40 a woman becomes just boiling water. She can still give odds to girls. How can you treat her, if not with love and passion?

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