Why does a guy chat with other girls – what to do?

Why does a guy chat with other girls – what to do? If Your Boyfriend Is Chatting With Other Girls, THEN You Probably See This As Some Kind Of Threat, A Problem That You Need To Do Something About. Davay Posmotrim, pochema of this proishodit, and that is done in the same situation.

Why is the guy texting another?

It often happens that when you find a guy has a correspondence with another girl, you feel a sense of anxiety, your own inferiority, a desire to somehow fix this situation. Perhaps Your dissatisfaction with Yourself, the desire to always please leads to the fact that the chosen one is attracted by bold, determined Girls.

Reasons for correspondence:

  • The guy wants female attention, recognition, novelty. He wants the woman to flirt, recognize him, show all her virtues again, get the portion of admiration and feedback that he lacks.
  • Lies from STORona men. This is how he hides his infidelity. Maybe he wants intimate relationships on the side.
  • A man does not consider you as a lifelong companion. You are a temporary haven for him. He is in search of a woman. He’s just comfortable with you.
  • Thus, the guy is distracted from everyday issues.
  • Passion has disappeared between you, romance has faded away, you haven’t gone anywhere together for a long time, a routine has set in in the relationship.
  • There is a desire to enter into a relationship with another girl, but he does not dare to act.
  • Not among those interested, common among those who are interested.
  • There was irritation, dissatisfaction with each other.
  • The guy has a desire to lead a double life: real with you and virtual with another girl.

If your boyfriend is in correspondence with other girls, the normality of such relationships in a couple is determined by you together.

How to behave if a guy is texting other girls?

What to do if the Guy is texting another girl, but does not meet with her, does not give Her flowers and gifts, but simply texts? Let’s try to answer this sore question.

  • Analyze the situation, how do you perceive this fact. Maybe this is normal for you, but maybe you perceive it as a betrayal.
  • Find out how deep their connection is. Perhaps this is just business correspondence or communication with a classmate, classmate, or this is a romantic conversation. Understand this issue.

Communication and flirting with other women. What to do with such a husband?

  • Watch closely for the guy, your relationship. Objectively assess how you communicate with each other. If you feel that there is a distance between you, you spend less and less time together. If he gives his resource of time to correspondence, and not to you, then you need to talk, understand the situation.
  • Set personal boundaries. Show that you are very hurt by this situation, if it is not normal for you. Say it’s not acceptable to you.
  • Put forward in the conversation the assumption that he had another woman.

Use the phrases “it seems to me”, “I feel”, “maybe I’m wrong”. Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions. Just ask them softly. Look at his reaction, facial expressions, EMOtions, gestures. Compare this with his usual conversation in a standard situation.

If a person is lying, then he does not behave naturally. If during a conversation he somehow manifests himself differently, then it is likely that this is a lie.

  • It is important to choose the right conversation format.

Do not show attacks, reproaches, do not switch to the “You-position”. Say that you lack warmth, you feel that you lack attention. Explain that you value your relationship, but changes are taking place in your couple, and unfortunately, not in the best way. Offer to talk about it. Come in with a soft entry, without arrivals.

  • Ask him what does not suit him in your relationship, what is wrong.

Even if the guy didn’t have any thoughts of cheating, such a conversation is very useful. You can learn something new for yourself. Take a look at the part you want to know about it. Negotiate what can be improved. This conversation may prevent a relationship with another girl.

  • Show the analogue with the same. Ask him how much he would like it if you behave the same way.
  • Invite the guy to spend time together, think about joint hobbies, conversations. Try to return to common ground. Suggest a rule: turn off gadgets in the evenings, devote time to each other. Play board games, go for a walk in the evenings, go to visit, to the cinema.
  • Do not take revenge on the guy, do not start a return correspondence with the young man.

If you start defiantly doing this, then he will understand about the place and will not pay any attention. Or the chosen one will perceive this as permission for him to conduct further correspondence. Some men believe that you are forbidden to correspond, regardless of his actions. Then where burned conflict.

Change your behavior

If you do have a conversation and find out what part of you the guy doesn’t like, assuming you want to keep the relationship, try to change the situation.

  • Pay attention to the guy. As long as you live, so that you are in a routine. Socrates that is the same as that of the other person. Then you will free up time for a young man.
  • Proceed to interests in the life of the chosen one. Ask about the day, how he is doing at work, how the meeting went, how the project is going. Thus, you will let him know that you are listening to him carefully, remembering his important affairs.
  • Watch yourself. Keep yourself normal, do not wear bathrobes, let you have beautiful clothes for the house. Put on minimal makeup, style your hair.
  • Don’t “drink” the guy. Usually men go into virtual relationships to get the necessary approval there. If you only criticize, compare him with more successful acquaintances, then he will go headlong into the Internet. Let him relax at home, appreciate his dignity, admire him.

Bring romance back into relationships

You have probably seen situations when, after a long union, romance leaves the relationship. If you don’t want to move to the next place, you should try to move to the next level:

  • prepare a delicious lunch;
  • arrange a candlelit dinner;
  • buy yourself new beautiful underwear;
  • write him a romantic note;
  • hug a guy for no reason;
  • make a nice present
  • bring lunch to work.

Love does not need big words, it manifests itself in small things. Your chosen one will definitely appreciate this behavior.

Normally it’s just a couple of days. From your attitude towards her and reaction. If this is not pleasant for you, then you should not make scandals, tell him your feelings in a calm atmosphere.

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