Why does a husband kick his wife out of the house and how to behave?

Why does a husband kick his wife out of the house and how to behave? In a relationship, a sense of security and trust in each other is very important. Hearing that your husband is ready to kick you out of the house – It seems that your world is collapsing and all the good that was between you is crossed out.

Reasons why a husband kicks out of the house?

This situation is not quite typical for relationships, especially if you are already married. Usually one of the spouses either tries to save the marriage or declares that he wants a divorce. No one wants to see it in the house. This usually happens when the situation has heated up.

Also, the position is by the product manufactured with different motivations and subjects.

  • Broke in the heat of a dispute

Sometimes, succumbing to negative emotions, people offend their loved ones and say things that hurt them greatly.

In an acute conflict, it is not always possible to pull yourself together and think about the consequences of your actions. As long as the woman is there, it is in the room in the moment that it is:

  • this desire is dictated by a sense of hopelessness, when he realizes that there is nothing else left for him;
  • a woman deeply hurt a man or offended him, for example, by committing treason, etc .;
  • Something that he thought about for a long time escaped his tongue, but only at the Moment When He was overwhelmed with emotions and adrenaline, did he find the strength to voice it.

Sometimes such a phrase is not said seriously, and then the man himself regrets what was said, tries to make amends. And sometimes he is relieved, because, albeit not in a very correct form, he expressed his desire.

  • He wants to end the relationship

Expelled from any communication. This happens if he considers himself a full-fledged owner of the apartment or independently pays and pays the mortgage, toreku.

He no longer wants to be married and tells his wife to go to her home, to her parents or to se.in

Usually in such a case, this decision is thought out, expressed calmly and categorically.

The man no longer has the desire to save the marriage, and he demonstrates this in this way, because he does not know how to properly end a relationship, does not have respect for a woman, and has never taken the weather for her.

Perhaps he was not initially set up for a serious relationship and certainly not ready to fight for them.

My husband kicks me out of the house with 3 kids. I do not know what to do?

  • Manipulative TECHNIQUE

Sometimes for men to kick a woman out of the house is just a way of communication that has a specific goal, for example:

  • intimidate the wife, show her dependence on her husband, cause anxiety and lower her self-esteem;
  • force her to agree with his rightness in this or that issue and meet his requirements;
  • force to make excuses and make amends for their “guilt”;
  • an attempt to assert oneself at the expense of another person, whom a man considers weaker than himself and from whom he does not expect UGR.

In this case, threats to kick out of the house appear with a certain frequency, they are always voiced when the husband is dissatisfied with the behavior of his wife, but rarely have real grounds. In fact, he wants to stay with his wife, but only if everything goes as he decided.

  • What is your relationship

If you first heard such a phrase, and for you it was a real shock, then you should exhale and realize what is happening between you. It rarely happens that the interaction between the spouses was perfect, and then he suddenly wanted to kick his wife out of the house.

Think about what problems you already have, how many conflicts there are in family life, how well you resolve them and whether you resolve them at all. Perhaps the husband’s desire is a desperate attempt to get through to his wife.

Perhaps he was always demanding and did not take into account her opinion, for him in the first place is not family happiness, but only his own rightness. Or maybe he was just looking for an excuse to end a relationship in which there was no love left.

In any case, you should think about what exactly this marriage gives you, whether it makes sense to fight for it and whether there is a chance that you can gain understanding and trust.

How to act in such a case?

If a man kicks you out of the house or just talks about it, in any case, it shows that perhaps your relationship has already ceased to be valuable to him. Before making any decision, you need to think about yourself:

  • model the situation in your imagination – in it you really part, and you leave in your home;
  • Think over Your Actions – Who will support You, Where will You live, How can You provide for yourself and, if you have a child, Him too;
  • develop a plan – if you realize that it is difficult for you to get on your feet now, think about how to fix it, where you can go to work, what to live on, who can support you financially, what additional education you need to receive now to start earning;
  • think that the worst will happen if you really part ways, and find a way to cope with even the most adverse consequences – this will help you get rid of anxiety;
  • if you have negative attitudes, for example, “Nobody needs me”, “I don’t deserve better”, etc., write them out and form as many antitheses as possible.
  • work on your self-esteem – praise yourself more, note your strengths and the prospects that you have;
  • analyze your relationship – what good do you get from your husband and what is bad, think about the significance of these relationships and whether you really need them, whether they make you happy;
  • when the “retreat plan” is ready, talk frankly with your husband – without criticism, reproaches, without talking in a raised voice, talk about how you feel for each other, are you ready to stay together;
  • honestly ask if His statements were serious or he was just angry and did not find another way to throw out his negative emotions;
  • if a man wants to maintain a relationship and says that he just “flared up”, calmly convey to him that such an attitude is unacceptable for you, that you also want to be with him, but this is impossible if he kicks you out of the house every time;
  • listen to what he will answer to this – evaluate how ready he is to change, and how ready you are for this;
  • think about the reasons for the conflict – talk about your feelings with the help of “I-messages” or, much more effectively, seek advice from a family psychologist;
  • if the husband spoke in all seriousness and is not going to continue the relationship, you need to take it for granted and start acting according to a pre-planned plan, contact a lawyer to understand your rights in the event of a divorce.

You need to be prepared that you really have to leave. This is a good opportunity for you to gain independence and self-sufficiency, to stand on your own feet.

It is important to understand that loving people who respect each other do not kick anyone out of the house, do not wander, do not sing.

If there is no trust and a sense of security in your relationship, if you constantly quarrel and are not ready to compromise, you cannot put yourself in the place of another, perhaps you are simply not on your way.

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