Why does a man act like a child or a woman in a relationship?

Why does a man act like a child or a woman in a relationship? Relationships are one of the most important areas in everyone’s life. To be together with your loved one, to feel understood, protected, and desired – for any woman this is happiness and those relationships that you want to strive for. Now you can do it by yourself and you have to be careful and you can do it.

No way in which it is now and in front of the street problems, which are being carried out in the future. In some situations, he may begin to behave very strangely towards you. The most common types of strange male behavior, why it happens, and how to properly respond to it, let’s take a look together in this article.

When a man is a big child?

The author of the book “Where are the men?”, American professor of psychology Philip Zimbardo expresses the following assessment of the behavior of some modern men: “We are dealing with a record number of guys failing at school, unable to cope with girls in social contacts and women in the sexual realm.

And according to him, such modern men are psychologically unstable, have low self-esteem, and are full of anxiety. In psychology, this behavior describes the Peter Pan complex.

For the first time this syndrome was described in 1983 by the psychologist’s bottom in his book “Syndrome of PN: Mologist. An adult behaves like a child. No in this way?

Like a child, such a man is selfish and narcissistic, self-centered, and convinced that others should be oriented.

It is difficult for such a man to define his expectations and, above all, to express his emotions. The emotional problem here can take two forms. This is why it is private in emotional terms, secrecy and care in oneself. It can also lead to excessive, maladaptive emotions that goes into bush-like states.

Another characteristic of the Peter Pan syndrome is a complete lack of responsibility. Such a person always blames circumstances. Moreover, he looks for excuses wherever possible, shifting responsibility to others (bosses, friends, partner, as well as government, politicians, society).

He’s so

Why does a man act like a woman?

In the modern world there is a clear division of social roles. A man tends to be active, strong, active, and take a leading position. The main male qualities are decisiveness, pressure, and will.

The concepts of Anima and Animus – the inner woman and the inner man, were introduced by Carl Jung in his works. By these concepts, he meant behavioral patterns laid down by society for each person. Jung argues that every man has his own “Anima” – the image of the ideal woman in the unconscious.

In the life of a man, the first carrier of the image of the female soul is always the mother, then there are those women who stimulate the feelings of the man both in a positive and negative sense. Hence, the anima gives a certain character to the relationship with every woman he meets.

If a man next to you manifests himself feminine and soft, aryAitip is dominant in his character. Think about why such a man appeared in your life? There is always a reason why you meet a certain type of man. Perhaps the fact is that in your character there are pronounced features of your inner man. And so you complement each other.

Indifferent and aloof behavior

Another type of man is emotionally inaccessible. Communication is important in a stable relationship. A closed man does not want to speak openly, and because of this, you can never be sure of his feelings. It is very difficult to understand the thoughts and intentions of such a person when there is no open dialogue.

He is cold and you may feel like you don’t know him. Nevyskazannye emoji in unaccountable sl@ts are owned by the technical force, the action of which is critical and aggressive.

The male manipulator also resorts to detached behavior. He can be tiary warm at one moment and cold and distant at another, but only to the extent that it influences c^ sa disc.

With such a man it is impossible to build a long and trusting relationship. A person who constantly resorts to manipulation wants everything to be the way he wants. It is not characteristic of the two countries, and one of the budgets is different from that.

If a man behaves inappropriately

At least once each of us met with inappropriate behavior in a man. Have you thought about the reasons for this behavior? After all, any behavior is a response to external circumstances. But for different people, it can be different for exactly the same events.

Our behavior is morally-nvstvenny, features of education, social and psycho-swarm luxury. Any inadequate behavior of a man is due to his personality, some specific qualities of his character.

Having met such a person, do not take everything personally. Often, such men try to shift the responsibility onto others, and you can fall into this trap. No stoit remember that everyone is responsible for his own behavior.

How to respond to strange male behavior?

In any situation that does not suit you, you should sincerely talk with a man. Stable and the other words in the world, it is possible for the people who live there to do it. How to make sure that the conversation does not turn into a quarrel?

  • No copy negotiable in there. Of course, when you are dissatisfied, it is not necessary to immediately speak out not because it will grow into rabbles ft naut No and copy it when it is not necessary, but by then the seredin.
  • Think about and identify exactly what kind of behavior towards you is unacceptable.
  • Try to listen and understand him. When you have expressed your opinion, it is worth listening to it. By the way, the cow-to is given to a new person.
  • Avoid insults and harsh criticism. It is better to build such a conversation with the help of “I-messages”, this is when you talk about your feelings. Those that are affected by the problem. This method will help you to speak out without offending the other person.
  • One conversation, one problem.

Not to mention that in the kitchen, you should give it to one specific problem.

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