Why does a man leave for another woman from the one he loved

Why does a man leave for another woman from the one he loved? The topic is that of the interested party. Your interest in this text may mean that

  • you were led by pure curiosity: what else can be written on the topic of treason;
  • you are in a difficult life situation, and are actively looking for ways out of it;
  • you had your own experience, and you are interested in the result of someone else’s experience.

Rules and definitions

So, you live in a society where the rule of monogamous relationships in a couple should be considered the norm. It should be considered, but in real life the opposite is true. Many pretend that nothing is happening. For some, the fact of betrayal becomes a huge life tragedy.

What is treason? Who is at risk? If we consider adultery, from the point of view of a formal definition, then this is a violation of the agreement between two partners, which limits the number of people involved in a romantic or sexual relationship, and it does not matter the nature of these relationships: they can be casual or permanent.

Based on the total, change knowingly to go against the agreement. So, with the use of dry formulations, treason looks like.

At present, the field for committing an act of treason has expanded significantly. Arguments over whether online relationships are an act of infidelity are a separate topic that does not have the same zipper. In the building that will take place in the distribution. Just let’s deal with the Causes, vnih men that two parts are called “On the Side”.

cold mind

I would like to say right away that if a partner has cheated on you, then you should not perceive it as something fatal socatal socatal socatal Your first action should be the intention to calm down and consider the situation as impartially as possible, because you can’t act out of emotion. Your head must be cold and sober. For this you can:

  • go to yoga or meditate;
  • do basic breathing exercises;
  • go to fitness or shopping: in this situation, this is an equivalent action;
  • break dishes or shout loudly. You can even cry, but do it with pleasure too.

In a word, choose any action that will allow you to relieve your initial emotional stress. Chego not be allowed to do so, to this you must give it to yourself! A friend is also a woman, and she can load you with her extra emotional baggage. If you really want to talk to someone, go to a psychologist. He will listen, give recommendations without judgment, application of personal experience, and “you yourself are to blame.”

Why do men cheat?

He’s not the one

Now you can understand, in fact, the causes of what happened. The most common is choosing the wrong person. When the hurricane of passion between you has subsided, and the relationship is moving from a romantic-in-love stage to an everyday one, you can begin to carefully observe and realize: who is next to you. Unexpected discoveries or disappointments may await you.

When you enter into any relationship with a person, not necessarily intimate, you mean that your black is also black for him, and white is white. This is perfectly normal, but not always the case.

We are all very different: upbringing, character, personal characteristics. For some, sharp, aggressive behavior is the norm, in which your personal boundaries are reduced to a minimum, and for some, any restrictions are not acceptable, and he broadcasts this not only on himself, but also on you. When passions boil, you simply do not notice it. This is the main mistake.

When building any serious relationship, it is always better to immediately agree “on the shore” about how much you equally understand the rules of behavior in a couple. You should not be afraid of this. If your partner is easy on connections “on the side”, and fidelity in the union is very important for you, then there is a lialeprod. He will not change his position, and you will hurt yourself.

In this case, exactly, you will inflict yourself, because you won’t be able to change it. It’s better to be a friend. If you consciously go to continue the relationship with such a man, be ready to be loyal to his betrayals, and accept the situation without unnecessary self-flagellation. It’s not about whether you’re bad or good, but about what, according to the terms of the agreement, your connection is different. He sincerely believes that this is not serious, and he loves only you.

Remember yourself

The second reason for betrayal, which lies on the surface, is the state of your calmness. When a relationship is just beginning, each of you, unconsciously, tries to show your best sides in order to please your partner and win his favor: better clothes, makeup, more interesting topics for conversation, and so on.

Here the partner passes into the category of a permanent one, and the usual, calm, everyday life begins. For relationships, it is this state that can be a litmus test. You relax, and your partner relaxes too, but there are so many not relaxed men and women around. It is in this period that the potency of the interest in the part, and also the language, is known.

You just become uninteresting, boring. Yes, it’s comfortable, calm, relaxed with you, but the sharpness and novelty in the relationship disappear. In this case, betrayal is possible from a state of boredom. Is it serious? For you, yes. You no longer feel life, love yourself, develop, you are lost in the cycle of everyday worries.

In this case, the fact of ifeny is just a reminder for her to change something, and to remember sept. It is only necessary to say that in this case, it is necessary. It is not recommended to break abruptly: as a rule, by this time you are already connected by a lot: common life experience, children, household habits, and general rules. To start:

  • look at yourself in the mirror, and remember the moments when your eyes sparkled, desires boiled in your chest;
  • no matter how old you are now, remember your unfulfilled dreams, and start realizing them;
  • do not get hung up on the situation of betrayal: the main thing is to regain yourself, and your partner will figure it out himself, because he is good. Let him continue to think so. Surprise him by making you more important to yourself than him.

Listen and hear

Every person needs personal space. There he can be alone with himself, and refuse the presence of anyone, even the closest. In partnerships, you should never forget about this. It’s as important as breathing.

When you are close to a person long enough, you begin to look at him as your property or part of yourself. This is another reason that leads to infidelity. There is one wise saying: the closest person is the most unfamiliar person.

You may not notice how your partner has grown and changed, but you just didn’t notice it. In this case, there will always be someone else who will show understanding or create common and n n t t t d. In that case, everything may be lost or you, nevertheless, will be able to find the strength to accept each other. For starters, you just need to calmly talk and hear.

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