Why does a man live at the expense of a woman?

Why does a man live at the expense of a woman? Modern society quite loyally accepts any relationship between people. The main role in a couple can belong to both a man and a woman.

Today we are analyzing together with a psychologist why a man lives at the expense of a woman and is not shy about it. Is this the norm and how to get rid of the gigolo. The head of the family is a woman Families where a woman has a dominant role are not uncommon. Situations in which the lady is given the final say are different.

Why does a man live at the expense of a woman?

Someone does not accept such a relationship, someone believes that a man is losing his confidence, others are calm and understanding. If you listen to the advice of psychologists, then the distribution of roles within a couple applies only to both of them. An important amendment, if it suits each of the partners.

Today, such relationships are the norm. There are also reverse situations when an adult man sits on the fragile shoulders of a companion. And she, because of unrequited love or weakness of character, cannot decide anything on her own. Without reference to gender, prosperity in the family can be provided by any of the partners. Psychology considers this type of behavior as quite normal without labeling it as offensive.

A man can do household chores well, and a woman can be a successful businessman. The fact that the stronger sex spends money earned by a fragile woman should not be predominant, as well as the question itself. Life circumstances should also be taken into account when the husband was temporarily left without work, for health reasons and other objective reasons. On the contrary, helping around the house, when a woman is already working, is regarded as a relief and provides an opportunity to relax and unwind a little.

How to recognize a man who lives at the expense of a woman has a clear definition of a gigolo or a kept man. Here from the very beginning it is known who is who and there is no need to pretend. But how to prevent an impending problem with equal obligations. You need to know how to recognize the signs of imposing and pulling money in time: Too polite, gallant treatment, constant compliments should alert you the first time.

He can listen to your complaints and lamentations about life for hours without offering any practical solution. At the same time, he gives few gifts, you go to the cinema, to the restaurant at your own expense; Alphonses do not like to talk about their financial capabilities, they speak disparagingly about mercantile women, and stop talking about making money; If you look closely at such a man from the side, then some secrecy and isolation immediately catches your eye.

You know little about his parents, childhood, hobbies, he does not introduce you to his friends; Often a man begins to complain about problems, that he urgently needs money, comes up with different situations that can be true or, in most cases, fictional. How to ask a gigolo to leave Sooner or later, such a relationship will lead to dissatisfaction in intimate life, constant manipulation on his part, and deceit. Therefore, it is better to immediately find out further plans for a life together.

A frank conversation will help both to sort out their feelings. If a man is ready for decisive action, you can give him a second chance, but with a trial period. Otherwise, even if it is very painful, it is better to part with it. After a while, you will feel how a mountain of all sorts of problems has fallen from you, new wings will begin to grow, and perhaps a new satellite will appear on the horizon…

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