Why does a man lose interest in a woman


The fading of interest in a woman in a man is not a rare phenomenon. No one wants this to happen in their couple. After all, sooner or later there may be a gap. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to find out information about why a man loses interest in a woman. After all, he who is forewarned is half armed.

Signs of cooling

You will notice them right away, as they are all there:

  • It is coldness, detachment and indifference;
  • Has stopped answering calls, or does it reluctantly;
  • At the meeting, obvious boredom on his part is noticeable;
  • He stopped sharing his thoughts, feelings and experiences with you;
  • The light in my eyes disappeared at the sight of you;
  • No compliments from him.

These are all warning signs of a man losing interest in you. Now it is worth considering the possible reasons for this behavior.

The first reason is that men are psychologically and intellectually superior to their women.

At the initial stage, he sees only a beautiful picture. Then there is passion and there is also no time for communication. But as they get to know the girl closely, the person notices that they have practically no common interests and topics for conversation.

There is a way out of the situation, and even two:

  1. Find a suitable man close to your intellectual level.
  2. Start changing yourself, read more, develop, and then you will become interesting for men not only externally, but also internally.

The second reason is workload.

If there is only this reason for the loss of interest in your soulmate, then it is fixable. Many men really work a lot and, due to increased employment, are physically unable to devote time to their families. Therefore, romance between partners disappears. Since for the majority of the stronger sex, success in their business can come first.

If you understand and accept this behavior of your man, you will have to come to terms with this state of affairs, since you will always be on the sidelines.

The third reason is the obsessive behavior of a woman

A man, like other people, needs personal space. The obsessive behavior of a woman can only do harm. So don’t make the following mistakes:

  • do not call your partner or send SMS several times a day;
  • do not overwhelm him with declarations of love and thematic pictures;
  • you should not constantly call him somewhere, let him take the initiative himself, and you will gladly agree or even refuse a couple of times, for prevention;
  • do not hang yourself on a man and do not show a variety of initiative;
  • do not show your bad mood defiantly.

The fourth reason is the emergence of such conditions under which a man no longer needs to seek a woman.

Ladies themselves can make mistakes, which they later regret. In marriage, they begin to adapt to their partner, while forgetting about their own interests, work, hobbies. By creating comfortable conditions for their husband, they stop taking care of themselves, even taking care of their appearance. As a result, a man becomes bored with such a woman, he quickly loses interest in her.

Another tip, do not be the first to confess your love to a guy. Sometimes girls are mistaken, thinking that their feelings are mutual and in a hurry to be the first to talk about them. But often on the part of the guy there is only sympathy, but not love. Therefore, open your feelings only to the extent that your partner clearly shows them.

If a man does not show initiative, take a small step forward, if there is no reaction, step back and preferably forever. You need to respect yourself and interest from a man will definitely appear. Let not the current, then the other.

There are other reasons why a man loses interest in a woman. Someone is disappointed after sex, which can cause injury to the girl. However, it should be understood that most likely the reason lies in the complexes of the partner himself. Other couples often quarrel and sort things out, as a result, the man practically runs away from the family. In any case, a woman should not humiliate herself and beg him to return, thereby you will only do harm. Sometimes a man needs time to think things over, and in some cases a breakup is inevitable. But it’s still better than continuing to live in dislike with a partner.


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