Why does a man make a woman jealous?

Why does a man make a woman jealous? Jealousy is characteristic of people who are neososutes aimed at being owners, exists in relationships, etc. Such behavior can be due to various reasons. To understand how to behave in such situations, you should understand this topic in more detail.

What are attempts to induce jealousy?

A man knows that the most effective and fastest way to arouse a feeling of jealousy in his chosen one is open, undisguised flirting with other representatives of the fair sex. The desire to attract the attention of the opposite sex is a NORMAL desire for every person.

Agree, because you are also pleased to receive compliments and arouse interest in men, even though you love and want to live life exclusively with one partner. In an adequate and healthy relationship, the pleasure of the attention of others is carefully hidden and never riafiaf.

If your man openly demonstrates close relationships with other girls, on the name given to a feeling of jealousy. Two emocytous people should be able to live together.

A man, in an attempt to satisfy his own desires, can resort to different methods. As a rule, they alternately replace each other or combine with each other – the guy is desperately trying to create the right conditions, trying all kinds of options:

  • carefully hides his phone, does not leave it unattended while with you, or sets strong passwords;
  • late after work
  • adds other girls on social networks;
  • openly flirts in the company of mutual friends or in random situations – with a waitress, a consultant in a store;
  • reduces the time of joint leisure – says that he is busy, plans to relax in the company

Some invent and other ways. For example, while watching a movie, they deliberately draw your attention to famous actresses – the wives of their dreams, adding that there is a girl in their environment, their exact copy.

Possible reasons for your exaggerated reaction to what is happening

Women’s psychology is complex and multifaceted. For some girls, even sexual infidelity does not mean anything, while others react extremely negatively even to a casual glance of a chosen one in the direction of a woman passing by. What can make things worse:

Why does a man make you jealous?

  • well-developed fantasy – without real evidence, the girl is able to build unconditioned chains of events in which a man is accused of all mortal sins;
  • low self-esteem – the tendency to focus solely on one’s own shortcomings and the merits of others;
  • increased anxiety – a tendency to experience severe discomfort even with the appearance of minor cuts;
  • aggressiveness – non-existent and unreasonable in terms of the number of minutes;

  • a developed sense of ownership – the desire to be near the chosen one around the clock and literally drown in his love.

Practically with these factors – results are given in detail. You can subconsciously focus on the experience of relationships between parents, experience extreme stress from a betrayal that happened once, or even suffer from a lack of attention all your life.

Why does a man make a woman jealous?

There are many reasons why a man can diligently make you jealous. These include:

  • a desperate desire to attract your attention – this is relevant for a situation where you are not a member and have not been with him
  • low self-esteem and hurt pride – probably, in a relationship with you, he feels lonely and dumb;
  • if you survived a breakup, then attempts to cause jealousy are his desire to prove to you that he definitely will not remain alone and is not deprived of female attention;
  • he needs to understand if he really is, and just wants to make you
  • in rare cases, but women are able to completely suppress the masculinity of their partner, the constant belittling of his personality, attempts to take over his duties can lead to the fact that a man simply wants to check himself – is he really good for nothing, or is it you so finicky and domineering;
  • banal boredom – if in a relationship with you he does not experience vivid emotions, but, having caused jealousy, he will feel them (it doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative).

By such behavior, a man can demonstrate his leadership in relations with you – clearly show that you are not a decree for him at all, and he himself decides how to behave and which society to choose for leisure.

It is not excluded that trying to cause jealousy is a way to break up with you. If a man is not able to find the right words or explain the reason for such a desire, he will provoke you, and at the same time not to waste time and look for a new passion.

How to respond to a man’s attempts to cause jealousy

The main rule is not to react as a man naturally expects. If his attempts to lead you to emotions do not lead to anything, then the provocations will come to naught. Choose the exact opposite behavior:

  • pay more attention to him, be gentle and caring;
  • surprise him with what he has long wanted – cook your favorite dish, add variety to your intimate life;
  • offer to do a joint hobby that he will definitely like;
  • plan a small outing for a picnic or a full-fledged trip;
  • increase your femininity – get rid of bad habits, put your physical shape in order, work on your individual style, try to always be well-groomed and attractive.

It would not be superfluous to talk heart to heart, during the conversation you unobtrusively and without unnecessary emotions, you need to find out what exactly does not suit him in your relationship. If he is frank enough, the reason for trying to make you jealous will be on the surface.

If a man did not suddenly start behaving in this way (his usual pattern of behavior), then it is worth explaining to him that this does not suit you at all, it offends you. It is not excluded that he sincerely did not understand that flirting with other girls is rarely acceptable in a relationship.

In situations where you have made a good decision to break up and are considering re-opening options, simply ° This will be the most obvious evidence for him that you have put an end to it, and his attempts to return you to no luck. At the same time, you will get rid of the annoying men.

Jealousy is a destructive feeling from the inside that is difficult to control. It can cause distrust, which can destroy even the strongest relationships, instill insecurity, lower self-esteem and unsettle for a long time.

Don’t be too prone, don’t prearrange the part and save the part. Such a reaction can make real competitions a friend, having played in which. In addition, playing with the feelings of other people, giving false hope for a relationship does not paint a provocateur at all.

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