Why does a person need love and relationships in life?

Why does a person need love and relationships in life? After another failed romance, you pour salty tears into a glass of wine and swear to your girlfriends that “pain.” But after a few weeks, in the worst case, months, the promise is forgotten. You put on the most beautiful dress and go on a date.

Many are wondering why stepping on the same rake, and whether a person needs love. After all, you can just live, go about your business, build relationships based on mutual sympathy, but friends around them. Or is it still not possible? What gives a person love, and how does it affect life in general?

Why does a person need love and relationships in life?

Love is at the head of Maslow’s pyramid. It is what is needed to fully fulfill oneself. Because true love involves not only attraction to a partner, but also a sincere and all-consuming feeling of warmth, gratitude and care for parents, children, animals.

  • Love creates a special bond with another person.

The main distinguishing feature of a developed society from other social groups is the ability to interact, the builder of trusting and close relationships. Man cannot live alone. And love is the quickest and easiest way to connect with someone.

  • Love reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Love causes your brain to produce many beneficial hormones: dopamine, oxytocin and norepinephrine. Together, they help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Interestingly, the symbol of love is the heart!

  • Love boosts your self-esteem.

It is impossible to find a person without complexes. As a rule, in addition to appearance, we are not satisfied with certain character traits in ourselves. We can be rude, harsh and aggressive. But when is a person loves and supports, you can see it raster. You realize that it’s not so bad.

  • Love teaches acceptance.

He scatters things, champs during meals and never calls back, although he promised a thousand times to keep you informed of his plans, but you still love him, and only this bright feeling keeps you from telling him everything. Love smooths out imperfections and teaches humility: we are all not perfect, but is this really a reason for parting?

  • Love is the path to knowing yourself.

Love can reveal in you those qualities that you did not suspect. Or the reverse relation of those character traits about which outsiders spoke unflatteringly. For some, you are an anxious lady with a control mania, but for your lover, you are a responsible and courageous caretaker.

  • Love helps to enjoy intimacy.

How and with whom to spend the night is everyone’s business. If you can enjoy short-term relationships, that’s fine, and no one has the right to judge you. But according to the recognition of many women, even jujuly the picture and they are fully disclosed in and in the figure

  • Love is a great motivator.

Acting contrary to everything is sometimes annoying. Every strong woman wants to get off the podium of success, come home and put her head on the knees of a loved one who will regret, praise, and understand. When you have the support of loved ones behind you, many decisions are easier.

  • Love teaches you to think positively.

Problems at work, petty quarrels and conflicts cannot seriously and permanently spoil your mood, as long as you know that there are people nearby who are always on your side. When you fall in love, your brain starts to release dopamine. Your mood and well-being improves.

  • Love makes you more beautiful.

Being in love increases estrogen levels. The skin looks firmer and more elastic, the hair stays clean and fresh longer, the nails break less often. In general, you look more attractive, which cannot go unnoticed by others.

That is why, when you fall in love, the classic story happens: your exes, colleagues, and casual acquaintances suddenly become active and begin to seek your attention. No wine Ih, this is the first time in the subdivision, it is too late to do so.

  • Love reduces the level of stress.

Cortisol is a hormone that your body actively releases as a natural response to a stressful situation.

You begin to sleep worse and lean on harmful, fatty foods. Falling in love suppresses cortisol production and reduces the damaging effects of STRESS. The state of euphoria prevents you from dwelling on negative moments.

  • Love helps to believe in a brighter future.

Love is the foundation upon which you can build the future of your dreams. As unbelievable as your plans are, you know there’s a narrie around. You realize that everything you do is not in vain.

  • Love is one of the elements of self-realization.

Why do we need relationships, and what place does love take in life? Such a question will never be asked by a person who is sincerely happy with his other half. It is impossible to count how many pictures, songs, and poems have been written by people in love. Love encourages improvement and risk taking.

  • Love gives strength to live.

The leg that is new, and that it is not worth while, is that you will be able to use it. If you draw a circle of balance and divide its zones, you will see what a wear sphere stands for And love gives it.

  • Love makes you feel safe.

You know that you are not alone. You are the one who wants to move and sad. Involving other people in your life helps you feel confident. Most of the endorsing by the last word in the antidepressants. You start enjoying life instead of fighting for existence.

  • Love makes life meaningful.

Unconditional love is different from temporary infatuation. A loving person no longer perceives himself in the singular. Any decisions affect everyone whom he unites with the word “we”. You love your children, family, and friends and want to be with them. This makes your life especially precious.

So that love does not destroy you, but directs and motivates you to do good deeds, the most important thing is to choose a person who will share your ideas about what a lasting union should be.

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