Why does adultery happen in a relationship?

Why does adultery happen in a relationship? When a woman is faced with betrayal, betrayal, she is desperately trying to find someone to blame. Bye, on wine in the next week, so that it is not possible for the partner. It happens that he accuses a partner, tending to the fact that he is an unworthy person. In fact, both are usually to blame.

No, of course, there are men who do not need reasons for betrayal, he is only looking for a reason to justify his will, a reason to justify his will, etc. However, today we will talk about normal families for whom relationships are not an empty phrase. In their case, the partners simply failed to understand, feel, hear each other…

Why does adultery happen in a relationship?

Thoughts of change do not begin to arise immediately. At the very beginning of the relationship, both partners are confident that they will be able to build a strong and long-term alliance. They are wrapped in pleasant emotions, passion, attraction. They are so comfortable together that it seems that betrayal will never knock on their door.

Then, what pushes people who are in a once such a promising union to go to betrayal? There can be many reasons. Consider the main, key:

  • Unwillingness for a serious relationship.

Relationships should be started only when you know exactly what responsibility is, when you are mature and whole, whole, whole, whole, whole. Otherwise, you will not be able to find happiness yourself and cripple the souls of people who trusted you.

  • Unwillingness to hear each other.

People are naturally quite selfish. However, who -ithe influence of upbringing, socialization, self-education learns to think not only about obt. In relations with the opposite sex, the mechanism is somewhat more complicated.

Men and women speak different languages. Therefore, mutual understanding is possible only in a mature and adequate relationship, where partners gradually “learn” to hear each other. Otherwise, there are many grievances and disagreements that worsen the quality of interaction.

  • Inability to adapt.

It is very important and the ability to adapt to a partner. Somewhere to catch his mood, somewhere to meet halfway, somewhere in time to give him a rest. It is not necessary, so that where and where it is so glacial with it. It’s not about that.

Over time, a related note appears in the couple, thanks to which the partners read dough and d t y y er No, it’s still there, it’s static, it’s static and it’s two stories. The absence of such abilities again leads to conflicts and estrangement.

  • Lack of conversations.

Moreover, everyday conversations can remain in a pair, but clarify, discuss controversial or unpleasant If you ask, and you want it, you will see it and you will notice it and it is not possible to protect the partner.

Why are both guilty of treason?

Everything accumulated is poured into the distance, the partners try to spend as little time as possible around. Couples in which there are no conversations on the topic of relationships either break up completely, or embark on the path of a soulful couchette.

  • Constant conflicts.

Frequent quarrels and scandals alienate people from each other. Together it becomes difficult to breathe. Every little thing becomes a point of contention. One of the partners is looking for consolation on the side, thinking that this is the way to solve the problem.

Yes, some cheat because they are no longer interested in a relationship. When life is at home, children, obligations, the soul craves new emotions and passions. In such a situation, a person capable of treason is not at all ready to bear responsibility and be betrayed.

He probably has too much free time. A family man, for whom the family plays an important role, always knows what to do. He has absolutely no time to be bored, because he has so many obligations to his loved ones.

Who is to blame for the betrayals? There is no single answer: each story is unique. No, there are similar moments and features. And if we talk about wine, then most often both are to blame, of course. However, they have different faults for each other. Let’s look at both sides.

“I have been changed. What is my fault?”

Of course, the person is not to blame that the partner cheated on him. However, there are moments that could prompt such actions. This does not justify the cheater in any way, but it makes it possible to understand the behavior and try to work on the mistakes in order not to face betrayal in the future.

  • You are too selfish.

If you want the world to revolve only around you, then at some point your partner will get bored. He will get tired of trying to please you.

  • You are head over heels in motherhood.

You moved away from your husband, while not trying to speak and explain to him what was happening. If it is not necessary to rode, it is still possible to carry out all of this and to carry it out.

If there were no frank conversations, a man is able to think that you simply ceased to be interested in him. This pushes him to look for affection on the side.

  • You are cold to your partner.

If you are impregnable, like a rock, at first it attracts a man. However, gradually, he gets tired of such behavior. He, like an ordinary person, wants to feel desired and loved.

  • You are too emotional.

Excessive emotionally also does not attract men. Especially when emotions carry negativity and a desire to sort things out. A man begins to avoid your company, tries to spend as little time together as possible.

Constant silence, sounding under the slogan “I was offended”, will soon begin to annoy the partner. Constant guesses about what is in complete indifference and detachment.

So why is the traitor to blame if you are so incomprehensible and not perfect?

The most common reason for breakups

Of course, the responsibility in every decision lies with the person who commits this or that act. Cheating is also a decision made by a person who considered it right not to put things in order in relationships and his own thoughts, but to go the easy way.

Relationships are always full of difficulties and conflicts. However, not everyone runs away from problems into the arms of others. It is important to learn to analyze, discuss and understand your partner. No where you want it to be worthwhile and to be able to do so.

When a man has a clear plan in his head, he knows what he wants, he will not be thrown from side to side. If a man enters into a relationship for the sake of joy, passion and a sense of lightness, he is unlikely to be satisfied with family life. Therefore, the main fault of a man lies in his irresponsibility.

If it isn’t possible for you and for a while, you’ll have to do it yourself. It is she who should tell about the feelings that visit him. If the conversation doesn’t lead anywhere, it might be worth ending the relationship.

Although this is an honest path, which, of course, will bring a lot of disappointments and urates, but d. You will not remain a traitor and a traitor in her memory.

In a relationship, you should be honest, sincere, open, otherwise your fragile love will be shattered into pieces by your immaturity and unwillingness to be partners always and in everything.

And yet the most common reason for breakups and betrayals is the inability to talk to each other. Therefore, it is worth building the foundation at the very beginning precisely on constant conversations and discussions. Do not be afraid to talk about feelings, even if they are negative or full of doubts, fears.

When choosing each other, accustom yourself and your partner to share the most intimate. To the in awe there is no information in the information, which is given by the men. Appreciate, protect each other. Even if it isn’t posted in advance and in the market.

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