Why does my ex reappear in my life and disappear again

It often happens that a man, proudly slamming the door, leaves the girl, and then suddenly reappears in the zenika. And it’s nice to have him back. But for some reason, cats scratch at heart. If you want to know how to do it, you can do it yourself.

As always, if you understand in detail the reasons for actions, they can be classified in some way. In a situation where the muhus returns to the woman who has been crying, the reasons for mosquito in him are in the girl, self-interest in the villages.

Why does my ex reappear in my life and disappear again?

After that, the position on the problem with the storage of a small child. What can make him appear in the life of an ex-girlfriend.

  • He realized he made a mistake

Many people are optimistic. They believe that the future will bring only good things, and nothing needs to be done for this. So it is in relationships – Muodina is calling with a calling passion or since that the most throwers are waiting for the turn.

On the other hand, it is possible to have a look at the problems, which are by and by.

Now, the people who live there will understand the words, translations, and the meaning of the word.

Having found himself in unpleasant situations several times, the move begins to realize that, having broken the burdens. Many analyze their behavior, understand that they themselves were to blame for something.

Achieving inner balance, understanding and awareness that in the past it was good for ulohuit

  • Weak character

To realize your mistake means to show inner strength. No where on dana. Many men, on the contrary, do not have the will and give up quickly.

They cannot build a new life, they see their own hopelessness, they experience the fear of loneliness, and therefore they appear in the lives of former lovers again. They do not come back because they realize that a woman is beautiful. But because they see the absence of a future for themselves.

  • codependency

Close to weak codependency. So, a man could feel comfortable paired with a woman who was used to being a victim or leading a bakoi.

But one day the addiction broke. This happens when a partner gains inner strength, stops playing the role of a victim, or a partner wants thrills with a stronger and brighter mistress.

3 reasons why exes come back

The problem, however, is that you quickly get tired of an unusual role in a new relationship. I want to return to the comfort zone, again tyrannize zhrivyksh in everything to obey, ilrotiv, samouns

One of the logical steps is to reconnect with your ex, which is what men do.

By the way, jealousy is one of the variants of addiction, and, of course, oftentimes if you don’t want to send it, let two new partners and what you want.

Perhaps it is worth mentioning the feeling of pity. Imagine such a difficult situation. The girl married a foreigner, left with him, was a housewife, worked part-time from time to time. Then the man left, and the woman began to slip – to drink, to behave inappropriately.

Probably, having plucked his beloved from his native land, he may feel responsible. Now, watching how a once-beautiful wife becomes an alichka, she gets sick just like a gine,

Cause the girl

I would not want men to return to ex-girlfriends only because of their weaknesses, the curl of chavazhimity. Therefore, it is worth considering what is in you that again and again makes the beloved appear against you.

Have you ever thought that you could be the best thing that happened in your ex’s life? Your tenderness, strength, kindness, beauty, mind enchant, circle it and make you remember you again and again.

Perhaps he was carried away by another, brighter one, but behind the brightness he did not find your sense of humor and depth of feelings. Or he found, as it seemed to him, his ideal, but in this woman everything turned out to be so perfect, but empty for him, that he realized that there is no one better than you.

It’s nice to be the most-most for a man. It’s nice to know that he is fascinated by you and in love. No in this potoke half-heartedly, it is not necessary to plan it.

  • It was comfortable with you

Perhaps the man understands that you are far from the best. He also saw those who were more attractive, interesting in intimate life, but at the same time he understood what was wrong with toboha.

He will press against your side, hug you, let him find how to grab onto the crease on your side, and from that in your soul and bodies You will not need to run anywhere, search, fight. With you it is comfortable, convenient, and this is the main thing.

How you feel about it is another matter. Often the search for comfort by a man is associated with his laziness, unwillingness to develop and achieve goals in life.

  • You have changed

It is noticed that some time after the breakup, the woman begins to put herself in order. Behind remains depression, melancholy, disappointment. Perhaps there is still a place in your soul for them, but the desire to be simply beautiful is already appearing.

A new haircut, classes at Welle Fitness, FSUs the shops and, most importantly, the desire to be a happy mover in and and and and and and modern. Perhaps it was this freshness and that your ex lacked.

Now that you have changed, he is again interested in you and began to appear in your life.

Be careful with the drugs

Mua’s disgust is not always due to the fact that he flared up with the swami to his girlfriend osonal, skills, skills, skills, skills, skills, skills, suits. Often the reasons for his return lie in circumstances beyond his control.

For example, a man left not just a woman, but a family with a child. The whole world was for him in a little daughter or son. Communication, games, watching movies made him the happiest dad in the world.

Once one such dad said: “Let her (wife) walk, let her not work, sit on my neck, the main thing is to have a rib.” He and men like him appear in the lives of ex-girlfriends again and again, but not because of them.

Among other reasons:

  • Persistence of parents, friends, relatives. It seemed to all of them that the man found the ideal partner, and they motivate his kenya in every possible way.
  • Financial questions. Sometimes a woman earns much more. So much so that with the breakup, the standard of living of a man drops dramatically. He can’t earn enough on his own and finds nothing better than to reappear in the life of an ex-girlfriend
  • Housing problem. You have an apartment, and he is forced to rent, to wander around relatives. Having reunited, on tries to solve the issue of accommodation.
  • The young man just needs something from you. He is not going to restore relations or confess his love. On the contrary, he wants to get through you to your girlfriend, who he liked. Or pick up a new sheepskin coat you left last winter.

These reasons seem petty, mercantile, sometimes dating back to the last century, but many face each other.

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