Why ex-husband hates ex-wife after divorce?

Why ex-husband hates ex-wife after divorce? They say a person is known in trouble. Don’t forget that it’s too late and can be resolved. Suddenly it turns out that the beloved begins to scold you, insult you in front of others, remember failures. Why the former speaks badly about a woman – we find out the reasons.


The first reason worth dwelling on is resentment. It appears because you dared to initiate a separation or divorce. I could not see the inner beauty of the once beloved person, I did not see his “true” attitude towards you.

As a rule, the tendency to be offended occurs in a certain type of men. These include:

  • Narcissistic young people who are accustomed to the fact that everyone admires them, accept them, dream of becoming their girlfriends. Even if this happens only in their fantasies. For them, parting means that they were not appreciated, despised, lowered.
  • Lazy men who suddenly realize that they are left alone and they themselves will have to survive, adapt, make decisions. They are used to the fact that someone did everything for them, and take out the current problems on the image of their former beloved.
  • Ordinary blackmailers. It is important for them to see themselves in a good light, and with others they can behave as they please.

A man may be offended because of a misunderstanding of the reasons for parting. He thought that everything was in order with you, and suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, you inform him of your decision.

In this case, however, he is unlikely to constantly and purposefully talk badly about his ex-woman. Rather, it will express bewilderment or misunderstanding.

How to avoid resentment? Try to gain strength and talk with a man, explain your position to him, clarify his attitude shormyak shor. It might be worth going to see a psychologist.

If you leave grievances incomprehensible, unexperienced, then one day you yourself will feel discomfort. After a while, all the bad things your ex says about you will come back. If your personal boundaries are not strong enough, it will make you suffer, look for guilt in yourself.

Hiding the real reasons for the breakup

It is well known that the best defense is an attack. Therefore, in order to hide his sins, betrayals, aggression and even violence, a man begins to gossip about…

Types of provocations from an ex-boyfriend

People tend to believe the first source of information. It is possible to test the drugs that are available, to the small ones that are not known.

Some men, not satisfied with the first effect, continue to practice eloquence even further. One day What they said about their former lover turns into a fairy tale, which they are ready to tell more and more new listeners.

  • Continuing an unfinished conversation

Not all that is said and done. Internally, a man can relate to parting as a temporary phenomenon. He does not realize what happened as a fact, and therefore continues to talk with you, argue.

This conversation is internal, but at some point it crosses the line and continues in the presence of other people. And yes, the man continues to blame you, looking for reasons to justify his own behavior.

Talking to others may even be preferable, because from them he can hear words of support, support, support, support, support.

The unaccepted and unconscious end of a relationship is often realized in jealousy. A man unconsciously continues to experience possessive feelings, even if he himself initiated the separation.

Jealousy escalates when he sees that you have become and whether you continue to be successful and beautiful; dating a new guy. Something inside his mind switches, and he starts talking all sorts of nasty things about you.

For him, this is a way to protect himself from envy, the bitterness of loss, the feeling of loss of ownership.

  • Lack of pride

Be careful with the clothes, if you don’t have any health, you don’t eat and you eat the clothes, you see them. Defending their position, they are ready to scold everyone in a row, just to look cute and fluffy themselves.

Remember how Woland and his retinue admired Bulgakov’s margarita – her blood is Such, Gives Inner Strength, The ability to restrain oneself, endure pain. But your ex’s blood is weak. The main thing for him is inner comfort.

  • just a bad temper

There are also men who speak badly of everyone. It doesn’t matter who they remember in their conversations – you, your parents, the salespeople from the store. The reason is bad character. They do not know how to listen, to show respect, but just chatting what comes to mind.

Every person who fell under their hot hand, looked the wrong way, did not say hello, turns out to be a victim of an endless verbal stream.

  • Men’s company

An unconditional continuation of the Bad Character, As the reasons why a former man speaks badly about a woman, is a male company.

A little bit of strong drinks, understanding friends, passions, jealousy, and – any woman becomes a target for caustic Men’s remarks.

Your ex-boyfriend may not think anything bad about you, and does not want to scold you, but under the influence of the company, his tongue loosens, and he sincerely begins to resent your wantonness, irresponsibility, inability to appreciate a real man.

  • Trying to prove something to a new lover

Not many women are wise enough to appreciate a man’s pride and the fact that he doesn’t say anything bad about his ex. Most are flattered that they are praised, extolled, represented by ideals, using an old passion for this.

The former woman serves as a good background that sets off the virtues of the new lover. Here is a man and glad to try to compose nonsense.

  • Rating upgrade

If Your Ex Sits on the Internet, then collecting nasty things, voicing them along with details about his personal life, becomes popular. Do you know how many people like to read hot stuff? How many of your mutual friends, girlfriends are ready to spend nights on the net, then to scratch their tongues.

Undoubtedly, the way a guy speaks about his girlfriend will attract an audience to him, introduce him to new people. From there on the information provided in the room, according to the information provided, to the station that is popular.

  • How to react

Whatever the reason for your ex talking bad about you, you have to live with it. Let me present a few recommendations that will reduce your resentment and frustration.

  • Try not to pay attention to what your ex says.
  • Act like you normally do.
  • Don’t worry about it, it’s in the coffee, it’s in the mouth.
  • Do everything that you supposedly were bad at, in the best possible way.
  • Read, watch films, get acquainted with how other women solved similar problems.
  • It is not possible to hear it and it is not known or not. Bypass the topic under discussion with STORonoy, switch the attention of the interlocutors to other problems.
  • Don’t get in touch with him. However, if he goes too far, contact the police and sue him for slander. For this purpose, if his messages appear on social networks and instant messengers, be sure to save them.

Unfortunately, not all men are noble and strong. But by getting to know the reasons why they speak badly about their exes, you yourself can become stronger and more confident in yourself.

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