Why I don’t want any more relationship and affection?

Why I don’t want any more relationship and affection? It often happens that, having experienced painful relationships and leaving them, a woman loses confidence in men. Let’s see if this is normal, and how to help yourself get out of this state.

Why after a breakup you do not want a new relationship?

Psychologically it is necessary to understand the meaning of the word:

  • Fear of being rejected. After a painful relationship, a woman’s self-esteem drops sharply. She has the opinion that she is not beautiful enough, smart enough, that she is not worthy of a good man. She is sure that she will be thrown in a new relationship as well.
  • She is fine after the breakup. On the other hand, it is with the rebencom, and with the rods. No matter. The main thing is that she is in the comfort zone that she needs.

She has no desire to leave this comfort zone, especially if he has suffered through suffering.

  • The woman realized that she could achieve everything she needed without a man. She does not need commitment or a serious relationship. She may begin a period of easy connections.
  • The woman retained fear, doubt about the honesty of men, and resentment towards them. She unconsciously wants to take out her anger on the representatives of the stronger sex. Some start meetings for the sake of sex without obligations, psychologically not letting a partner near them.

Normally whether eto

The lack of desire to start a new relationship after breaking up is normal if this period does not drag on for too long. Of course, a woman wants to acquire new circumstances when the old pain has not subsided, radurs.

It is also normal that a woman does not want new obligations. She is quite satisfied with free relationships, romantic relationships. She does not see men as the choice of “potential suitors”.

If this period is prolonged, the woman understands that she feels so good and does not want to get into a familiar relationship format, then she should think about whether she let go of the situation. It is possible that she is unconsciously in an old relationship. In this case, it would be better to work out a way out of the pathological gap. Finally, free yourself from destructive feelings of resentment and distrust.

It’s impossible to say how long it will take to get out of an old relationship. All people are different. For some, three months is enough. For some it may take a year or two.

Post-relationship period

If you are after a painful relationship, then at the same time you are relieved, you suffer from complete Salchenih. This is not an easy, but important stage in which it is necessary to get out of the past correctly.

First of all, accept what happened, allow the possibility of this in your life. You should not plunge headlong into new relationships, get into some kind of adventure, start drinking, walking with different men, keeping only the thought of revenge in your head.

If you have it and it’s too late, you have to do it because it’s private and it’s nice. Yes, it is not enough and there are few moments, so that it is not necessary. These memories do not compensate for all the negativity that you received with a man.

In the period after the relationship, you need to talk out. Maybe a mother, a friend, if there is no such possibility, then a psychologist. It happens that a woman can tell her stories, then write down everything that happened that t earset.

How to live after leaving a relationship?

Even if you survived the relationship, let it go, do not hold a grudge against a man, it is normal that for several months you do not want to enter into new obligations. After all, it will take more than one day to reboot.

Useful recommendations on how to survive this stage of life less painfully:

  • Discover a new hobby, and start playing sports. You need to be distracted, and free your head from thoughts. Therefore, a new occupation should completely absorb you. A good result of getting out of stress is dancing. There is even such an expression as “dance stress”.
  • Learn to live alone, but don’t overwhelm yourself with a lot of decisions and changes. This will scare you.
  • Do not allow a depressive state, from which it is not easy to get out. Take action: make repairs in the apartment, a new hairstyle, and update your wardrobe. Take care of your body.
  • Meet your friends, and make new acquaintances. In this way, you will regain your healthy self-esteem.
  • If possible, take a trip. If this is not possible, then after work signs up for fitness, go to the cinema, cafes, concerts, exhibitions, theater. Immerse yourself in new experiences.

Of course, you won’t be able to immediately forget the former; time must pass for this. But, if not m ear m ear has left, in all the relations I can laughs throw out the tins, twist, t ^ poo for

Your experiences, and thoughts do not allow you to start a normal life. With any trouble, you, again and again, plunge into memories. It is stored in able, it is not possible to produce this title, it is possible to do so in the special class.

Stop it when you are there

Quite often, women enter into substitutive relationships in order to avoid loneliness, which is why it is not possible to keep such relationships short-lived and non-committal.

A woman makes an attempt to forget a man, starts communicating with someone she likes. Such relationships do not give complete satisfaction. Because she is still at the stage of experiencing. The fact that a new partner will help you forget your ex is an illusion.

Feelings of guilt may develop during a substitutive relationship. Since the EMOtions to the former partner still remain, they have not outlived themselves. A woman is devastated after a breakup. She has nothing to offer a new man. There is no emotional closeness between them.

As a result: there are already two people at the stage of suffering. Substitutive relationships brought only trouble. Therefore, you should not join them. It’s better to take a groove, live alone, let go of the past.

If, after the exit of a painful relationship, a woman wants to enter into new ones, then it’s normal in the case. This stage is necessary for acceptance in order to let go of the past. If the situation dragged on for a long time, then you should start working on yourself or contact a psychologist.

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