Why is the girl not responding to messages? 10 reasons

Why is the girl not responding to messages? 10 reasons! Communication with a girl is a real craft. But no matter how much you are a master in this matter, sooner or later you may face ignorance on her part. Why is this happening?

Ignore when she likes you

Yes, this is a real phenomenon – a girl can ignore, even if she likes you. And that’s why:

  • She is trying to get attention. She likes it when guys run after her, so she “fills her worth”.
  • She wants to be jealous. Her goal is to make you think that she is talking to someone else and take active steps to win her over and eliminate the competitor.
  • She is afraid to seem too accessible. The girl simply does not want to be intrusive and force the development of relationships.
  • Trying to appear mysterious or too busy. “Every woman should have a mystery.” And some girls take it too literally.

Other reasons

Here are a few more reasons for the sudden ignore:

  • You are too persistent. Most likely, your behavior can even be called importunity. You constantly write, you are interested in her affairs and you simply go too far with the number of messages per day.
  • You are vulgar. Not all girls understand toilet jokes and adequately respond to such in communication.
  • You reproach her. If you make claims to her when she does not answer, be ready to go into oblivion soon.
  • You are a walking negativity. No girl wants to communicate with a guy who constantly complains about life, talks about stupid people around and, in general, sees only the bad in everything.
  • You have problems with a sense of humor. If you don’t know how to joke, it’s better not to do it at all. And even more so, you should not use hackneyed pickup phrases if you don’t know how to “keep the mark” further.
  • She keeps you at a distance. Perhaps the girl has not yet decided on her attitude towards you and does not know if she wants any feelings at all.

If you are faced with an ignore in your address – you do not need to call the girl, write even more actively. Do not try to appeal to conscience, to be ironic, and even more so to offend. If a girl started to ignore you, it means that she has good reasons for that. And you don’t have to run after her. Just ask why she doesn’t answer. If this message remains ignored, they simply do not want to continue communication with you.

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