Why is the girl not responding to messages?

Why is the girl not responding to messages? You made up your mind and finally wrote to the girl you like. And you see that it is online, but your message is still hanging unread … Or another option: it is quickly read, but there is no answer for a long time. Why does a girl not respond to messages if she sees them? What does this mean? Does she skillfully merge you with her ignore?

This is a very annoying men, makes nervous. Well, really, who likes to be in limbo?

Now I will tell you the real, objective (and not so) reasons why this happens and what you should do next in this case – wait, express dissatisfaction or persuade yourself to score on it.

I’ll warn you right now that I’m going to be a little harsh. But then you will understand why.

Why is the girl not responding to messages?

Reasons for the girl’s long answer

The long answer is delay from several minutes to several hours. Causes:

1. The girl does not like to correspond (this is my case). I can see the message in the announcement that pops up when you get a notification to read the beginning of it, but I hate typing on my smartphone so much that I miss them a lot. And this is not only with guys – but girlfriends can also wait for my answer late at night, when I go to bed and, out of boredom, go to the messenger before going to bed.

That is, just feature in a person such. Yes, the phone is often with me in my hands, I take pictures with it (children, for example), I keep track of the time. But I’m skipping messages. Then, when there is a desire, I will read it. Almost all of my chats are “no notifications”. That’s it. It happens.

2. She is now busy, to reply. Work, urgent household chores, guests, busy hands – in general, objective reasons for which there is no point in making excuses. And after them, some other circumstances arose. In general, the message returns after some time.

3. You write boring and uninteresting things. But you are still nice to her, and she languidly tries to keep the conversation going. Or responds out of courtesy by sending a one-word reply or an emoticon. Unfortunately, the worst option. But it shouldn’t be discounted. What to do in this case, I will tell below.

Well, to prevent this from happening, find out What to write to a girl so that she is pleased: 6 torpedoes (opens in a new tab). Yes, and so I have a lot of articles on my blog with options for cool correspondence, I advise you to take a walk through the publications.

4. Not in the mood at the moment (but later – will appear). You can twist at your temple at this point, however – a common cause in girls who are more emotionally influenced than men. It does not depend on you, these are our personal characteristics.

5. Maybe on a business trip or wherever bad connection (in the country).

6. Doesn’t know what to answer, shy, or gathers his thoughts. He wants you to like it, so he thinks over the answer for a long time.

7. She is noble schemer. And that’s how it “pauses” to keep you hooked. You suffer, you wait, and when it comes down to you, you rejoice. In short, it swings you on an emotional swing. I also wrote about this method, however, in relation to girls.

8. Your message – narrative. She read and took note. What is the answer here? But after a while, I remembered you and decided to write something anyway.

How to behave in case of a light version of a girl’s ignore

I will offer several options that will save the current situation.

1. Try sending voice messages instead of text messages, or alternate.

2. Be positive. Don’t take silence personally.

3. Increase the pause between your messages, do not part. Give her time to miss you.

4. Make sure it’s not the only girl you’re currently hanging out with. Firstly, you will not be so dependent on her in the event of a prolonged silence, and secondly, you will be distracted and switch your attention, perhaps to a more interesting option.

5. Perhaps your phrase evoked ambiguous emotions in her – something too frank or personal (about the past). Follow this. It’s not just about talking to girls.

6. Do not stretch the correspondence, try to translate the meeting into real as soon as possible. Ask her out.

Learn how to ask a girl out: easy ways (opens in a new tab).

If there is no serious jamb behind you, then you should not bother with the question of a long answer from a girl in correspondence. Just take it as normal. Do not search deeply for the reason for this behavior. Here is such a young lady you have – not a fan of constantly holding the phone in her hands. Well, if you are an amateur, then …

The real reason why a girl does not respond to messages

If your message hangs unanswered for more than 6-8 hours (or even days!), And even worse, if you know that this person never leaves the phone, then I will not beat around the bush: there is only one reason – she’s not interested.

She is not interested in the further continuation of the development of such communication. This reason can have many explanations, but the essence of this will not change:

1. She has another man.

2. You took the phone for one invented purpose (cunning pickup tricks), but in reality, you start writing about something completely different.

3. She was waiting for the relationship to develop, but you delayed it, and the girl lost interest. If a man does not initiate a quick meeting after exchanging several messages, then many girls get frustrated and switch to other, more active guys.

What to do if she does not want to answer?

The most important thing I want to say is: men, never communicate with girls from a position below. None:

Thanks for answering!

“I’m so glad you’re talking to me”

“I’m glad you noticed me”

“Why are you answering so slowly?”.

NO! We want to see men next to us, males, a stone wall, and not just such an insecure creature that is delighted that he was allowed to hold on to a skirt.

Once again, this is the most important thing: it is important to be on top, to initiate, to dominate.

Boost your confidence! Be bold! (But not rude). Have a clear position and point of view on each issue. I’m not saying that you have to go to extremes and become a tyrant. No, compromises and the ability to hear a partner rule in relationships.

But when a girl is waiting for you, we will silently take her by the hand and lead you in the direction you need, and you only scribble SMS and come out with joyful epithets about how lucky you were to meet her – this is a pity. It is a pity for him to be so unhappy and wretched. Finally, someone picked it up. Damn, is that me? And why? Well, I do not.

Approximately such way of thinking.

You risk nothing – take it and invite her. Since the reason is “not interested”, but you want to communicate with her, then be persistent and create the conditions for creating this interest. This can be done only when meeting and communicating live.

It is highly likely that she simply does not know you and the guys who write to her in her car. Here you stand out. While you are wasting time, another man with more courage will invite her.

Improve relationships, take them to a new level, do not sit with the phone, waiting for the weather by the sea. Make your own weather!

Wrong reaction guys: I forbid you to do that!

1. Enjoy her message so that she sees it.

“Hurrah, you answered!”.

You might think that you are so worthless that no one answers or talks to you at all. And here she is, the goddess. It lowers your value in her eyes. Yes, in theirs too.

2. Express dissatisfaction with a long answer.

“Kapets, answered for 3 hours. What’s taking so long?”

“Well, where did you go? I’m actually sitting waiting”

And everything like that. What’s the message? Shame? Or find out the real reason? If you want to know the reason, ask normally:

“Lenok, are you busy now? You answer for a long time. Let’s chat later then. Write how you will be free, if I am free, we’ll talk.

You are impatient and want a quick reaction and result. But from the outside, it looks like you do not take into account her interests and affairs in real life. Yes, I read it, because your message is important to her. But I haven’t found time to answer yet – they distracted me, for example.

At the stage of acquaintance, you are already starting to make claims. What will you be like then? All this flies in her head and the conclusion is clear.

3. Write to her:

“I see that you are online and read my message”

“So there is time to like posts, but I don’t have to answer?”

This wording smacks of persecution mania. Instead of going about your (interesting) business, you monitor how and when she viewed the message, her online, and other activities. Honestly, I’ll tell you, such shots in my case immediately fly into a ban or black list. Still, I would report to an unfamiliar man what and when I do.

If you want such a fate – please, you can also threaten, insult or send – your choice. In the ban, so with the music.

How to know that all is not lost?

If a girl

  • strongly apologizes and makes excuses after a long pause;
  • sometimes writes first, takes the initiative;
  • at some moments he scribbles big “sheets” for you, describing the events of his life or experiences,

then the situation can be corrected in the ways that are written above (that is, by a date in real life).

But this behavior can also mean that you are firmly entrenched in the friend zone. And now wear the proud title of “friend.” And getting out of there will be very difficult.

Therefore, when you are wondering why a girl does not respond to messages, you should have a ready-made solution in your head – what do you want? Save and return correspondence or establish a relationship with it. And act on that desire. Why is the girl not responding to messages?

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