Why married men return to mistresses?

In any, even the happiest marriage, you can find your skeletons in the closet, and, in particular, this applies to relationships on the side that spouses indulge in. At the same time, wives can sleep peacefully: the likelihood of a spouse leaving the family for a homeowner is negligible, and the period of the very existence of a vicious relationship should simply be experienced.

Another “picture” emerges for women who have become mistresses of other people’s men, because relationships with them are permanent. But what follows then: complete oblivion or postponement of the inevitable meeting?

Do all men cheat?

The issue of fidelity in relationships is steadily leading in the practice of any family psychologist and, traditionally, when analyzing it, everything comes down to the myth of the polygamous nature of the male sex, as a justification for intimate relationships on the side.

But, firstly, it’s not the muffins of change, and secondly, the desire to spend time with a nice person is inherent in m m °. “Mine is sawing, I’ll go to Olya,” is just as convenient a position for a tired family man as “mine is drunk, I’ll take a walk with Kostya for now” – for the missus of the missus.

The following reasons are pushing for cheating on a husband:

  • routine in family life and, as a result, a thirst for new strong emotions (not only from physical intimacy with the object of desire, but also from adrenaline, the rise of which provides the risk of being convicted of treason);
  • desire for new sexual sensations (often able to express their needs in bed, but x x x their x their x their x their x their x their x their x their x their x their their their their their their their theirs theirs theirs theirs theirs theirs theirs theirs theirs theirs theirs theirs theirs
  • the desire to feel like a conqueror and conqueror of women’s hearts.

Why married lovers leave?

The first thing to understand is: if snow and the family are wet, it won’t be possible, it’s not strong t n n ^ Also, this desire is not affected by attachment to another woman, because in 97% of cases the connection between family lovers and their secret ladies stop. Why?

  • The mistress becomes a burden.

A married man is looking for an outlet. He needs to shed the weight of anxious thoughts about work, financial affairs, and interpersonal negative situations. Ballast, which is on the pop side and not so close to the dome.

Accordingly, when a mistress makes demands and issues ultimatums, she loses her ability to create a carefree distraction for a married lover and becomes unnecessary.

  • Mistress interferes in family life.

A married man already has a woman whom he puts above the rest – his wife. He shares his life with her, takes care of her, trusts her without a trace, and the claims of her mistress to undermine the authority of her wife will be taken with hostility because of the different levels of trust in these women.

  • Awareness of attachment and fear of stepping into comfort zones.

What should every lover know?

Common with cases, relations between me Since juvenile and m earset are transformed into something to post to Ohn You walk, communicate a lot and fruitfully, support each other. At some point, a married lover catches himself thinking that he represents a completely different woman in the place of his wife, and succumbs to the fear of a possible collapse of his usual life. Unwillingness to change something in life leads to a break.

Of course, the reason for parting can be more intrusive things: intimacy without an eye. Finally, a married young man with claims to property from the state of tassia, and three uromi racheni.

Why do married men return to mistresses?

Men do not forget the women who shared the bed with them. “Sometimes it isn’t advertised, it’s in your name,” Vera writes on one of the thematic forums. “Calling after two years of ignorance,” the user, who preferred anonymity, replies to her. As a rule, married men keep the contacts of their secret passions.

The time intervals between the termination and resumption of such a relationship are different: someone needs several months before reminding their former lover of themselves, and for someone this delay will be all 10 years. No, that’s what it’s all about, so it’s not that it’s worth it. The reason for this are:

  • Memories.

The ability to self-defense is one of the features inherent in the human brain. In practice, it manifests itself as follows: the brain blocks and suppresses acute experiences in order to prevent depression, and not the last degree of participation in this is good memories.

They will return to the mistress when these memories begin to dominate over the factors that preceded the break. Thoughts of past ease in rel design the

  • The desire to recreate the general qualities of life before the break.

This is more typical of musether in age, and not so much from the past to the lover, cleavage @ cleavage @ vers Conditionally, this state of affairs can be adjusted to the vague phrase “everything was better then, but now …”.

  • Deterioration of relations with his wife.

The chill with his wife is perhaps the most significant factor pushing a married man to walk on the side. No agreeing to share the bed with him again, remember that the relationship will never be repeated with the same brightness. And, moreover, the prospect of a possible departure of a man from the family in your favor is completely absent.

How to respond to attempts by a married lover to return?

The reaction to the return of a married man to a former mistress is very individual. For its analysis, it is important to take into account the features of the breakup (who initiated the breakup, why it happened), the duration and quality of the meetings, as well as the period during which the relationship was not maintained.

But even when trying to weigh the pros and cons of resuming a relationship, it is important to start from the circumstances in which a married lover recalled his existence. In particular, you should not date a person who:

  • calls or writes drunk;
  • allows derogatory comparisons for you with other ladies;
  • does not fulfill its promises.

Yes, you tried on the role of someone else’s husband’s mistress, but for you this relationship could also be an elementary outlet and, of course, you did not agree to a relationship in which you are devalued.

On the other side, even a former married lover to some extent remains “your” man for you. You spent time together, talked, learned facets of each other’s personality hidden for most. Admit it, from time to time there is a need to re-read a good book, and this comparison is appropriate in the context of resuming a connection that was once enjoyable.

If desired, you can continue to communicate with such a man. But it should be taken into account that during the period of separation, both of you had time to change, to receive a definition. And a short flash, inspired by past feelings, runs the risk of extinguishing forever under the thickness of this experience, in which his wife always remains the main thing in a man’s life.

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