Why men cheat on their wives, but do not leave – common reasons for spree?

Why men cheat on their wives, but do not leave – common reasons for spree? It is definitely impossible to answer the question why men cheat on their women. If only because not all men commit adultery, and not everyone considers this the norm. Now there is such a trend when treason is not considered a wrong act, sat down to say the least, it is seen as a manifestation of one’s own will and desires, which no one should influence.

Is it true that no one owes anyone anything?

Psychology, as a science, has been masked by non-expert opinions that are superficial and unscientific. So you can store it, it’s not so nice, it’s two people and you can see it.

Yes, there is such a concept, but, again, it should not be perceived as an anarchist call. A person who has a moral, value-semantic orientation, which is aimed at creation, always has duties to other people and, first of all, to himself. already allowed this.

What does that mean? Everything is extremely simple, a man internally admits that this can happen, it works as an opportunity, as an assumption that betrayal can happen.

What forms the position in the aspect of treason?

According to the format of the item, to the individual description, to the subject of the project and to the list of subjects:

  • Values ​​and morals that were brought up in him by his parents.
  • A personal example of a father or other significant male figure.

Quite often, boys grow up, on the contrary, with the opposite behavior, since they were emotionally closer to their mother and did not internally accept such male behavior, but in most cases, boys behave like their father.

  • The cultivation of a certain male image in the concept of a little boy.

For example, when they bring him up as an egoist and feed his idea of ​​himself as strong, strong local chuzh Most likely, this style of education will form an idea of ​​himself as an Alpha Male, where women are only an addition and decoration to his personality.

  • The environment in which the personality is nurtured.
  • The spiritual and moral sphere completes its formation in adolescence.

Already in the period, a young person has in his mind an image of himself and his attitude towards the opposite.

All this is not a reason for cheating, these are factors that make an adult man capable of cheating. He can not only allow the possibility of his infidelity to his beloved wife, he can internally strive for this and there are cases when such a person cannot cope with such behavior on his own.

Why do men cheat?

What causes change?

It is not true when they say that men are naturally monogamous. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the individual and on her upbringing. Honesty in relation to many is the main factor for building any relationship. Men, like women, have their own temperament, character and psychological characteristics, which, one way or another, affect his life and connection with people around him.

When a man cheats on a woman, then, unfortunately, everyone is looking for reasons, which means there is an attempt to understand and justify. In order to keep the wind, it is in Zhenshina, in the storage room it is necessary to do so. This is an erroneous opinion and view of treason in general.

It’s worthwhile to say that it’s worth it.

  • A man lacks admiration and a sense of leadership in the family.

Here is such a reason for betrayal, a man does not get enough praise from his wife, His status in the family does not suit him, he is not perceived as a Leader. With his mistress, everything is on the contrary, she is affectionate, admires him and only waits for decisions from him.

Yes, let’s say he, of course, will feel more significant and confident, but what prevents him from building such a relationship with his wife? And most likely the duties that lie with the wife, at some point the man did not solve the problems of the family, he gave the reins of government to the female hands and now he cannot take his former place.

In this case, a frank conversation between spouses will help solve the problem, of course, if the dialogue is constructive. And at the expense of a mistress, the question is very controversial, as soon as she takes the role of a wife and takes on responsibilities, relationships from easy, over time, will definitely go into a state of “burden”.

  • The man is tired of the monotony in sexual life with his wife.

Again, the Easy Option is to find Someone Who will make your fantasies come true, but why not talk to your wife and be frank with her. (A man is afraid of rejection, the fear that he will be judged and ridiculed can be very strong, as a result he is looking on the side of someone who initially perceives him differently).

  • The image of Alpha – the male ideally justifies the opinion of polygamy.

It is not even worth saying here that this is a delusion that can be easily corrected by a frank conversation. Such a man falls in love, marries, but the problem is that he does not imagine himself in the role of a family man, he can feel free until a very old age and not have attachment to one woman.

  • When the reason for the betrayal is alcohol, then this is a so-so excuse.

A man, when he makes excuses and says that alcohol is to blame, simply disclaims responsibility. In total, his barrier, and by it one can understand a weak sense of morality and family values, disappears at the moment of intoxication and, so to speak, he is open to new adventures and victories.

  • No love for your wife.

Now it is on the same day that it is necessary and not possible to take the drug to the doctor. But, to be honest, if there is no love, then why do people not let each other go, why does one think that he has the right to love on the side and to relaxation, while the wife should remain in her deprived state. At least this is not fair and not fair when it comes to spouses.

All causes of betrayal have a reverse side, this is a misunderstanding and not the ability to conduct an open and confidential dialogue with the smar. In most cases, cheating may not happen if the spouses were more attentive to each other.

Husband cheats but doesn’t leave

No situation, it is normal to see that it is postoyannuous and before this, it is not so. Here it is also impossible to unequivocally answer why this happens and what controls it. One man will have his excuses, and the other will have others and each will have his own truth.

Psychological practice suggests that you familiarize yourself with statistics that say that the reason may be his personal comfort and the well-equipped life of his children.

  • Don’t worry about it. On one side he feels responsible to his wife and children, on the other side he wants to be free. In order to take care of the people and to protect the partners on the storage.
  • Joint property or business often holds back a man who understands that because of his betrayal, he may lose, for example, his job, money and other material values.

One way or another, the very concept of what it is possible to change your partner still plays an important role. The one who sees the value in his chosen one, the one who respects his spouse, and his own choice will not just change it to another option. Any relationship is work and duties that are very difficult for modern people to bear.

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