Why men have become inactive in relationships and what to do?

Why men have become inactive in relationships and what to do? Women have a special intuition. With the help of some sixth sense, they know when a man likes. However, with the help of this feeling, catching the vibes of sympathy from the atmosphere, it is difficult to explain why a man does not take the first steps towards, and how to help him in this.

Secrets of men

In the office, at some Theo grinder. He cast secret glances at you, passed right in front of you, raised his voice as if casually winked, pushed you, and even smiled.

And, despite all these signs of attention, he did not take any steps to get acquainted or develop relationships. You went home in bewilderment and disappointment, perhaps then you dreamed about him for a long time, waited for a meeting and, of course, thought why the young man never took a step.

There can be many reasons – from the most fantastic to the prosaic and vulgar. A small list of examples:

  • He liked you, but he didn’t dare to invite you to dinner or a walk. Maybe you look too cool, rich, or self-confident for him. Or he is too unsure of himself to take the first step.
  • At the time of the meeting, his stomach, head, and leg hurt. His thoughts jumped from you to his physical condition, and in the end, well-being turned out to be more important.
  • He has another girlfriend. Or maybe he’s just married.
  • He is sure that you are married, engaged, or already dating someone.

Once, a real drama broke out at one of the festivals. The girl came specially to attract the attention of the young man she liked, to push Him to the development of relations. They met, but then her old acquaintance appeared and filled him all the time.

The one she was in love with just retreated from the stage. She roared with frustration all the next night. It then took the girl several months to convince him that she liked him.

  • The young man is checking you out, and wants to make sure it’s worth wasting time on you.
  • He believes in horoscopes or predictions. Someone told him that it would be best for him to be with a woman older than him or, on the contrary, much younger. And now he, seeing the same age in front of him, accepts her with interest, but does not want to develop relations.

5 reasons why a man doesn’t make the first move

  • A man is used to the fact that the initiative always belongs to women. A similar view of relationships was formed under the influence of the mother, and former love relationships.
  • He has already burned himself once, and with all the desire to get close to you, he does not want to repeat the mistakes.

Spisok weosmozhnyh Prichin Mozhno Prodolezhatto Beskonechnosti

How to help a man take a step?

Guessing about the reasons why the young man you like does not take the initiative, but only shows some signs of attention, you can remain an old maid until the end of your days or miss the love of your life.

Perhaps a man needs help, push him, create conditions in which he decides to do the first thing.

  • Hidden INTEREST

If you and a young man have mutual friends, try to scout the situation through them and hint that you would like to try to build a relationship with him.

Friends and girlfriends are usually a storehouse of necessary and unnecessary information. Carefully asking questions, try to find out if the man has a girlfriend, wife, mistress, what he breathes, what.

Through mutual friends, you can ask for events that a young man attends. Having learned that you correspond to the type of girls that he likes, try to enhance the impression of meeting you with stylish clothes, and unusual behavior.

You can inadvertently complain to one of your mutual friends that you like him but do not react in any way to your presence. That way, he will probably know about your interest. No less than this is in front of you, and the drugs are used for two people.

  • Unexpected meetings

The purpose of this method is to periodically organize supposedly unintentional meetings. This is easy to pull off if you work for the same company, study together, or live nearby.

In all other cases, a lot of preparation is required. Just imagine – you need to find out what he is fond of when he goes to sports, walks the dog, or goes to the super. At the same time, arrange it in such a way that you periodically meet him and be able to intrigue him.

At first, for a man, such meetings will be unexpected. By the emotions that appear on your face, you can guess whether he is happy for you, surprised, or embarrassed. After several meetings, he will expect to cross paths with you again. And there, you look and invite you on a date.

  • open communication

Light flirting, and short conversations in the elevator, at dinner, or parties are ways when face-to-face communication can allow you to push a man to be more attentive to you.

Don’t plan anything too much, leave the situation to chance, and sincerely rejoice at meetings with a young man. The immediacy of emotions often attracts more attention than carefully planned lines and maxims.

On the other side, you can play random meetings. Determine the route that the man follows, and just “catch up” with him at the right time. Tell me where you are going and be sincerely glad that you are in one direction.

And then intrigue, hook him, make him like spending time with you.

  • Internet communication

More and more people are disappointed in communication and love through the Internet. Dating is filled with too many far-fetched feelings, emotions, and passions. Too many inconsistencies and deceit in personal communication are discovered later.

Despite this, they continue to look for lovers through the Internet, have relationships and even plan marriages.

How to help a man take the first step:

  • Register on the same dating site as him, and make your profile bright and attractive. Try to get into that category of girls who, when searching, would be interesting to him.

It is not necessary to make him understand that it is you if you know each other. It’s important to get attention.

  • Subscribe to his profile on social networks, and put likes, and comments. As long as it is planned, it is necessary to remember that it is not possible to do so.
  • Create a really interesting profile. Like all his posts. Most likely, he will become curious about who likes him, he will go to your page. And then you need to make sure that she piques his interest.

act boldly

This method may seem impudent, impudent, but what you won’t do for the sake of love. Ask a man to invite you to lunch, dinner, or a tour of his hometown.

Depending on the circumstances, your habitual image, and his natural behavior at a meeting, you can present yourself as a weak, innocent sheep that needs his guidance. Or act like a strong woman who is used to making decisions.

If you want, tell about your feelings, like Tatyana to Onegin, or hide them until he speaks bitterly.

There are many ways to push a man into a relationship. The most important thing to do with a team is to ignite his interest, make him think about you, and want to zaptolu.

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