Why men like older women in terms of psychology?

Why do men like older women in terms of psychology? Nowadays, there are often relationships between men and women older than them. Nevertheless, it still surprises the public. Let’s try to figure out why men are attracted to adult women.

Why men are attracted to older women?

Let’s find out why he likes women who are older than them, and two years older, and sometimes 10 years older.

An important feature that attracts men is self-sufficiency. A mature woman is a mature woman. She no longer has the wind in her head. She clearly knows what she wants from life. On no budget can be found by the blower of the partner. If she can do it herself, she will not seek his support. Will do it.

Young girls throw tantrums with or without cause, they see their happiness only in the presence of a loved one.

On the other hand, it is possible to say: that is for the magazines, that is the film, that is. Mature persons know how to value time, not only their own, but also someone else’s. On the other hand, it’s not necessary to scan, it’s still possible to do it on the foot. They have a lot of interests that do not depend on whether there is a loved one nearby.

  • Financial stability

Many middle-aged women are already financially established. They have built a career, they have taken place as professionals, they know how to earn money, they value it. Adult partners will not ask for money for their needs. Most likely, they themselves will pamper their beloved with small and big surprises.

  • Thrift

Women of mature age are economic, they know how to create comfort, cook deliciously. If a loved one knows how to run a household, then this always has a positive effect on relationships. It is pleasant for a man to return to where a clean house, a delicious dinner, a calm wife, and washed linen await him. This moment is especially valuable in the case when he had experience of living with a girl who was indifferent to housekeeping.

  • Frankness

Young girls tend to play guessing games. They are sure that every woman should have a mystery. Her mood often changes, and the man must guess what is wrong, what he is to blame for.

This situation rarely passes without a theatrical performance, dramatization of the event, screaming, breaking dishes. The partner endures for a long time, sincerely tries to find the reason for such behavior in his actions, but soon he is over.

Why are men attracted to older women?

An adult self-sufficient woman will not stoop to such scenes. She directly expresses her view of the situation, can make a remark, but in a home environment that encourages such conversations, without spectators. She will make it clear exactly what the man is doing wrong.

  • sexual experience

An older woman is more experienced. She has more than one technique to please a man. She knows exactly what she wants, she will tell her partner how to please her without any problems. It doesn’t need to be guessed.

A mature woman is ready for experiments, for a new experience. Romance is not a word. On both active and active it is possible to project it to your heart, to your soul, to your mother and father.

A man in such a relationship does not need to strain to get sex, to buy it with material and physical costs, which, by the way, are not always justified. Experienced ladies act as wonderful mistresses.

  • Developed intuition

Mature women have well-developed intuitions. It is pointless for them to “hang noodles on their ears”. They will understand anyway. In this regard, men have the opportunity not to dissemble, to tell the truth. If he wanted to spend time with friends, then there is no need to hide. On the other hand, it is possible to avoid the problem.

Scenes will not roll in front of a man, the phone will not be thrown, he will not need to run in justified later. An adult lady herself will find something to do: she goes to the store, sits with her friends, reads a book, takes a bath. She has wisdom that young girls don’t have.

In an adult lady, the children have already grown up, stand firmly on their feet or are preparing to fly out of the nest. On her list is the zhotomstvo, which is norks in Lenten care and in co ° m size, and asse.

Most men care little about a bunch of kids. They need calmness, attention from the side of a woman. Women of the same age have plans to give birth to children, devoting all the time to them later, forgetting about the beloved man. If you are in a partner, you will need some of those details.

  • Interesting companion

A mature woman is usually smart and interesting, like an interlocutor. He has rich life experience. Young guys often see her as a mentor who will give them her rules of conduct, listen, help to sort out a disturbing situation, and analyze it.

Often, men from relationships with mature ladies are looking for something more than sex. And vooration b in the spirit of a person who x understands c and is interesting to spend time, from moicle m^ cfter

An older woman is more experienced and wiser. She is ready to talk on any topic. Usually well-read and intellectually savvy, perfectly oriented in a situation, knows when it is better for her to beg, to beg. It is not uncommon for men to get bored with girls who are the same age or younger.

Special reasons

  • Envy of other youths

A young man feels a sense of superiority from the fact that he began dating a mature lady. He is proud of these relations, asserts himself. It flatters his ego. After all, she chose him. The young man understands that new vistas are opening up before him, he will become more mature in all respects.

  • Oedipus complex

In psychology, there is such a thing as the Oedipus complex, which was discovered by Sigmund Freud. On appears in boys 3-5 years old and manifests itself in an unconscious attraction to his mother. Usually at this age, children say that when they grow up, they will marry their mother, that mother is the most beautiful.

The boys who are in the Oedipus complex cannot forgive their father for marrying their mother, they are jealous of him, they consider him a rival, but they are silent because of fear of punishment. Usually by the age of 6 this phenomenon is overcome. The boy begins to get closer to his father, to take an example from him.

There are situations when the resolution of the Oedipus complex does not occur. The situation is repressed into the unconscious. While growing up, the young man unconsciously looks for a chosen one older than his peers, in order to realize the Oedipus complex.

Most men next to mature women feel calm. Nobody pulls them with or without. They are more affectionate, loved, deliciously fed than those who have connected their lives with their peers.

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