Why people get fat in relationships and what to do about it?

Why people get fat in relationships and what to do about it? What the hell is the reason that almost all couples in love, as soon as they start living together, gain weight? Falling in love is always pleasant – with it, the birds outside the window sing louder, and the colors of life become brighter. And the hips and stomach are gradually becoming thicker; and possibly other parts of the body.

“Studies have shown that those people who have found a mate often gain weight. This is explained by the fact that they no longer feel emotional pressure about the need to look their best. They eat fast food more often, ordering more food. The lifestyle of people in a couple becomes more passive, ”explains Angel Plannels, a nutritionist from Seattle (USA). “A study was published in Australia in 2018. It showed that on the one hand, couples practice healthy habits – for example, stop smoking. But on the other hand, on average people in a couple still weigh more than bachelors.

Why do people get fat in relationships and what to do about it?

Reasons for gaining extra pounds

According to scientists, the main role here is played by the following several factors.

  • Refusal of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition. “The daily routine of family people is often violated. They can overeat in the evenings. Even though during the day, at work, a lot of high-calorie meals have already been eaten, ”explains Planells.
  • Impact of unhealthy partner habits. “Singles are more likely to diet; they follow the established diet more strictly,” says Los Angeles nutritionist Masha Davis. “When bachelors enter into a relationship, these habits begin to be influenced by the inclinations of the partner.”
  • Drinking more alcohol. “For many, dates and joint evenings are not complete without drinking. This, in general, is normal – but only as long as you limit yourself to one or two servings, ”Davis explains. “Alcohol always affects the metabolism, slowing down the metabolism and disrupting the exchange of salts.”
  • Spending time in front of the TV screen. The entertaining TV shows you enjoy watching together are not as harmless as they seem. Researchers believe that it is joint rest that often causes a set of extra pounds. Also, while in a loving relationship, people are more likely to skip fitness and yoga after work.


  • Worst quality of sleep. When someone else is in bed besides you, falling asleep a priori becomes much more difficult. The cause may be snoring or body movements of the partner. According to the American National Sleep Foundation, sleeping in the same bed with a partner increases the likelihood of sleep disturbances by 50%. Lack of sleep, in turn, has been linked by scientists to a higher risk of weight gain. Poor sleep affects the hormonal system, which leads to disorders.

How to neutralize the impact of these factors and lose weight?

Consider several ways in which you can still avoid the appearance of a fat belly due to the difficulties of living together.

  • Return to past habits. Think about the types of activities you have done in the past. Yes, your crush prefers to overeat after work and spend Friday nights with a three-liter bottle of beer in the evenings. Do you need to do this? Not at all. Get back to the lifestyle you previously followed – perhaps your partner will follow a healthy example.
  • Start cooking healthy meals together. Of course, visiting restaurants or just fast food is very convenient. But you can try to cook good food at home. Moreover, the process of preparing healthy food can be enjoyed together. A study published in 2015 in the journal Public Health Nutrition found that people who cook at home for 4-5 days a week consume fewer calories and sugar than those who order eating or eating at fast food restaurants.
  • Visit the gym. It’s not your job to drag your partner to the gym if he doesn’t want to. Try to focus on yourself and your abilities. Another of the 2015 studies was conducted by the JAMA Internal Medic journal of the American Medical Association. It showed that when one of the partners changes his habits for the better, the other is more likely to follow suit. And also planning a joint outdoor activity will be a good strategy. For example, hiking or cycling.
  • Encourage your partner’s healthy eating habits. If you like vegetables and your partner doesn’t, don’t push him too hard. Get creative. For example, don’t force him or her to eat cabbage for dinner. But instead of macaroni and bacon, it is better to cook broccoli with cheese.

It is possible and necessary to neutralize the influence of unhealthy habits in a couple. When struggling with excess weight, it is important to remember the most important detail: the most important thing is to maintain a healthy psychological climate in a couple. In this case, there will be no reason to “jam” stress. And good habits will take root much easier. Why people get fat in relationships and what to do about it?

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