Why tactile contact is so necessary for a man and a woman?

Why tactile contact is so necessary for a man and a woman? How many times a day do you touch the screen of your mobile phone? And to your partner? You know that physical touch is just as important an aspect of a relationship as sex. In order to maintain a romantic and emotional connection, a couple must stay “connected” physically – literally connecting. In this article, we will talk about why tactile contact is so important and how to show your love with it.

What is tactile contact?

Tactile contact refers to the touch of one person to another. This is a fundamental human need, as touch is essential for children’s development, physical, emotional and ultimately social health. In fact, tactile contact is the first of the five senses that develops.

After all, when a child is born, he is not yet able to adequately perceive sound and visual information, in contrast to physical sensations. That is, the need for positive touch, connection, and the reassurance they can bring is literally in our DNA. That is why a person needs tactile contact with other people throughout his life. Romantic relationships are one of the main forms of relationships that provide those touches that we need so much.

Advantages of tactile contact

Physical contact makes us feel connected to other people, so touch is a powerful way of non-verbal communication that serves to strengthen romantic relationships. Conversely, their complete absence or shortage can make a partner feel unwanted.

Tactile contact:

  • Improves mood

The skin is the largest organ, and touch has the most receptors of all the senses. Even with a light touch, millions of receptors quickly turn on. Signals are immediately transmitted to the brain, directly to the emotional center, and cause pleasant feelings. The mood rises, and external stimuli are no longer so annoying. After a long hug, partners return to the world in rose-colored glasses, relaxed and friendly.

  • Relieves stress

Stress can manifest itself not only emotionally, for example, irritability, internal tension or sleep problems, but also physically – headaches, poor digestion. Therefore, hugs are the best way to cope with a stressful situation. The calming effect is noticeable immediately: tension is relieved, muscles relax, and joints become more flexible.

Touch also releases the hormone oxytocin, which in turn lowers your heart rate and cortisol levels. And just being in the hands of a loved one is a reason to smile when clouds gather overhead.

  • Strengthens bond

Touch causes a surge of the hormone oxytocin, or the love hormone, which helps maintain deep feelings of affection. The emotional connection of partners becomes stronger, a man and a woman feel loved and protected.

  • Good for health

The exchange of tenderness strengthens the immune system. Touch improves physical well-being, improves blood circulation and thus enriches the body with oxygen. This not only increases concentration, but also creates immune cells and antibodies against pathogens.

Embracing a loved one can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Accordingly, the stress hormone cortisol is broken down, and the happiness hormones dopamine and serotonin are increased. It strengthens the cardiovascular system and protects the heart.

Romantic kissing also helps boost the immune system as microbial exchange acts like a vaccine. It introduces the body to potentially new bacterial threats and enhances its effectiveness against a diverse array of pathogens.

  • Manifestation of love

For many, tactile contact is more important than sex because it can be more intimate than the act itself. Hugs give you the opportunity to show your feelings for your partner anytime, anywhere.

Tactile contact as a manifestation of love

You can show your love for your partner in different ways: give him a luxurious gift, support him during an important speech, say three cherished words “I love you” or express your feelings with the help of physical touch:

  • A kiss: a light smack on the cheek, a passionate French kiss or a gentle touch of lips to the forehead – how can these manifestations of love leave someone indifferent?
  • Hand in hand: holding the hand of a loved one in a public place or in private is a great way to release a lot of endorphins into your body. And they are known to be responsible for a good mood.
  • Hugs: do you hug your partner while watching a movie, before going to bed and after waking up? Or maybe you constantly hug when you sit next to each other? If your answer is “no”, then start doing it. Clinging to your loved one brings you closer both physically and emotionally.
  • Skin contact: everything can be here, from a light touch to any part of the body and ending with an erotic massage. Such tactile contact gives you the opportunity to show how strong your feelings are and how much the partner attracts you physically.
  • Sitting close: Sitting close enough to touch your partner is like saying “I love you.” Perhaps you are at an event or in some public place where you are not comfortable showing your feelings for your loved one. Touching your hips or feet when you are sitting can be your non-verbal means of communication.
  • Tickling: Not all people enjoy being tickled. But why not tease your partner and make him smile in this way? Think it’s a bad idea? Then ask him what he thinks about this. After all, communication is the key to a happy relationship.

An interesting fact is that during conflicts or disputes, people begin to physically move away from their interlocutor. If, after a quarrel, you want to remove the tension that has appeared between you, then just approach your partner and touch him. Why tactile contact is so necessary for a man and a woman?

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