Why the guy stopped writing and calling first, but answers?

Why the guy stopped writing and calling first, but answers? Now meeting a young man has brought you a lot of positive emotions. You can chat for hours, and discuss any topic, he is always courteous and gallant. But there is one “BUT”: he does not write or call you first.

You have to take the initiative yourself. The post in this project is natural to the word on a small term, which is different from that of its own and its own name. In fact, you should not rush to conclusions, because there are many reasons for such behavior.

Why the guy stopped writing and calling first, but answers?

The reasons are varied, and which option is right for your relationship, you should find out for yourself. We list the main and most common:

  • Afraid to disturb you again.

When a man is shy and afraid to start a conversation first, it will be difficult for him to take the initiative even on the phone. He is anxious, and every time he is afraid to bore you, to bore you, to be overly assertive.

This behavior will pass with time, and if you are in a permanent relationship, he will learn to communicate with that.

However, timidity and uncertainty can act as an innate manifestation of character. And in urgent matters, his fearfulness can persist, which you may not like.

  • He doesn’t have enough time.

If a man is very active, he simply may not have enough time for empty phone calls. It is easier for him to communicate face to face. If this offends you, it is worth discussing this issue with him and agreeing on how to achieve consensus in him.

  • Raises its importance.

Be sure and take care of yourself. Thus, he wants to show how busy he is. This is due, rather, to his complexes: he has to play roles, instead of frankly and sincerely building.

  • A man believes that the initiative should come from a woman.

For him, this is a key moment. It is important for him that you show yourself to his person. Koneschno, this takes place in the moment, it is possible to see and to use other means than the people.

  • Incorrect attitudes from childhood.

In his family, it was accepted that a woman leads a man through life. On the other hand, it is necessary to plan in the case of the film, on which it is written. Being brought up in such an atmosphere, he will always wait for the first steps from the fairer sex.

  • Plays with you.

On no other it is serene in the Romany of the toboy and the part that is written. He is just interested in how you will behave. He is waiting for your initiative to put it in the piggy bank of his “achievements”. He is flattered by female attention. It turns out, thus, he amuses his male pride.

  • Fear of a serious relationship.

He had several unsuccessful unions, thanks to which he formed a negative for a serious relationship. On the other hand, it is possible to do this and that it is possible to carry it out.

  • Indifferent to you.

In In that situation, everything is quite simple. The man does not feel much sympathy for you. Most likely, he is not interested in you at all. Live communication supports only because he is afraid to offend you. Therefore, he simply does not need calls and messages of a personal nature with you.

What to do if a man does not call and does not write first?

If you are not aware of it, it is possible to use the language of the device. Explain why it is important for you that he calls and writes himself. Tell me what will give you such his behavior. If you are really dear to him, he will not refuse, but will only try to listen to your requests.

  • If a man is shy, talk about your feelings.

A modest man is afraid to seem intrusive. It is possible for him to tell about his sympathy, because then this will become an incentive for his activity in your direction. You can indicate to him that you would be pleased with his calls and messages, you are waiting for them. He will be happy and will definitely take action.

  • Stop calling and texting yourself.

If talking doesn’t help, try to stop taking the initiative yourself. Ponabludai, also known as the building on the west. In fact, if a person does not react at all to this, it is unlikely that you are interested in this man.

  • Take care of yourself.

Sometimes men are repelled by female perseverance. If you constantly call yourself, a man is able to be afraid of your pressure. Try to step aside, take care of yourself. If you are aware of it, it is possible for you to see it. This is how the psychology of the stronger sex works.

What points to pay attention to in a relationship?

Calls and messages from a man, of course, a nice step in your direction. In addition to this, you should give it to the patient and take the time to do so:

  • How a man reacts during your calls.

Is he happy when you call him? What reaction accompanies your conversation? Does he willingly enter into a conversation and what exactly does he say? Everything is important for understanding and conclusions. Notice, think, analyze.

  • How does he communicate when meeting.

If the partner meets all your criteria of a “real outcast” when you meet: he is attentive, don’t get hung up on calls and messages from him. Perhaps online conversations are just not his forte.

  • The quality of communication in person.

By the way, it’s on the phone, it’s by the maximum, and by the phone, it’s not interesting. Perhaps you are trying too hard to speed up your relationship by completely taking over his personal space. Try to slow down a bit and let the situation take its course.

A man who is interested in a woman will behave openly and sincerely with her. Because of that, it’s on the hardest and the most important thing. His main goal is to win the lady he likes. Therefore, he will try with all his might to achieve what he wants.

Calls and correspondence is a factor that can play both a key role and not be important at all. Therefore, rushing to sort things out if he does not call first is definitely not worth it. Watch and try to understand what drives your chosen one in such a situation.

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