Why the husband abruptly lost interest in his wife – possible reasons and how to deal with them?

Why the husband abruptly lost interest in his wife – possible reasons and how to deal with them? From love to hate – one marriage. When you get married, you dream of spending your whole life with this person. Standing at the altar, no one thinks about divorce. Everyone wants to believe that the family hearth will not go out from quarrels and disagreements, but over time it will flare up brighter. No, unfortunately it’s not that simple. So you are not allowed to drive two people.

He, in turn, also turns out to be not as patient as he was at the stage of courtship. Partners cannot experience only tenderness and awe for each other all their lives. Sometimes you want to beat him, sometimes strangle him in your arms and kiss every cell. Your husband may be struggling with similar feelings. No storage space is available. Normally it is, is that it?

How does passion cools?

Any long-term relationship is not static. Everything starts with attraction, is reinforced by attachment, overcomes the stage of disgust and becomes a habit. In a good way. Loss of interest in a woman is often due to the fact that a man relaxes, becomes too confident and thinks: “She’s mine and still not going anywhere!”

He sees that the goal has been achieved, there is nothing more to achieve in this area. Which is also the norm, because being in love and passion is stress for the body, and it is impossible to comfortably exist in a state of tension all your life.

As a married couple, you are faced with completely unromantic situations. Roughly speaking, life begins to “eat up” you. The partner causes irritation and disappointment. You become too Demanding in the eyes of your husband, because you are struggling to jump from the stage of disgust back to falling in love.

And he starts to hate you. Part of this is your fault. You let a man sit on your neck and dangle your legs. No, on the other hand, you also cannot come up with reasons to shake him up every time. And how to be?

You need to keep a balance. Negative accumulates when there are more quarrels and “armed silence” in the aggregate than happy joyful moments. Every scandal needs to be balanced. You should try to prepare yourself and by the subject, as long as it is light and you will learn about it. No, it’s not enough to talk about it. There is nothing wrong with not going back to the beginning.

The main thing is not to torment each other with expectations and talk. Loss of interest, conflicts and ignorance – this is NORMAL if such a situation is temporary and does not turn into a protracted war. Marriage requires constant work.

No matter how hard you or your spouse try, there will be good days and bad days in your relationship. Don’t worry about this dream. Everything will work out when you understand what caused it and start working on it.

10 reasons why your husband has cooled down to you

You think that the relationship has reached a dead end, and there is no way out, but if you look into the situation, it may turn out, sn. The main thing is to eliminate the “enemy”.

  • You couldn’t agree on household chores.

Bytovuha, which frightens the fragile minds of the newlyweds, is nothing more than an inability to negotiate. You get tired at work and do not have time to cook, but he is used to the fact that a woman, first of all, a hostess, his mother taught him so, and he does not understand how difficult it is to wave a magic ladle and come up with a three-course dinner. Water wears away the stone, do not forget about it. And the real threat to the relationship is not scandals and quarrels, but petty squabbles.

Why does a man lose INTEREST?

  • You launched yourself.

At the Dawn of a relationship, you flaunted in front of him in a lace peignoir and even on weekends did not forget to style your hair (or at least wash it).

Now in the morning you get out of the shower in a bathrobe, eat in it, sleep and proudly tell your girlfriends that you need to love each other the way nature created you. It is not necessary to wear it in three parts and in two parts, instead of my own. No it is two years in the western part of the world and there are many people who are not.

  • You don’t do anything for the relationship.

He is a Romantic and He needs special moments that you can share together, or, at worst, at least ROSE petals scattered on the bed. And you get lazy and wait for him to take the initiative, without giving anything in return. If Initially, you put the same Efforts to create comfort for your couple, Your husband may think that you yourself have cooled down to him.

  • You forgot about your family.

Modern women sin by the fact that they are ready to put on the Altar of their career and their own ambitions everything that hinders them, without even realizing it. Your husband needs attention, and you are not able to give it, because you only come home to sleep. Or the situation turned out a little differently: you have a lot of interesting things that you enjoy doing more than sitting on the couch with your husband and watching TV.

  • You completely switched over to the child

The arrival of a new family member is STRESS. If all attention is turned to the child, your dearest spouse begins to feel lonely. And if this is mixed with lack of sleep, your casual appearance, which is also absolutely normal in a situation where you don’t go to the restroom once again, it infuriates.

You freak out because of his whims and appeal to your conscience that it’s hard for you too, but he doesn’t understand why it’s so with you, and not like in his friend’s family, where the wife has turned into a multi-armed goddess and still manages to do everything.

  • You are constantly arguing.

And there is always a reason. Is it possible to close your eyes to his terrible sins? It’s been a month since he promised to hang a shelf in the bathroom, well, what kind of person? Instead of reminding, asking, to be softer, smarter and smarter, you rush ahead and demand. And in return for gratitude, you say: “Have you finally done at least something! And then you can only watch your football!” This behavior causes aggression, but not a desire to help you.

  • You are on your phone all the time.

Phubbing is one of the most harmful habits of our time. You say it’s not the case, because it’s on the phone and it’s so different. Eat while looking at the screen with one eye, not memorizing a single word from your spouse’s EMOrational monologue. How to communicate with you if you can’t hear him? It is easier to find a new interlocutor.

  • You don’t want physical intimacy.

And not only the same under-the-quilt process that happens to you once a week, when you do not have time to pretend to be asleep after taking a bath. You began to avoid hugs and kisses. You think that you are no longer snotty schoolchildren for every minute kissing, while your man is kinesthetic, and he needs touches to feel loved.

  • You are trying to manipulate him.

Love requires sacrifice. No, it’s only private, it’s stored, and there’s no manipulator and phantasy. You don’t like some of his habits. You forget about the fact that he is an adult, but with his own needs and principles, and you try to put pressure on him so that he changes in spite of everything.

  • You no longer respect him.

Respect for each other is the foundation of a relationship. If your husband does not feel like the most important person in your life, the owner of the house and the breadwinner, he will either start to belittle you, trying to get out of the situation due to your failures, or he will abstract. What happened.

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