why you need to break off such a relationship right away?

why you need to break off such a relationship right away? There is no spectacle more disgusting than a handsome man in a stylish expensive suit, counting out a trifle with pursed lips so that not a single extra penny goes into the pocket of a treacherous waiter. Of all the negative qualities, greed still occupies a leading position. But the border is shallowness and stinginess, and why it is worth abandoning s s li ° zodumber

7 reasons not to date a greedy man

Thrift is smart economy. Let’s say your man dreams of his own apartment. No such thing is not known in the past. No, without prejudice to your interests. It makes sense for a person to sigh over gold: 

  • Greed is the first sign of selfishness.

Most likely, such behavior was laid down in early childhood, if a person lacked the love and care of parents who were accustomed to compensate for the lack of emotional intimacy in monetary terms. He grew up, and the feeling that “he was not given enough” also intensified. From the point of view of the greedy, everyone wants to take as many resources as possible for themselves, and he is ready to join this battle, even if a loved one stands in his way. In any interaction, he will always look for benefits. His main goal is to make up for what he lacked.

  • You will never be number one.

Since greed arises from the fear of being left with nothing, a stingy man will seek to satisfy his needs as much as possible, even if this means sacrificing family peace. He will not be able to calmly survive that at some point he gave preference to you, and because of this he missed the chance once. Therefore, he will disappear all holidays and weekends at work, if it is beneficial for him. Not rasschitywai, chto on rasdelit tvoi hobby and interests and possible tebe samoy you in this way.

  • You must sacrifice your desires.

While he is engaged in satisfying his ambitions, you, as a devoted partner, will have to provide him with a reliable rear, keep the house comfortable at minimal cost, and not waste hard-earned funds on new shoes and dresses. After all, you have a lot of old clothes that can be altered. He will sacredly keep gender divisions: g head and command < Ender

  • He will not appreciate your efforts.

We are in vain, though, from one project it will dawn on me that I have achieved a good support, but then the goal of his life is to rake as much as possible, and so far he can’t deserve to be worth it, cathood. If you are comfortable and comfortable on the budget you will be able to use it.

  • He won’t share with you.

A greedy person is obsessed with acquiring more money, power, and possessions. Why should he give a part to you? What did you do to deserve it? In the future, this will inevitably lead to a separate budget. More precisely, his income will be inaccessible to you, and your expenses will be under close scrutiny. And if you ever dare to leave it, be prepared to return all gifts with interest.

  • Greed is an indicator of spiritual immaturity.

Usually the miser suffers from an underdeveloped EMO rational intelligence. While other people build connections on internal personal qualities, he follows the proven path: if you have money, you can buy absolutely everything. Communication with a greedy man seems incomplete. As if some DNA molecule is missing to complete the puzzle. Such a person is closed from sincere conversations and prefers simplified views on life.

  • You will always feel cheated.

Relationships are based on trust and respect, and greed makes a person constantly look for the best option. And because he puts his own needs ahead of the needs of others, he is willing to risk what he already has in an attempt to catch a tit in the sky. Why do you need a man whom you will always suspect of infidelity?

Greed and the causes that give rise to it make a person constantly worry about the material. No Sultan with treasures new to you’s yourself in gravel. It is important to learn to live here and now. The pursuit of wealth is exhausting. At first, it seems to you that you really need a lot, and he has a good plan. And then you realize that your man is obsessed with money and will never stop, no matter how much money he has.

A greedy person makes the same demands on everyone. If this is the case in paranoia. He begins to torment those around him with questions: “How much did it cost? Why so expensive? You’re spending too much on yourself!” The need to report for a penny, to lie and their “unrecorded” income u p n n n n n n n n n You didn’t dream of such a “prince”, maybe you shouldn’t lower the bar?

Thus, the disadvantages of a relationship with a greedy man far outweigh the potential advantages. Perhaps you will live in a luxurious house, but at the same time sit on buckwheat. There are women who approve todh k zhod x k x but ntape dates chebt And there are much more generous and caring men than petty and stingy.

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