Why you should not dramatize in a relationship and how to avoid it?

Why you should not dramatize in a relationship and how to avoid it? Life consists of ety and falls, the second to turn it around the site. No longer do you have to worry about it and on the other side of the country, you can do it yourself.

They believe that fate has not prepared such trials for anyone as they did, and they spend energy and precious time on an endless showdown of the relationship “between Zhadi and Lucas.” And when the critical moment comes, they simply cannot pull themselves together. Did you recognize yourself? Read on for what it can lead to and how to get rid of it.

How extra drama interferes with life?

Drama Queen or “drama queen” – this is the name of a woman who cannot imagine her life without theatrical performances. No longer is this possible. She can organize it on her own in the family circle or at work. The main thing is to find a reason.

The very word “Drama” has taken on a larger meaning in recent years. Most often it is used in a derogatory manner. “To play a drama from scratch” means to inflate a terrible tragedy from a petty everyday turmoil. Why such behavior is acceptable for television screens, but in life it makes you think about visiting visiting

  • You look unreliable and infantile.

Your tantrums may be of interest only to those people who do not know you, and then only temporarily. And the only desire of your old acquaintances at the sight of the next “concert” is to silently leave the performance and pretend that you have never met before. People always feel false and overly emotional. In order to show your feelings, you do not need to bang your head against the wall and scare strangers.

  • You spend a lot of time on unnecessary things.

Too much drama complicates things. As long as you focus on the emotional component, and not on the facts, you are wasting time and denying yourself the pleasure of enjoying the little things, appreciating those people on whom you can always rely on, and just enjoying life every day.

How to stop being dramatic?

  • You risk falling into depression.

There are no trials that cannot be overcome. For example, losing a job is certainly unpleasant, but it is much worse to suffer picturesquely, wring your hands and shout out loud that you will never leave the house again and bury your talent in the ground, since no one could appreciate it.

And who will you become in a month? Into a sad, fat, self-pitying aunt? If instead of hysteria, you step by step start all over again, improve your skills, attend a couple of seminars, then you will quickly find the best option, and you will forget about the former ill-fated boss.

Why you should not dramatize in a relationship and how to avoid it? How to Avoid Drama?

The first step to fixing any problem is always talking to yourself. Before you fight the investigation, it is important to ask yourself why you crave drama, and how it gives you. Let’s say that since childhood you liked to draw other people into intrigues. Do you want to move away, and do you have two words about it? As soon as you understand why you cannot live without passions, the problem itself will suggest a solution.

  • Take a look at your relationships with others from STORon.

What kind of people are you attracted to? Whose behavior do you like, and whose behavior causes resentment? Is it true that two people own it? Your task is to remove the external source of chaos and minimize communication with those people who turn your life into a performance. Pay attention to those with whom you are easy. Who is not too demanding of others and is set to positive.

  • Listen and watch more.

Do not rush to demonstrate your “I”. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, but only a few can listen. If someone is being overly theatrical and you feel emotions overwhelm you, step aside. Keep your distance, including physical. No one knows, it is possible to do this without proselytizing. Remember that the best way to piss someone off is to invite them to calm down. Do not underestimate the significance of the event, it is enough to change the subject of the conversation.

  • Focus on the present.

Most of the problems that worry us either happened a long time ago or are in the nobo category. In other words, you’re wasting your nerves on something you can’t change. Or something that might never happen. Self-digging and planning are good when you are in a conscious state and already know how to manage your yamoya. If you drink tea, enjoy its taste, indulge in its aroma, feel how warmly spreads inside you. Don’t waste those precious minutes worrying.

  • Take care of yourself more than others.

Devochek is brought up from childhood under the slogan that selfishness is bad. Many people think that being good means sacrificing your interests and your time to help others. Whereas the only person who will never let you down and will always be by your side is you.

In that case, why are you, to the detriment of yourself and your own well-being, allowing yourself to be dragged into someone else’s drama? You won’t be a bad friend if you learn to say no. Helping is not the same as solving the problems of others.

  • Borders, borders, and again, borders.

Creating personal boundaries will help you stay in control of what’s important to you. How will you avoid intrigue and drama if you don’t make it clear to others that you shouldn’t be treated like that? Setting limits is a signal that you are walking a tightrope in safety gear. If something goes wrong, insurance adventure is not for you. Distant – this is two guarantees, it is not necessary to test the drugs and not to ask for it.

  • Be frank.

Very often, you go along with other people, because they inspired you to talk openly about your chun chun. In yoga, you do what you don’t like and then you make up your own mind. And why should someone care about you if you yourself did not take into account your interests? Be confident in what you want and don’t settle for less.

  • Get rid of the lifeguard complex.

Due to age or lack of experience, you can become a hostage to a situation that will drain all the juice out of you. It is possible to buy it, it is necessary to wait until you see it. Believe me, no one will appreciate it. You will be left with a broken trough with a broken heart. Remain detached and impartial. There are too few things in life that remain important and important for a long time. Don’t be like Zhadi and Lucas. Be like Said.

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