Will You Marry Me? Preparation for the Answers to all Questions

Will You Marry Me? Preparation for the Answers of all Questions
Will You Marry Me? Preparation for the Answers to all Questions

What is the best way to say will you marry me? The Preparation for the Answers to all Questions. For the first time in life, you feel it, you have finally found the right person to spend the rest of your life with.

It is time to ask the most important question in your life “Will you marry me?” or as they say in German “Do you want to marry me?”.

When you watch romance films, the marriage proposals always look so spontaneous, light, and fluffy, but when you find yourself in this situation, you think about a thousand things.

What should the wedding proposal look like? How do you find the right words at that moment? Where should you get nervously on your knees to ask the crucial question that will change your life?

And then all the trimmings, the decor, engagement ring, should I also buy chocolates or is it enough if the ring is in the ring box?

I know there are dozens of questions around your head now, but you mustn’t despair, because we will help you plan this moment perfectly and make your token of love unforgettable.

You can find inspiration everywhere if you know what your partner loves and what the most important similarities that bind you together are.

Marriage proposal ideas are extremely different from each other, but everyone has to find something suitable for themselves and their loved one.

Together we will go through one step at a time so that you don’t forget anything and can ask the most beautiful question of all questions without worries.

If you still have any concerns about the process, the traditions, and other things, we will now shed light on the darkness. Loosen up and look forward to the question you will never forget.

Who is saying?

What is the best way to say will you marry me?
What is the best way to say will you marry me?

If you ask the older generation, most of them will have the same answer, the man proposing the marriage. It used to be common for the man to ask the woman for his hand and share his feelings with her.

But you couldn’t just do that either. First of all, you had to get the parents’ blessing, and if the father agreed, the future bridegroom could ask for the hand of his loved one.

It works in a similar way in many relationships. The man tries to be the one who will ask for his girlfriend’s hand, only nowadays you listen more to your heart than to your parents’ opinion.

It also happens more and more frequently than the woman asks for her boyfriend’s hand because she is fed up with waiting and finally wants to nail her head.

I believe that gender should not prevent you from asking crucial questions. It’s up to you and your wishes and ideas how the whole thing should look like.

Your heart should guide you and any decision made out of love cannot be flawed.

What is the right time?

There is no time limit on when you have to submit the marriage proposal. There are many couples who are only together for a few weeks and they decide to take the next step and get married.

On the other hand, there are also couples who have been together for years and yet neither of them asks the crucial question.

So I can’t give you a specific time when to ask for the hand of the person you adore. A good tip is always to listen to your gut feeling and your own heart.

When you feel like you’ve finally found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, who you want to start a family with, and grow old with, don’t hesitate.

You should seize the chance and take your fate into your own hands. You are the ruler of your happiness and only if you listen to your inner voice will you be happy.

Still, there are a few things to check before you get on your knees. You should also know your partner’s point of view before asking the question.

It wouldn’t be great if you noticed in the course of the marriage proposal that the other person is feeling uncomfortable and that it will not end well.

Many couples who have been together for a little longer talk about marriage, what their ideas are, how many years they want to be married and when it would be ideal for them to say YES.

There are also couples who do not talk about it so openly and who keep their wishes and ideas to themselves.

In that case, it would be helpful if you could find out what your partner thinks between the lines, especially if you haven’t been together long.

You don’t want the person to feel caught off guard and backfire on your marriage proposal. If you find that the chosen person is not blocking the issue of marriage, you can fall to your knees with a clear conscience.

The perfect place for a marriage proposal

The perfect place for a marriage proposal
The perfect place for a marriage proposal

Every marriage proposal is much nicer when the other person doesn’t know what to expect. The element of surprise is an important factor that will make the marriage proposal unforgettable.

If you keep everything a secret and plan without your partner noticing, it doesn’t matter what kind of place you choose to propose.

You should choose a place that has some connection between you and your relationship.

Maybe the place you first kissed, the place where you first saw her, or the restaurant where your first date took place.

You can also ask for help from your friends and family to confuse the chosen person, to mislead them so that the WOW effect will intensify.

Many want to bring the family into the marriage proposal because it is one of the most beautiful days of their lives and they want to share it with the family.

If you still want to keep it a little smaller, you can also plan a nice marriage proposal between your own four walls, because that’s where you’ll feel most comfortable, just the two of you alone and the roller coaster of emotions.

Those who want it a little more extravagant can also decide to propose marriage while on vacation. If you have a nice location, you can’t go wrong.

You can propose while strolling on the beach or while enjoying a glass of wine for two in front of the fire in a hut.

There are thousands of ideas that can give you an unforgettable moment. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable at the moment and that you respond to the wishes of the other person and not just think about your own wishes.

If you know that your partner thinks it is terrible when you propose marriage in public and you have heard his / her opinion on this topic several times, then you should be able to accept it and do everything possible to make it so will be as the person wanted it to be.

This shows her that you respect her and her wishes.

Find the right words

Should I say "please marry me", "would you marry me" or "will you be my wife" when proposing?
Should I say “please marry me”, “would you marry me” or “will you be my wife” when proposing?

Should I say “please marry me”, “would you marry me” or “will you be my wife” when proposing? Everyone knows that you can propose the marriage in the classic way “Will you marry me?”, Some also try “Will you marry me?” In English.

There is also the option to ask “Do you want to be my wife/husband? You can only get two answers to this question, YES or NO, and in most cases, you get the answer fairly quickly.

For the romantics among you, there is also the opportunity to write a speech about why you decided on that one person, what is so special about that person that they could win your heart, and that you will stay with them for the rest of your life you want to spend.

It’s always very emotional when you add a personal story, the one moment in which you realized “That’s the one.”

I am sure that this will move your partner to tears and that he/she will hardly wait to say YES.

The perfect engagement ring

What is the best way to say will you marry me? The perfect engagement ring
What is the best way to say will you marry me? The perfect engagement ring

And this is where a lot of men break a sweat when they have to choose the engagement ring for their partner. This is a shopping experience that almost every man would love to avoid.

Everyone knows that women will proudly show off their engagement ring and that the whole family and circle of friends will admire the ring.

How can you, as a man, find the right ring for your future wife? It’s very easy if you listen carefully to her.

Probably one of her friends has already got engaged and she talked to you about the ring, either she thought it was beautiful or she didn’t like it at all.

So if you can remember the conversation, just look at her friend’s ring and you know what she would like or what you should definitely not buy.

If you can’t get a glimpse of her friend’s ring, I have another solution for you. Impromptu go for a walk, and if you see a shop window with engagement rings, you should walk by slowly.

She will definitely stop and admire the individual rings. And the one who makes their eyes sparkle especially, that’s it.

At home, you can browse her jewelry box and take a ring with you if you’re not sure what size she is.

It’s always nice to have a personalized message engraved on it. It can be a romantic “I love you” or a “We forever”. Some also choose the names or the date.

The engraving should be the icing on the cake for this important moment, so choose it wisely. You can stow the ring in a beautiful box, which can be classic or with a subtle decoration.

Take souvenir photos

Will You Marry Me? Preparation for the Answers to all Questions | Take souvenir photos
Will You Marry Me? Preparation for the Answers to all Questions | Take souvenir photos

Souvenir photos are something that you have for life and especially on such occasions you shouldn’t do without them.

Nowadays you always have your smartphone at hand and you can hire someone from your family or friends to take a few pictures.

If you’d rather keep it private, you can hire a professional photographer to take some souvenir pictures out of a hiding place.

If that’s too much of a hassle for you, you can simply position your own phone so that it films the whole evening.

And later you can simply cut out the most beautiful scenes and make a short video out of them. I am sure that you will watch the video more often than you think.

You can then place these pictures with the wedding pictures later so that you have the whole story of how it was created.

A few more tips 😀

Ask yourself whether you really want this, whether you are ready for the step yourself? If you answered YES to the questions, then you shouldn’t hesitate long.

Think about where the perfect place might be so that you can remember it forever. Pick the perfect ring and write down a few words that you want to say to your chosen one.

It may well be that you are not a great speaker and that you find it difficult to put your emotions into words and that is exactly what can bewitch the whole proposal when the other person realizes how much effort you have put in to keep so much emotion out of it your lips go

You should try to stay calm because if your partner sees you’re acting weird, she may well start sniffing.

Women always think of the worst, they will think that you are hiding something important from her and will try to find out about you. So the whole marriage proposal can fall through the water.

What is the best way to say will you marry me? A few more tips
What is the best way to say will you marry me? A few more tips

You should also be careful who you involve in your friends or family; they should be people who are good at keeping secrets to themselves.

You don’t want anyone gossiping and the whole surprise going on.

Make a checklist and check one item at a time so you will feel more relaxed and secure when you can see that you are in control.

Every marriage proposal is special if you make it out of love.

Not everyone is lucky enough to find the right person for life and when you realize that you are one of the lucky ones, you should get on your knees as soon as possible and take the big step into married life.

Don’t worry too much about the place, the time or the ring, all of these are well and good, but the most important thing is what you have to say to the other person and that the words come from your heart.

If you look her in the eye with a love-soaked look, you will get a sure YES. Follow your heart, it will get you there, and only then will the rest of your new life begin for two.

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