Wise words of parents for their beloved children


All parents love their children very much. In expressing that affection, every parent has their own way of giving gifts, spending time together and giving advice through the wise words of parents for their children when children make mistakes. It’s just that children often misinterpret the attitudes of their parents and lead to disputes.

wise words of parents for their children full of advice and quotes for their beloved children

To educate children well, it is not easy to convey advice in words that are touching and easy to accept, for that, here are some wise words of parents that can be used as daily guidelines:

– Words For Beloved Children

– Words of Wisdom For Boys

– Mother’s Words For Her Beloved Son

– Words for children who don’t respect their parents

Words For Beloved Children

Expressing affection for children through words can sometimes feel awkward and difficult to put together words. Check out a collection of heart touching words for your beloved child below:

Parental love for children is a love that should be imitated. He gives a lot without having to ask for something in return.

Be unique because in this life we ​​don’t always have to be like other people to be great.

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Words of Wisdom About Patience in Facing Life

In this day and age, lack of wealth is more problematic than lack of faith, don’t let you be one of them, son, because that’s not good.

A hope will strengthen you to keep dreaming, so keep hoping for something good.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. But make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.

– Akio Morit

There is always something beautiful in this day. If you want to see it from the point of view of beauty itself, then from that learn to think positively.

Success is not only when you can achieve what you want but when you can see your parents smile because of the desire you can achieve.

Consistency will lead you to success. Of course, by improving the quality of the consistency itself, son.

The best child is he who puts the interests of his parents above his personal interests.

Believe that your dream can be achieved. The long process towards your dream is to teach you the important lesson to be patient. Just live now with an open heart.

Words of Wisdom For Boys

As potential family leaders, boys do have a much bigger responsibility. That’s the reason many parents give encouraging advice to their sons. Here are some examples: In this life there are things to choose, and choosing is more important. Not because the good will come by itself, but by choosing the good, you will get the good too.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. But be afraid not to make the same mistake twice.

Never lie as long as you live, because in this life there is always something to choose. It’s better to choose to be a good person, because goodness will come by itself. So someday you will get a good one too.

A real man is one who is strong against the wind, endures the waves, and is patient with trials.

If you want to live with a girl. Then you have to understand him a lot and love him a little. If you want to be happy with him, you have to love him more and never try to understand him.

A good boy never yells at a woman, let alone makes her sad and hurt.

You don’t have to be an extraordinary hero to win the competition. Being an ordinary man full of motivation, that’s enough.

A man who does not forgive a woman for her small faults will not be able to enjoy her great virtues.

The man’s plus point skyrocketed if he had a definite purpose in life and was always passionate about whatever he was doing.

Mother’s Words For Her Beloved Son

A mother’s heart is known to be soft, especially when it comes to children. He will pour out his affection through expressions of affection that can motivate and educate his children to become better individuals.

When a mother cries, believe me, her heart is already very hurt. And believe me, he doesn’t hate you one bit.

Parental love for children is a love that should be imitated. He gives a lot without having to ask for something in return.

A mother’s heart is a classroom where her child learns.

When your life is happy, your mother never asks you to share your happiness with her, but when you are hurt your mother always comes to receive a share of your wound.

And mother’s love is like this life, without the need for you to ask, without the need for you, it will come naturally.

There is no human who loves you more than your mother. And he is still willing to love you even though he is not the one you love the most.

Mother’s love is the most soothing. It doesn’t have much form and is as soothing as an oasis in a long and arid desert.

The mother who loves you so much hears what you say even understands what you haven’t said.

Your parents are angels who always hide their wings to protect you.

A mother’s love has no limits.

Words for children who don’t respect their parents

As a child, we should respect and honor our parents who have raised us sincerely. Unfortunately, some children still care about their ego and unknowingly hurt their parents’ feelings. As parents, to make them aware of their mistakes, try to use some wise words for children below:

Being a pious child and never hurting parents’ hearts is what our parents want the most.

When you don’t want to accept your parents’ opinion they just shut up and pray for the best for you, but when those who can’t accept your opinion the anger you give them.

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Never make parents cry because the tears of both parents are a big sin.

Be filial to your parents before it’s too late which will only leave you with regrets.

“A father’s kindness is higher than a mountain and a mother’s kindness is deeper than an ocean.”

– Japanase Proverb

If we never pray for our parents, then imagine when we grow old.

Don’t forget to take your time for your parents because your parents’ age is not necessarily longer than your busy time.

Remember your parents used to make you king when you were little, so now is the time to make you king when they are old.

Until whenever and whatever your age, you are still a child.

Never be arrogant to your parents because the struggle of a father and mother can never be reciprocated.

Understand that all parents want the best for their children. Although the way that may not be in line with our thoughts. However, respect and understand every wise words of parents for their children because later on we will miss that advice when we grow up.

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