Women who are afraid of their own sexuality! What are they?

How women want to be sexy and attractive to men! For a partner to admire the sex appeal of his lady and understand that the second one is like that, he can no longer find it! But the night comes, the woman, arm in arm with her beloved man, goes to bed, where the same picture happens every day: it smoothly turns into a “log”. She so wants looseness and sexuality, but some kind of inner fear prevents her from manifesting hidden desires. And this situation is not rare for the weaker sex. In most cases, girls are afraid and cannot show sexuality. There may be several reasons for this.

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Stamens and pistils

The upbringing received by a woman in early childhood plays a big role in her sexuality and attitude towards intimate life in general. If the parents were dismissive of the child, criticizing the girl’s increased appetite and large figure, it is not surprising that she will not feel sexy when she becomes an adult lady. In a family where they rarely give compliments and do not show signs of love and attention to each other, rather notorious and restrained children grow up.

There are also situations when a loving father and mother have long, strict conversations with their offspring that sexuality is not “eating well”. A sexy woman is a depraved woman. The girl must be pure and immaculate, almost a saint.

sinful fruit

This picture is often found in religious families. The word sex is not pronounced in such houses, and in general, parents and Christian acquaintances consider sexual life to be nothing more than a mission for the fertilization of the human race. Temperance is treated with awe and respect. Sexual contacts are strictly prohibited before the marriage of partners. Being in such an environment, it is difficult for girls to perceive themselves as a seductress, a sexy “kitty”. She is wary of sex, discussing intimate matters in complete secrecy with a deeply confidant.

First criticism

The first bad experience is of great importance for the perception of a girl’s intimate life. If the first time was excellent: with a beloved boyfriend, caresses, foreplay, with enthusiastic compliments from a partner, then a strong concept will be deposited in the female soul that “sex is excellent!”, And she is a tidbit for the opposite sex. She will love sex life and will not hesitate to show her own sexuality.

However, quite often the first sex goes according to this scenario: an inexperienced young man who tries to get under his skirt, an incomprehensible situation, painful sensations, critical statements. Men’s words have a huge weight for the “virgin”. If at the first intimacy a girl hears that she is clumsy, squeezed, fat, bony, cold, wooden, then she will remember this for a long time.

human gossip

Modern society loves to hang labels on people and climb into someone else’s personal life. It is unlikely that there will be at least one soul on the globe that has not been discussed and not “stigmatized”. Some individuals are indifferent to the opinions of others, while others react sharply and painfully to rumors and gossip. It is unpleasant when “Easily accessible”, “Walking”, “Windy” sweeps behind you. People’s opinions and caustic statements make women wear long skirts, baggy dresses, hunch over under the yoke of everyday problems, forgetting about their sexuality.

Fu, what…

An unsuitable partner is a good reason to withdraw into your own “shell” and not show sexuality. If a man does not give a woman a sense of sexual harmony, but rather finds fault, demanding more activity, she will lose interest in intimate life. Many partners have a huge gift of persuasion, and their harsh phrases play a far from unimportant role for girls. “You, frigid, … cold, … clumsy …” Not flattering statements about the female figure have a strong influence on the young ladies. Guys drop rash phrases, endowing their partners with complexes, gradually removing traces of sexuality. Almost every woman has heard the following phrase addressed to her: “You need to lose weight”, “Look who you look like! What have you become!”, “Do you want to go in for sports? The stadium is crying for you!”

Proximity is not a vice

Women are endowed with various stereotypes that prevent them from expressing their own sexuality. They believe that in bed they are obliged to satisfy a man, relegating their desires to the background. If the partner does something wrong, she will be ashamed to make claims, make adjustments so as not to destroy the, so, not consistent image of the “ideal lover”.

It is believed that the weaker sex does not need sex as much as the stronger sex. The absence of an orgasm for some speaks of the “frigidity” of a woman. At the same time, men do not always stimulate the female organs correctly, ladies are silent about “how they want”, and for some of the fair sex, the presence of an orgasm is not the main component for getting pleasure during intimacy.

Women should remember that sexuality is a miracle bestowed by nature on every person. It must be cultivated, not shy, open, and enjoy its fruits.

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