Words of Wisdom About Patience in Facing Problems


Patience is the key to success. Maybe that’s the wise words about patience that you often hear. Although it sounds simple, being patient is the most difficult thing for a person to do because not everyone is able to control their emotions. To become a patient person, one must train it from an early age through their way of dealing with trials and problems.

the most complete words of wisdom about patience in dealing with life's problems in English, Javanese and according to Islam

Although it is difficult and takes time, patience can actually teach us to be more grateful and mature in attitude. Even to know the level of patience of a person can not be measured by their age. There are many benefits of being patient starting from a healthy mental state which will later have a positive influence on body health. Here is a collection of wise words about patience that you can refer to and use as guidelines:

– Words of Wisdom About Patience

– Words of Wisdom About Patience For Daily Life

– Words of Wisdom Islam About Patience

– Javanese Words of Wisdom About Patience

– Words of Wisdom for Patience in English

Words of Wisdom About Patience

Some problems in life may make us often feel anxious and restless. This is the importance of being more patient and sincere to calm your heart and mind through the following wise words about patience:

Sincerely accept mistakes and learn from every mistake because it will make you stronger and tougher in living life.

Believe that all problems will end happily if we can be patient and sincere in dealing with them.

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The secret of patience is to do things in uncertainty but full of hope.

Be patient when something you really care about is lost, and believe that God is preparing something more beautiful than before.

When patience and sincerity are being tested, always remember God and surrender yourself to prayer, then the heart will be calmer.

Stay strong even if others fall. Keep smiling even though this struggle feels bitter and winding.

Patience is bitter, honesty is bitter, and sincerity is bitter. However, all that is bitter cures all diseases.

Patience does not mean standing still when disaster strikes. But, patience is actively moving to seek goodness when disaster strikes.

Sincerity is not letting go of something with tears, but being able to let go of something with a smile.

Patience and sincerity can make you a noble and honorable person in the world even though you are nothing.

Since we want happiness and success, since then patience is also our obligation.

Words of Wisdom About Patience For Daily Life

In living this life we ​​must often have to face problems that can cause emotions and worries. Unfortunately, some people will follow their emotions and end up with a regret. To avoid this, it is better if we become wiser through the words of wisdom about patience below:

“All your best successes come after the great disappointments you endured with patience.”

– Mario Teguh

“Strong people are not those who always win. But those who stay strong when they fall.”

– Kahlil Gibran

“The best opportunities always come when you are patiently waiting.”

– Clara Canceriana

“Be patient, you can’t do everything yourself. For things beyond your reach, you must learn to be patient and let them go.”

– Wuwun Wiati

“A patient mind is the best medicine for trouble.”

– Plautus

“An optimistic perspective will indeed make our lives strong and steadfast and always full of hope.”

– Asti Septiana

Believe that the fruit of patience is uninterrupted happiness

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People who are patient, doesn’t mean they can’t be angry. He is just being silent by quelling his anger and looking for solutions to the problems he is facing.

Actually being patient doesn’t make you low, it will make you more mature.

Patience is the key to all lasting pleasure.

People who have big souls have two hearts, one heart is crying and the other is patient.

Islamic Words of Wisdom About Patience

According to Islamic teachings, patience is a form of refraining from wanting to achieve something better. In fact, Allah promises to reward His people who are patient. As good Muslims, of course, we must practice His teachings. Here is a collection of wise words about patience in Islam:

“Guidance cannot be attained except by knowledge, and the right direction cannot be attained except with patience.”

– Ibn Taymiyya

“Be patient, because patience is a pillar of faith.”

– Umar bin Khattab

“It is very difficult to be patient, but to waste the reward of patience is even worse.”

– Abu Bakr

“There are two kinds of patience: patience with something you don’t want and patience with refraining from something you want.”

– Ali bin Abi Talib

“Make patience and prayer your helpers, verily Allah is with those who are patient.”

– Surah Al-Baqarah: 153

“And be patient, for verily Allah does not waste the reward of those who do good.”

– Surah Huud: 115

Pray, Allah hears you. Be patient, because Allah will answer your prayers at the right time.

Allah will not give trials beyond the limits of the ability of his people.

Patience is the best medicine for all difficulties. Patience and sincerity are the keys to success in undergoing all the trials that Allah has given, so that our hearts and beliefs remain strong.

How noble is a patient and sincere soul who believes in the coming of God’s gift of happiness.

Javanese Words of Wisdom About Patience

If you feel that life is hard, try reading the words of wisdom in Javanese patience below which can provide a lesson and calm the mind in the midst of the twists and turns of life. It may not immediately make you a patient person, but it can make you much more sincere in facing reality.

Grandmother Wes Onok Sukurono, Grandma Durung Teapot Entenono, Grandma Wes Lungo Lalekno, Grandmother Ilang Iklasno.

If you already have it, be grateful, if it doesn’t come, look forward to it, if you leave it, forget it, if it’s lost, let it go.

Be patient, iku lire momot is strong, try nandhang sakening and pandhadharaning urip.

Patience is an ability to withstand all kinds of temptations in life.

Patience rare kui balese. Nek pancen has the intention of being patient.

Patience will be rewarded. If you really want to be patient.

Panggah guyu even though sometimes wes ra excited, still patient ben urep iki calm.

Keep smiling even though sometimes the spirit is tired, stay patient so that life is calm.

Sura dira jayaningrat, melted with pangastuti.

All stubbornness can only be defeated with gentleness and patience.

Wong sing can be patient, rikala is difficult, can be grateful, rikala is happy. It will be glorious.

People who are patient in difficult times and can be grateful. His life will be prosperous.

Nandur download, late harvest.

Serious, painstaking, and patient efforts will one day reap the desired results.

Kabeh ki ne Allah’s plan, adewe gor iso dungo karo kerjo seng patient and worship seng iklas with wenehane Allah.

Everything is God’s plan, we can only pray and try patiently to worship and be sincere to His will.

Sing patient and give in to being a lover of Allah.

Those who are patient and succumb will become lovers of Allah.

Wong is patient, sustenance jembar. Wong ngalah, uripe blessing.

People are patient, the fortune is a lot. People who give up, life is a blessing.

Words of Wisdom for English Patience

When you feel sad and troubled, you really want to express your emotions through outpouring words on social media. You can try using the wise words of patience in English as status and cool photo captions.

“The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others.”

The more you know yourself, the more patience you will have for what you see in others.

— Erik Erikson

The one who never be patience chooses easy to speak without limit and never think what will happen after that.

Someone who is impatient will choose to easily talk without boundaries and never think what will happen after that.

“Sometimes things aren’t clear right away. That’s where you need to be patient and persevere and see where things lead.”

Sometimes things are not clear at once. That’s where you need patience and persistence to see where things lead.

— Mary Pierce

“Be patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful and malicious.”

Be patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful and envious.

— Phillips Brooks

“Patience is necessary, and one cannot reap immediately where one has owned.”

Patience is required, and one cannot reap immediately where he has sown.

— Soren Kierkegaard

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We are mature because of problems which come to us. Those are the problems which will make us to be more patience and strong.

We become adults because of the problems that come to us. Problems that will make us more patient and strong.

Patience is not ability to wait, but ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to maintain a good attitude while waiting.

Patience will make you slow to speak and quick to listen. So, you will be easy to face the problems.

Patience will make you slow in speaking and easy to listen. That way, it will be easier for you to deal with problems.

Be patient, Everythings are starting with hard phase before it becomes easy.

Be patient, it all starts with a tough phase before things get easy.

The best way to be mature is by using patience in everytime while you face the problems.

The best way to mature is to use patience every time you face problems.

Use the patience as the helper while face the problems. Sometimes, it will bring the path to answer all of the problems.

Make patience a helper when faced with problems. Sometimes, patience will lead to a way to answer all problems.

Patience is limitless, but there are people who make it have a limit. Actually, they are not patient at all.

Patience is limitless. but there are people who make patience have limits. In fact, they were the ones who were impatient at all.

The problems never be bigger if you faced by using full of patience.

Problems will not become bigger if you face them with patience.

Always pray what the best for you and be patient to wait until everything is gonna be happen to you.

Always wish the best for you and be patient to wait until everything goes out

“The remedy against bad times is to have patience with them.”

The remedy against difficult times is to have patience with them.

— Arabic Proverb

Those are some collections of wise words about the latest patience that have been completely summarized as guidelines and inspiration for everyday life. Remember that to be patient, it must go through a long process. Don’t let the haste have to feel long regrets. Believe that patience will lead to something much better in the future.

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