15 Strange Psychological Facts About Falling In Love

15 Strange Psychological Facts about Falling in Love
15 Strange Psychological Facts about Falling in Love

Here are 15 weird psychological facts about falling in love that will make you think twice before falling in love with someone! Falling in love with someone is a bittersweet feeling, like the fact that you cannot get something so much. It is even worse when you are in love with someone, and this person is not even aware of your existence. If you find yourself in such a situation, you might want to continue reading the following weird, interesting, strange psychological facts about falling in love below!

Falling in love with someone means being infatuated or attracted by someone for a short time. Someone may mistake these feelings for love because they can be too strong and cause you to fantasize romantically about the person, lose sleep, and interfere with your daily functioning.


People always want what they don’t have, and falling in love with someone is no different, because research shows that people are in love with people who are not suitable for them or who are completely unattainable. Falling in love does not last long and usually does not exceed four months and is nothing more than a hobby.

With all that said, recent research suggests that falling in love with someone can sometimes lead to a relationship, but how long that relationship will last depends entirely on the individuals involved.

1. Perfection

Falling in love with someone makes you see everything perfect! Those with whom you are in love have no flaws, no ugliness, there is nothing wrong with them, they are just perfect. A person can be the devil from hell with the worst personality on the planet and you don’t give a damn! Research shows that when you are in love with someone, they will look 20% more attractive to you than they actually are.

2. Lasts only 4 months

Studies show that on average, the maximum time interval for falling in love is 4 months. The explosion of hormones will last up to four months and will end abruptly! This is because falling in love is a hobby or attraction, so it has a very short lifespan. Over time, your feelings for your love will begin to fade, if not, perhaps it will develop into true love, but over time!

3. Only 1% goes through the phase of extinction of love

Studies show that on average, falling in love lasts a maximum of 4 months. If you still have feelings for your infatuation after four months, you may be in love. Other studies show that only 1% of falling in love actually ends in a relationship, so the chances of your love turning into something worthwhile is only 1%. But who knows, maybe this is your chance!

4. Imagination trumps reality

Do you know that imagining what you like or having an imaginary conversation with him is actually more enjoyable than seeing or talking to him or her in reality? It’s simple, when you fantasize about what you like, there are a lot of vivid emotions in the background, but in reality, you see things more prosaically.

5. Everywhere to see the name of a loved one

Psychology says that after you know your loved one’s name, you will start seeing them everywhere you go, this is known as the “Baader Meinhof Phenomenon”. Just know that this is not love, but just falling in love, and it will be over soon, so enjoy it while it lasts.

6. Eyes speak everything

Research shows that looking into the eyes of the person you are in love with will tell you if they like you. This is because when someone likes you, their pupils dilate from looking at you. Try it, look into his eyes for more than 10 seconds, and if the pupils dilate, then they are also in love with you.

7. No lies

If you are in love with someone, it will be more difficult for you to lie. This is because being around a loved one makes you tremble and nervous, so you will blurt out without thinking. By being around your loved one, you will act like a teenage boy in love, and by telling them the truth about the things of your life, you are trying to impress him.

8. Rapid heartbeat

When you are in love with someone and they text or call you, your heart starts beating faster than usual. This is because adrenaline and norepinephrine from the brain enter the bloodstream when you attract someone. This will make your heart beat faster when you hear the voice of your loved one.

9. Avoid eye contact

Psychology says that when a guy is in love with you, he will maintain eye contact, while girls, on the other hand, try to avoid eye contact when they like someone. If you see her avoiding you or looking away when you try to talk to her, that means that she might also find you attractive or fall in love with you!

10. Miss him or her

Psychology says that when you pretend not to miss your hobby, it actually makes you miss it even more. This is because people usually imagine what they cannot have, and the brain is trying to fix everything in a cunning way. Don’t believe me? Try not to miss the person next time you fall in love with someone.

11. Lost

If someone is in love with you, he or she will feel lost when you are around. You will know immediately by his actions! Getting lost in words, knocking things over or fidgeting are all actions of those who are in love or attracted by someone! These are easy ways to find out if someone likes you!

12. Look your best

If someone has a crush on you, you can bet that they will always want to look their best when you are around or if they know you are going to be there! Easy ways to notice this are when he ruffles his hair while looking in your direction, or straightens his clothes, straightens his shoulders, and straightens his posture!

13. I always bump into him

If someone is in love with you, you will suddenly start bumping into them often! This is because people in love are prone to persecution. They will begin to recognize your schedule and appear in places where they know you will be present. If you start seeing him or her everywhere you go, chances are good that you will fall in love!

14. Smile

When someone loves you or is in love with you, they will always smile when you are around. Now you should know the difference, there are many different smiles, but if you see the one where the person smiles and their lips and eyes go up, that sign and smile to get your attention is happening right here!

15. Volume

Have you ever walked through your office building and suddenly someone spoke up in a loud or high-pitched voice? You are probably in love! Research shows that if someone has a crush on you, they tend to speak in a high pitch or make their voice louder when you are around so that you can notice them!


There are clear and subtle signs that can help you decide if a person is in love with you. One of the most common signs is that the person is looking at you when you are not looking or paying attention. Another common symptom is when they always think about you and everything you do seems cool to them.

If you find that someone you know behaves differently when you are around, or it seems that there is a completely different person around you, that means that he or she is in love with you! Another way to determine who you like is to see if someone wants to always be there for you, even when you are just busy with your day.

If you see any of the above signs coming from someone you know or work for, just know that they are in love with you! Try not to send mixed messages if you are not interested.


Here are all the weird or strange psychological facts about falling in love you should know! If you find this post awesome or interesting, please share it with your friends Psychological Facts about Falling in Love.

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