19 Interesting psychological Facts About Flirting

Interesting psychological Facts About Flirting
Interesting psychological Facts About Flirting

Interesting studies on flirting and love: “The rush of testosterone”, “Language connects”, “Men fall in love faster”, “Flirting makes happiness” – love and flirting in the world of scientists. Here you can read the most interesting studies… Here are 50 psychological facts about flirting.

Interesting Psychological Facts About Flirting

1. Language connects

Couples who flirt feel more connected when they have a common language. That has been established by research by James Pennebaker of the University of Texas.

2. Flirting does not jeopardize the relationship

That is true at least for women, as John Lydon has shown, on the contrary: for the female sɘx, flirting strengthens the relationship – men on the contrary immediately think the worst of their partner.

3. The background music

The aforementioned Nicolas Guéguen found that women reveal their phone numbers when they have previously listened to romantic music.

4. Flirting makes happiness

Eye contact with sɘxually attractive people activates every part of the brain, which is responsible for the feeling of happiness, Knut Kampe reported in his article.

5. Men fall in love faster

In fact, men tend to evaluate flirtation the same as sɘxual interest – and that is why they fall in love abruptly.

It is valid for both sɘxes: the greater the sɘxual interest, the greater the disposition to fall in love, as Andrew Galperin of the University of California has found.

6. Women are more sensitive to trying to flirt with someone

When both people belong to the same social level, women feel more sɘxually harassed than men.

If the flirtation occurs with a person of a better social position, moderation declines as shown by Maria Rotundo. The reason: the interest in complimenting someone in a better position.

7. The testosterone boost

James R. Roney can by the saliva test show that the level of testosterone increases by 30 percent when young women smile.

8. Women flirt more harmlessly

Are you allowed to flirt with other people if you are in a relationship yourself? If you believe a study ( .pdf ) by John Lydon of the Canadian McGill University, the answer is: women yes, men no. In seven studies with over 700 volunteers, he analyzed how a harmless flirtation affects the relationship. And lo and behold: With women, the brief teasing strengthened the partnership, while the men subsequently thought worse about their relationship.

9. Women care about the face

Women are determined by a man’s movements regarding his sɘxual attractiveness and likability, as Robert Franklin and Reginald Adams of the University of Pennsylvania have found.

10. Men like curves

Women with large breasts, slim waists, and large hips are the most attractive for men – this can be shown by Johan C. Karremans, Willem E. Frankenhuis, and Sander Arons.

Few More Interesting Psychological Facts About Flirting

What could be more intimidating than trying to talk to someone you like? Fortunately, scientists have figured out exactly how flirting works. At the same time, couples and single people benefit from such knowledge. Below are certain points or psychology facts about flirting that you definitely need to take on board.

People use flirting for six different reasons

According to surveys and research in the field of social psychology, people begin to flirt for the following reasons:

  • Sɘx. Trying to get a person to bed.
  • Sport. Flirting is seen as a specific contest.
  • Study. Trying to build relationships.
  • Rational approach. An attempt to increase intimacy and intimacy in a relationship.
  • Self-esteem. Improving self-esteem through successful flirting.
  • Tool. Trying to get what you want from another person.

In this survey, 101 women and 99 men took part, who were asked to write a fictional dialogue between a man and a woman who flirt with each other. Based on this, scientists have identified the main points of such motivation. At the same time, there were also gender differences. Men often flirted in order to get sɘx, while women did it to strengthen relationships.

11. Couples also need to flirt

In another study, 164 married couples were interviewed. The results showed that in most unions there was flirting in various forms, ranging from gentle whispering in the ear to the parterre and ending with various forms of flirting. Flirting in this case serves as a way to maintain the closeness and intimacy of the relationship. Moreover, according to some reports, flirting in this case helps to create a personal space that is shared only by two spouses.

12. People feel closer to each other after a short conversation

You probably know that in order to win over a person, you need to ask him questions about himself. However, this is not all. Research shows that people get much closer to each other when they start asking more intimate questions. For example, participants in this experiment asked each other about the importance and place of love in life, and how seriously they took attachment. Several months after this experiment, some of its participants even built real love relationships.

13. Men overestimate how passionate women are about them

According to numerous studies, men in most cases overestimate the sɘxual interest of women, while women, on the contrary, underestimate it. In other words, a man thinks that a woman is interested in him, when in fact it is not, and, accordingly, women often underestimate how much interest they cause in men. To date, psychologists do not yet have an unambiguous answer as to why such a trend exists.

14. A light touch can save the situation

You do not need to carry out an hour massage session, while a light touch on your hand can really radically change the current situation. An experiment was carried out several years ago. The man asked for the phone number of random women on the street. At the same time, he simply asked some women, while when talking with others, he also easily touched a woman’s hand for one second. As you might expect, those attempts where the man touched the woman’s hand were more successful.

15. Flirting can increase your attractiveness

According to scientific evidence, flirting makes people more attractive to each other. Thus, as it were, a double process is carried out. You tell the person that they are attracted to you and also show that you are attractive to them as well. Flirting in this case serves as a factor that increases mutual attraction. This is especially effective if you do not rush and flirt slowly, stretching the process.

16. How you feel after flirting with someone other than your partner depends on your gender

Many people continue to flirt even when they are already in a relationship. However, men and women feel differently. One experiment involved heterosɘxual respondents who were already in a relationship. The men met attractive women who flirted with them, as well as with inaccessible representatives of the fairer sɘx who simply ignored them. After that, both partners were told that their other half was guilty. Those men who had previously talked with a woman who flirted with them were 12% less likely to forgive their partner, while in a similar situation, women, on the contrary, were 17% more likely to forgive their life partner.

17. It doesn’t matter at all being the most attractive person in the room

Most importantly, show that you are available. Studies have shown that if a woman smiled and made eye contact, more men approached her, even if there were more attractive women in the room. In this case, it does not matter under what circumstances such a situation occurred. Experiments of this kind have been carried out in a bar, in a supermarket, etc., and they all ended with the same result.

18. Eye contact really helps

If you stick to certain barriers and not stare madly, then eye contact really has a strong effect. One study found that participants were asked to do various tasks while looking at their partner’s eyes or hands. In those cases where eye contact was present, the opposite sɘx partner was more likely to feel attracted than when there was no eye contact.

19. There are four styles of flirting

According to another study, social psychologists have identified several flirting styles that can be identified by the non-verbal behavior of people. Below are the key points of each style:

  • Physical flirting. At the same time, people try to touch the object of their attraction.
  • Traditional. It is believed that the first step should be taken by the man.
  • Sincere flirting makes people open up to their partner.
  • Playful flirting is a game of communication.

The interesting psychological or general facts about flirting presented contain useful information that has been obtained in the course of numerous studies and experiments conducted by social psychologists. The data obtained provide quite interesting results that can be successfully used by people in real life. Pay attention to these points, and, perhaps, it will bring certain changes to your life. In any case, this information deserves attention.

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