Galileo Galilei Quotes – 21 Sayings & Words of Wisdoms

Are you looking for inspirational Galileo Galilei quotes? Then you have discovered them now! The Italian astronomer, philosopher, engineer, mathematician and physicist also made many groundbreaking discoveries. So in 1615 he shared his research on the solar system that changed our world. With his heliocentric model of the world, he explained that all planets revolve around the sun, which is the center.

In this collection of sayings, I would like to give you the most important short and long quotes from Galileo as a constant source of inspiration.

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21 valuable quotes from Galileo Galilei

Incidentally, Galileo also achieved great fame because the Catholic Church firmly condemned for his findings, most of which did not correspond to the world view of the faith community at the time and contradicted the Bible. Let yourself be inspired by the quotes and wisdom of the astronomer below.

Galileo Galilei Quotes 1 – 10

  1. “Curiosity always comes first when there is a problem that needs to be solved.”
  2. “Two truths can never contradict each other.”
  3. “Nature is inexorable and unchanging, and it is indifferent whether the hidden reasons and ways of its actions are understandable to man or not.”
  4. “The book of nature is written in mathematical symbols.”
  5. “And yet it turns!”
  6. “You can’t teach a man anything, you can only help him discover it within himself.”
  7. “I’ve never met a man who was so ignorant that I couldn’t learn anything from him.”
  8. “All truths are easy to understand once discovered. The difficulty is in discovering them.”
  9. “I feel no obligation to believe that the same God who endowed us with senses, reason, and understanding requires us not to use them.”
  10. “Anyone who doesn’t know the truth is just a fool. But whoever knows them and calls them a lie is a criminal.”

Tip: Do you know what cognitive dissonance is? In the linked article you will find out why we often feel so uncomfortable these days when we are confronted with truths that previously seemed incompatible with our opinions.

Galileo Galilei Quotes 11 – 21

  1. “Mathematics is the alphabet that God used to describe the universe.”
  2. “Who will prescribe limits to man’s intellect and invention?”
  3. “Benefits should be cast in bronze and insults to the winds.”
  4. “You have to measure what is measurable and make measurable what is not yet measurable.”
  5. “People call the donkey a horse when they want to sell it and the horse a donkey when they want to buy it.”
  6. “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble argument of a single individual.”
  7. “I love the stars too much to be afraid of the night.”
  8. “Whoever understands geometry can understand everything in this world.”
  9. “I value finding a single, albeit insignificant, truth above arguing about the highest questions.”
  10. “By denying scientific principles, one can maintain any paradox.”
  11. “Doubt is the father of invention.”

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Use the wisdom of Galileo Galilei for personal inspiration!

Galileo is one of them most important founders of the modern natural sciences, since he explained and proved how the planetary system works. The insights of the universal scholar changed the whole world. I hope that I was able to inspire you with his most valuable sayings.

To conclude, I would now like to give you a few additional articles that correspond to Galileo’s values ​​and could promote your personal development:

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