14 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

Your relationship may not be perfect, but it should satisfy you and bring you happiness.

You don’t have to have much in common for your relationship to work.

It is much more important to find a compromise and be able to agree on many things.

Here are some signs that your relationship is healthy.

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Psychology of relationships between men and women

1. You say what you mean.

Relationships thrive when partners in a couple can express themselves freely and honestly. This means that no topics are taboo and everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Constant communication is a very important aspect of building a life together.

2. You have your own space

Just because you love each other doesn’t mean you have to spend time together all the time. By making time for your interests and friends, you keep things fresh in your relationship and give each other the opportunity to grow as individuals, even as a couple.

3. You fight

Having quarrels is normal. If you don’t fight, you’re probably holding back. But when people in healthy relationships argue, they do so honestly and productively. This means you don’t get personal or insult each other. It also means that you are trying to understand your partner instead of trying to be right. And if you are wrong, then you apologize.

4. You like yourself and you like your partner.

Chances are good that your relationship won’t suddenly get better if you win the lottery, have a baby, or move into your dream home. Therefore, you should not hope that your relationship will change. You must understand that neither of you is perfect, and you accept and appreciate each other for who you are now, and not for who you can become.

5. You make decisions together

You don’t dictate your terms. The same applies to your partner. You make decisions together, from what movie to watch to how many children to have, and you listen to each other’s wants and concerns. It is possible that you will need to find a compromise, for example, on Saturday you watch what your partner likes, and on Sunday what you like.

6. You find joy

Healthy relationships are full of laughter and joy. This doesn’t mean that you fool around every minute or that your partner never takes you out, but it does mean that overall your life together brings you joy, even in some simple things. For example, when you laugh at the same things or finish each other’s sentences.

7. You find balance.

Sometimes your partner needs to work late while you need to do the cooking. Or you need to pay attention to elderly parents while your spouse takes care of household chores. That is life. What is more important is that in the end the roles are distributed fairly.

Psychology of family relationships

8. You treat each other kindly

There is nothing more important than caring, empathizing and appreciating the person you love. If you respect strangers more than your partner, it’s time to step back and reconsider your priorities.

9. You trust each other

Healthy relationships are built on trust and a willingness to communicate without fear or secrets.

10. Are you ready to let go?

Your partner will annoy you, and you will annoy him too. You will say things to each other that you didn’t mean to. You will behave without regard for anything. The most important thing is how you handle these situations. Did he forget to buy milk again after you reminded him twice? You can say you’re disappointed, but let it go.

11. You are close

S@x is an important part of a healthy relationship, but it’s only a part, and it’s different from intimacy, which is less about physical satisfaction and more about affection, friendship, and similarity. If you’re in a healthy relationship, you’ll feel connected outside of bed.

12. Your relationship is a safe place.

Your relationship should be your safety net—a stable place you come to at the end of the day. This doesn’t mean you won’t argue, but it does mean that when things get tough, you’ll be more likely to see your partner than go to a bar with your co-workers.

13. You talk to your partner instead of other people.

When you have problems and worries, you share them with your partner, not with your friends on social networks. You can turn to friends as good listeners, but not as crutches to avoid having a serious conversation with your loved one.

14. You say magic words

“I love you”, “Thank you”, “I’m sorry.”


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