TOP 12 rules on how to make a girl happy in a relationship

From a female point of view, it is easy to answer the question: how to make a girl happy. Men are at a loss – “well, what else does she need?”.

Why does this mismatch occur? And is it necessary to look for an answer to this question? It is necessary! Because psychologists have long proven that the success of a man directly depends on how his lady of the heart feels next to him. Asking about the happiness of a woman, a man takes care of himself.

How to make a girl happy according to men

They are absolutely sure that they do everything for the sake of a woman – career, material support, status. When there is no special mutual understanding, a man gives all the best at work, trying to prove that he can do even the impossible. As a rule, this leads to the opposite result – she begins to think that they completely forgot about her, that no one needs her. There is a conflict.

In fact, what a man gives is really important to a woman – both status and money. Helps to feel secure, which is exactly what women are really looking for in a relationship.

But these incomprehensible and emotional creatures are so arranged that in addition to the platform, they also need a superstructure.

How to make a girl happy so that she feels it

Strictly speaking, each couple has its own secret, but there are general rules, of which, if there are exceptions, then they are small.

Women tend to talk more than men. But this does not mean at all that he needs to walk like a beech and think that she will understand everything anyway. Understand! But only if he hears. And here it is not necessary to bother with complex compliments, it is enough to act according to the principle: we go on the roads – we sing on the roads. I liked what I ate: “How delicious you cook!”. The thought of clothes flashed on the border of consciousness: “You look great today!”. I wanted affection: “You are so sexy!”. Not the highest mathematics, but it works flawlessly, making a woman happier and younger.

Words are good, but actions are better. And, it could be anything. Suddenly he became preoccupied with the weight of the bags that his wife was carrying from the store. Or (again suddenly) he hugged me right on the street, or even presented flowers after school. Any act based on attention will bring a happy smile to your face.

If a man thinks that touching is only needed in bed, he is deeply mistaken. Hugs, kisses, light touches on the hand or cheek – all this creates a feeling of security, so appreciated by the beautiful half of humanity.

Do not mention insults, obscenities in the presence of women, or unflattering epithets. Even what is said in a fit of anger does not honor a man. This is clear. But teasing when she is waiting for support, laughing at failures, pricking in the presence of other people are also completely unnecessary actions. Help, hints – this is what you need. True, to do this when she asks, you do not need to show that you are not capable of anything.

Respect also includes listening to opinions that concern herself or joint affairs. It is not necessary to agree on everything, but it is necessary to take into account.

Of course, not in the sense of not tripping over it. And in not turning on the ignore mode. Did you text or call? Need to answer. There is no way now, call back or write later. The same theme is to notice the efforts that she puts into creating comfort. Clean shirts don’t grow on trees. And if they did grow, someone would water them, and for that, too, it was worth thanking.

  • be a gentleman

Give a hand when exiting the bus, skip ahead, hold the door, move a chair. These and other pleasant little things will make a man feel like a real macho, and a girl – a real princess.

With the people who are important to her. It is unlikely that it will turn out that a man communicates with a girl who has vampires as friends. If they connected, then they found some commonalities, which means that friends are not so strange. But even if they are wonderful, it is not necessary to fraternize with them, but to keep negative statements – yes.

She sat alone and was frightened of something, called in hysterics. The man reacted calmly and spoke in the sense that the doors are strong, nothing will happen to you. Of course, he is right, logical and, in general, terribly busy. But the girl comes to mind with bad thoughts, and the same feelings – insecurity and uselessness. Even if there is no real danger, it will not hurt to take care. Gratitude can be pleasant, but resentment can turn into parting.

  • Responsible

With charming gouging girls meet, but not for long. For long-term relationships, they are looking for responsible and serious people. Such people can also joke and make jokes, but they study, work, do not be late and keep promises. And if they don’t, they warn you.

It is difficult to call it differently if a man in the presence of a woman begins to talk about another in superlatives. Even if this other most famous actress is still unacceptably stupid.

No matter how much love binds two, everyone should have free space. The absence of a cell in a relationship (whether it is golden or not is not at all important) leads to comfort and a sense of freedom. This allows the relationship to last for a long time, as it is good and pleasant in them.

In concrete terms, this means that you don’t need to write SMS every 10-60 minutes, call and ask: “Where are you?”, Be jealous about and without it, give advice on every purchase, or even ask: “Why did you buy this? Where did you spend the money? Greed, pettiness and jealousy are the road to nowhere.

If she was sad, and the guy made me laugh, cheered up, then at least a grateful look will earn, and most likely more. Because here and attention, and care, and good mood. Humor helps to get out of a difficult situation and smooth out the conflict.

How to make a girl happy – only the one who truly loves her will understand. Not a suffocating addiction, but a bright, warm, sincere feeling.

How to make your girlfriend happy? or what girls need from men…

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