50 Words of Congratulations for Eid Al-Adha 2022

It doesn’t feel like all Muslims around the world welcome the Eid al-Adha or also called the Feast of Sacrifice (Qurban) and Eid al-Hajj.

A brief history of Eid al-Adha begins when Prophet Ibrahim AS was ordered by Allah SWT to slaughter his son, Prophet Ismail AS. When carrying out the order of the Creator to slaughter his son, with His power, Allah SWT immediately replaced Ismail AS with a gibas goat or sheep.

Immediately, Prophet Ismail AS was beside his father in a state of freshness. What his father cut turned out to be a sheep. That is the origin of the feast of sacrifice (Qurban). In Arabic it means Eid al-Adha.

From this story we can learn that whatever decrees from Allah SWT we must do as His servants. We can also realize that all the pleasures in this world belong to Him. If Allah SWT wants to take it from us at any time, then we must sincerely accept it.

Talking about welcoming Eid al-Adha, maybe the method will be different. Some are spent hanging out with family, some are willing to be away from family. However, there is one custom that must be carried out on this Muslim holiday, namely forgiving each other and cutting the sacrificial animal.

Just as the name suggests, namely the feast of sacrifice, we as Muslims are required to sacrifice on the feast of Eid al-Adha. However, this obligation is only for those who are able to sacrifice. If you are not able to sacrifice, then the obligation falls.

Sacrifice itself has a meaning that teaches us to share and have the same equality. It’s like you are a capable person who can eat meat, and a person who can’t afford it can also eat meat. That is the equality that this graceful religion teaches.

In addition to sacrificing, the mandatory activity to celebrate Eid al-Adha is to wish you a happy Eid al-Adha. Eid al-Adha greetings usually contain words of apology for those around us such as family, friends, friends, relatives, to girlfriends and partners.

Saying congratulations on Eid al-Adha has also become a substitute when we are unable to meet because of the circumstances and the distance that separates us. Eid al-Adha greetings are usually often spoken on social media in the form of captions on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

Just like the words of the following Eid al-Adha congratulations. You can use these happy Eid al-Adha sentences and quotes as motivational quotes to welcome the feast of sacrifice. Here are words of wisdom happy Eid al-Adha 2021.

Words of Congratulations on Eid Al Adha

Sacrifice with sincerity is a form of true love. – Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442 H.

Where every hair of the sacrificial cattle will be worth a reward, while on the other hand we will feel the beauty of sharing with others. Happy Feast of Sacrifice.

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum. Happy Eid Al Adha 1442 H

Sincerity brings Qurban to be more meaningful. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

Forgiveness cannot change the past, but by forgiving a brotherly future will be born. Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442 H.

Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442 H. May our sacrifice be accepted by Allah SWT and be useful for others.

Thank God, we meet the atmosphere that is missed every year. Happy Feast of Sacrifice.

For me, today is how I learn to be sincere in making sacrifices in His way. Happy Feast of Sacrifice.

Hopefully all the good things that we have sacrificed can benefit the happiness of others. Happy Feast of Sacrifice.

Happy Eid Al-Adha and the month that is said to be cheerful, hopefully it is cheerful, not sorrow that comes to us.

“Taqabballahi minna wa minkum” Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442 H. May Allah istiqomah us hijrah in goodness.

Let’s make Eid al-Adha the momentum to connect the ties of friendship, train sensitivity, empathy, and erode hatred in the heart. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

Sincere in sharing virtues, sincere in accepting differences. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

Your zeal in sacrifice, your hope for forgiveness, and your firmness in faith, that is the meaning of Eid al-Adha. Happy Feast of Sacrifice.

Happy Eid Al-Adha. May our spirit of sacrifice continue to grow, and may we remind each other for that.

Sacrifice, because no matter how small the sacrifice will surely be accepted by Him. Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442 H.

If the fingers do not have time to shake. If the body could not be met. For the word scar. Hopefully the door is still open apology. Happy Eid Al Adha 1442 H.

Because praying is the most secret way of loving. I pray that our lives will always be filled with happiness. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

Weak people are unable to forgive, because forgiveness only belongs to strong people. Happy Eid Al-Adha, sorry to be born and inner heart.

Life is reciprocity. What you give will return, what you sow will grow, and what you sacrifice will bear fruit. Happy sacrifice and sorry physically and mentally.

Happy Eid Al-Adha. May the spirit of Eid al-Qurban be a reminder of our piety to Allah SWT and fellow human beings.

Celebrating the spirit of sacrifice, making yourself a better person in life. Happy Feast of Sacrifice. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

Sacrifice is our way of sharing with those in need. Happy Eid Al Adha 1442 H, sorry to be born and inner heart.

We as a family say minal aidin wal faidzin, sorry for the mistakes and inconveniences that we have done and have done. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442 H. No matter how small the sacrifices we make, hopefully they show our piety to Allah SWT, the Owner of Life.

Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442H! May the pleasure of accompanying all our worship and sacrifices. Amen.

From tongues that are not guarded, from a prejudiced heart, from promises that are not kept, and all other mistakes. May you be among those who have happy returns. Forgive me body and soul. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

Forgiving is as noble as asking for forgiveness, sharing is as noble as receiving a gift sincerely. Happy sharing and sacrifice, sorry to be born and inner heart.

The beauty of words is because of words, the beauty of the garden is because of flowers, the beauty of friendship is because of forgiveness, the beauty of Eid is that I wish you a happy Eid.

Faith makes everything possible. Sacrifice makes everything possible. Hope makes everything work. Love makes everything beautiful. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

May Allah grant us the strength to ask for forgiveness and the sincerity to forgive. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

Let’s Ibrahim obedience and Ishmael our patience with qurban. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

Learn from Ibrahim who was willing to sacrifice his son, & be like Ismail who sincerely accepted the will of Allah SWT. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

Start the day by sharing kindness, like those who are so happy to receive your gift. Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442 H.

Eid al-Adha is a time to celebrate your zeal for sacrifice, your hope for forgiveness, and your steadfastness in faith. Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442 H. Forgive me body and soul.

Start your day of sacrifice with a smile and happiness like those who are so happy to receive a gift from you. May your sacrifice be blessed, amen. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

For friends who are always burdened, and opponents who are often hurt, forgive me because you are the only one who makes my life feel more colorful. Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442 H.

O Allah, make every breath we take as proof of our love for You, and our sacrifices as proof of our approach to You. Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442 H.

Happy Eid Al-Adha 1442 H. May our spirit of sacrifice strengthen our faith and sense of humanity. Happy Eid Al-Adha Hajj.

Sacrifice no matter how small it is because it is not you or those who are giving the reward, but Him. There is no need to expect anything in return from them, for the Most Gracious knows how to repay. Happy Feast of Sacrifice.

The meat (of the sacrificial animal) and its blood never reach Allah, but to Him is your piety” – QS. Al Hajj: 37.

Happy Eid Al-Adha. Taqabbalallahu Minna Wa Minkum. Hopefully we will meet Eid al-Adha next year. Amen. Happy Eid Al-Adha.

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