81 Intimate Questions for Your Girl 💣 (18+)

81 Intimate Questions for Your Girl. Do you sometimes feel like being naughty? Make your girlfriend flutter so she fantasizes about you? If yes, then for this (ho-ho-ho) I have compiled a list of obscenities that will spice up your communication.

I warn you that the article is for those who are already 18 years old, we will talk about very indecent things.

I (as a girl) prefer to discuss such vulgar intimate questions in correspondence: there is time to think about the answer, you are not as embarrassed as in personal communication, and you answer more frankly and honestly. Take note of this.

Why ask a girl dirty questions?

This kind of flirting is a great way to get to know her limits. Girls are very supportive of frank questions if they feel comfortable with you. Therefore, be sure to test the water with your toe first, that is, touch on some juicy topic or omit a sexually suggestive comment and watch the reaction.

As soon as you see the positive (smile, laughter, support of the idea), raise the temperature and boldly ask indecent questions!

Well, if you already have an established relationship, then your game called “seduction” needs to be constantly innovated in order to avoid getting stuck in a rut, stagnation.

Let’s start with a prelude: 81 Intimate Questions for Your Girl.

Indiscreet questions for a girl

1. What color underwear do you like best?
2. What is your favorite body part to kiss?
3. How do you feel about kissing in a public place?
4. Is it better to have sex before meals or after?
5. Do you have erotic dreams? And with me?
6. Do you like to feel my hands on you? Where is the most?
7. How do you feel about role-playing games?
8. Sex only in bed… Or not only?
9. What is the most obscene thought you have ever thought about a stranger?
10. Do you like to bite? What about scratching?
11. Have you ever witnessed another couple having sex?
12. Do you like being in control or do you like to be in control?
13. If we could be alone somewhere right now, where would we be?
14. What would relax you better after a hard day – a massage or a bath?
15. What do you do when you get hoɿny in a public place?
16. What do you think it means to be good in bed?
17. How long should ideal sex last?
18. Do you always wear underwear? Tried to leave the house without panties?
19. Do you like taking nude photos?
20. Are you embarrassed when you get naked in front of your man (me)?
21. What is your favorite part of the male body?
22. If I look at the photos on your phone, will I find anything revealing there?

Well, let’s go up in the heat, up a notch, shall we? So,

81 Intimate Questions for Your Girl.

Very vulgar questions for a girl:

23. Would you like to be my slave today?
24. What position do you enjoy the most?
25. What excites you more – fast movements or slow ones?
26. Would you like to try extreme temperatures in bed, like ice or wax?
27. What props can you imagine your sex life without?
28. Do you prefer sex at night, morning, afternoon, or NOW?
29. How do you feel about fluffy handcuffs and blindfolds?
30. If we go shopping for clothes, will you call me to the fitting room?
31. Would you like to do it in a public place?
32. What would you like me to do to you right now if we were around?
33. What is the most unusual place where you suddenly experienced a strong arousal or org@sm?
34. Have you ever had sex with someone whose name you didn’t know?
36. What kind of poɿn turns you on?
37. Does mating in bed turn you on?
38. Are there any taboos for you in bed? Something you will never do.
39. How do you bring yourself to org@sm?
40. Have you ever used an ordinary object as a sex toy? If so, which one?
41. Would you like to try a vibrator as a third in our bed?
43. Have you ever turned your unusual erotic fantasies into reality?
44. Do you love more rough or tender?
45. What is your favorite sex toy?
46. When did you first realize that you wanted to have sex with me?
47. Have you ever experienced virtual sex?
48. Where is your most sensitive spot for my lips?
49. What body part would you like me to kiss today?
50. Would you like to have sex knowing that the other couple is looking at us?
51. Do you like it when I hold your hair during sex?
52. How long can you go without sex?
53. Which of your wildest fantasies about me would you like to come true?
54. Can you lend me your hand for 10 minutes today?
55. Which part of my body do you miss the most?
56. If I walked into our bedroom tonight wearing a mask, who would you like to see the most?
57. Should I turn off the lights while making love?
58. Do you consider yourself a naughty girl? If so, prove it today.
59. If you could punish your boss, what kind of sexual assault would you choose? 
60. How do you feel about watching poɿn together?
61. Tell me how you feel during an org@sm?
62. Do you like it when I tell you what to do in bed?
63. Have you ever had an@l sex?
64. Have you ever been caught having sex?
65. How often do you m@sturb@te?
66. Have you ever tried using food during foreplay?
67. Would you like to make a video of us making love?
68. When it comes to BDSM, how far would you go?
69. Have you ever read erotic stories? What did you experience?
70. Can I take off your underwear today without my hands?
71. Do you like shower sex?
72. Do you enjoy being spanked?
73. If I accidentally catch you masturbating, will you stop or finish?
74. Are you turned on by eye contact during intimacy?
75. Do you like to kiss when I enter you?
76. Are you tired after sex?
77. Could you be satisfied with just oral sex?
78. What do you like more – leather or lace?
79. Would you like to make love in the car? And on the hood of the car?
80. What is the best thing about our sex life?
81. Where would you like to feel my fingers?

As you can see, there are plenty of dirty questions for a girl that range from innocent and sweet to more erotic and even vulgar.

Depending on the intimacy and frankness of your relationship, choose the right ones and slowly move towards opening each other and expanding your sexual horizons. 81 Intimate Questions for Your Girl.

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