Islamic Wisdom Words About Patience as a Life Provision


Every day in life there must be trials that make us sigh. Life is full of trials that can make us learn to be much stronger and tougher. In Islam, if you are in trouble, just remember one of the wise words of Islam about patience, namely Allah will not give a trial that is more than His servant’s ability.

All trials must have wisdom and a way out. The main key to staying steadfast in the midst of trials is to be patient and sincere with the situation. Sometimes patience is not easy to do and not everyone can be patient in dealing with bad things in life. If you need encouragement in living a life that is sometimes hard, consider some of the Islamic wise words about patience below:

– Aphorisms of Patience and Sincerity

– Islamic Psychology Words

– The words of Ali Bin Abi Talib About Patience

– Islamic Words of Heart Conditioning

Aphorisms of Patience and Sincerity

1. When you are tempted to lose patience with someone, think about how patient Allah has been with you so far.

2. Patience is the key to all lasting pleasure.

3. Problems come and go, the solution is always the same: patient, sincere & trusting.

4. Problems are not to be dealt with harshly, but to be handled patiently.

5. Happiness is only deserved for those who are able to wait for it to come patiently and gracefully.

6. It is not patience if you still have limits and it is not sincerity if you still feel pain.

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7. A sincere person is never disappointed with the good deeds he has done because he believes that Allah is all-seeing and will reward him fairly.

8. Never be forced to do good. Give a little sincerity, then Allah will reward you with a lot of happiness.

9. Sincerity can make a small charity of great value.

10. Sincere sincere prayers that you say to Allah are able to change something that you initially thought was impossible, turned into possible.

Islamic Psychology Words

11. “If you’re right, there’s no need to be angry. If it’s wrong, you have no right to be angry.” – Mufti Ismail Menk

12. “It is very difficult to be patient, but throwing away the fruit (reward) of patience is the worst.” – Abu Bakr

13. “No two things combined are better than knowledge and patience” – Muhammad saw

14. “This world is like a shadow. If you try to catch him, he will run away. But, if you turn your back on him, he will have no choice but to follow you.” – Ibn Qayyim Al Jauziyah

15. “To get what you want, you must be willing to be patient with what you hate.” – Imam Ghazali

16. “The only reason we exist in this world is to bear witness to the oneness of God.” – Buya Hamka

17. “Know the truth, and you will know those who are right. Right Not measured by his people, but man is measured by the truth.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

18. “Live like a tree full of fruit; live by the roadside and are stoned by people, but are rewarded with fruit.” -Abu Bakr Sibli

19. “Don’t explain yourself to anyone, because those who like you don’t need that. And those who hate you don’t believe it.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

20. “Patience is a vehicle that will not bring down the rider.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

Ali Bin Abi Talib’s Words About Patience

21. “If something you like doesn’t happen, then enjoy what does.” – Ali bin Abi Talib.

22. “Patience is of two kinds: patience with something you don’t want and patiently refraining from something you do want.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

23. “Think positive, no matter how hard your life is.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

24. “Patience when holding back anger prevents a thousand regrets.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

25. “I will be patient, even to the point of patience itself which then grows weary with my patience.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

26. “There are two kinds of patience: patience with something you don’t want and patience with refraining from something you want.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

27. “Forgiveness is the best victory.” –Ali bin Abi Talib

28. “For every disaster there must be a limit that ends in it, while the cure is patience with it.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

29. “Take away from you all the troubles that befall you with steadfast patience and good faith.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

30. “Know that patience, when viewed in one’s problems is like the head of a body. If the head is missing, then the whole body will rot. Similarly, if patience is lost, then the whole problem will be destroyed.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

Islamic words that soothe the heart

31. Don’t just thank Allah when everything is going well, thank Him even when things are difficult.

32. “Allah does not burden a person except according to his ability.” – Al-Baqarah: 286

33. “Don’t grieve, whatever you lose will come back in another form.” – Jalaluddin Rumi.

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34. “But, those who are patient and forgive, verily (actions) like this are among the things that are prioritized.” – QS. Ash-Syuura: 43

35. “Don’t be sad. Verily, help will come with patience.” – HR. Ahmad

36. Never feel sorry for the loss of something. Rest assured, that it will come back again in a different form or form.

37. If you want to find the most peaceful place in the world, then fill your heart with faith. Surely it will be a comfort zone in this life.

38. Hold on to anger, when someone else is trying to bring you down. Respond with a smile. And say, you are a test that Allah SWT gave me.

39. It’s okay to stop for a moment and rest, but get up again because God really doesn’t like servants who give up easily.

40. Actually being patient doesn’t make you low, it will make you more mature.

In Islamic wise words about patience, of course there are lots of motivations and lessons that you can take to control emotions. Getting used to being patient and sincere does take time and a process. However, as long as you are willing to try, it is not impossible to be more sincere in living this life. If later you have family or friends who are facing trials, you can send these Islamic wise words about patience as a form of support and encouragement.

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