100+ Best Questions to Ask Your Ex-Boyfriend

100+ Best Questions to Ask Your Ex-Boyfriend
100+ Best Questions to Ask Your Ex-Boyfriend

What are the questions you can ask your Ex-Boyfriend?

“I had a great opportunity to never see him again in my life. Why shouldn’t I use it and ask him some questions? “

Because the answers he will give to your questions will help you, first of all, dear. Of course, if your ex is a completely lost copy and there is nothing to talk about with him, this is rubbish. It is unlikely that a dialogue with him will bring you at least some benefit. But what the hell is not kidding?

If your ex is a great guy and a decent person with whom you have remained on good terms, it is a sin not to take advantage of this. Yet he knows more about your relationship than anyone else. You need to find out the reasons why your relationship failed. Are you finding the wrong guys? Are you too dissolving in a relationship and choking a guy with love, or are you so cold that you could become a new character in the cartoon “Frozen”? Find it out. Ask him a couple of questions from our list – this will help you build stronger, healthier, and happier relationships in the future.

Best Questions to Ask Your Ex-Boyfriend

1. When did the crisis begin in our relationship? How did you understand this and how did it manifest itself?

2. When did you realize that the relationship can no longer be saved?

3. What do you think we did wrong?

4. Have you ever cheated?

5. How many times have you seriously thought about cheating?

6. Did you suspect me of treason? Why?

7. Was there something that you wanted to discuss, but did not dare, fearing my reaction?

8. Has our relationship been influenced by outside people (friends, relatives, etc.)? And if so, why?

9. What qualities in me did you value the most?

10.  What annoyed you the most?

11.  Why did you pay attention to me?

12.  What was your first impression of me?

13.  How are we alike?

14. What is our main difference?

15.  Are we the same now as we were at the beginning of the relationship?

16.  How did you explain our parting to your friends?

17.  Should we continue our companionship?

18. How often have you discussed our problems with your friends? Do you regret it?

19.  Do you regret the time we spent together?

20.  How have I influenced you?

Good Questions to Ask Your Ex-Boyfriend

21.  How have you influenced me?

22. Was the parting easy for you? Why?

23.  How do you react if you find out that I have a boyfriend?

24.  Are you happier after breaking up?

25.  Were you happy with me?

26.  What made you especially happy in our relationship?

27.  What did you miss on our dates?

28.  What did you miss in bed?

29. Should we continue to spend time with a common company?

30.  Which type of guy is right for me?

31.  What are you absolutely certain to do differently in a new relationship?

32.  If we were dating so far, what would our normal day together look like?

33.  Have I been selfish in a relationship?

34.  What words and actions of mine hurt you the most?

35.  What words of support have you dreamed of hearing from me?

36. Tell me about your five happiest memories of me. Why did it leave such a vivid mark on your memory?

37.  Tell me about your five saddest memories of me.

38.  What would you advise me to change in myself?

39.  What mistakes do you regret?

40.  What words and actions of mine made you mad?

What questions can you ask your Ex-Boyfriend?

41.  What did you understand after our breakup?

42.  Do you miss any of our relationship?

43.  What would need to be changed in our relationship to preserve it?

44. How often have I been jealous of you?

45.  Did you have enough personal space in your relationship?

46.  Was it easy for you to share your experiences with me?

47.  Was it that you didn’t want to come home?

48.  Is there something you still haven’t forgiven me for?

49.  Describe me in three words.

50.  Do you think I’m ready to move on and let go of this relationship?

51. Hello, is it good to see me?

52. What are you doing now?

53. Do you remember me?

54. I hope you haven’t been bored for long?

55. Why do you think we broke up?

56. Did someone influence our parting?

57. When do you think our relationship cracked?

58. Did you know right away that it was over?

59. Listen, have you ever cheated on me?

60. And there were thoughts of treason?

Random questions ask your Ex-Boyfriend

61. Have you ever suspected me of treason?

62. Have you always been honest with me?

63. How much did you trust me?

64. Have you ever been afraid of me?

65. What did you love the most about me?

66. What traits of my character infuriated you?

67. Why was there a misunderstanding?

68. Have we changed a lot during our relationship?

69. How did your friends appreciate our breakup?

70. Have you often discussed us with your friends?

71. Don’t you think that you wasted time in our relationship?

72. Have I changed anything about you?

73. Do you think I have changed in our relationship?

74. Did you feel better after breaking up?

75. Will you be calm about the fact that I have a boyfriend?

76. Was it easy for you next to me?

77. Were you happy with our relationship?

78. What did you miss in our relationship?

79. Were you satisfied with our sex?

80. What did you miss in sex?

Questions to ask your Ex-Boyfriend to start a conversation

81. Was my selfishness off-scale?

82. Could we have a future?

83. Have you ever seen me as the mother of your children?

84. Would you like to marry me in due time?

85. How did I harm you?

86. Have I hurt you often?

87. What are the brightest events you remember?

88. What was the worst part of our relationship?

89. What will you never do in a new relationship?

90. What actions of yours do you remember with rejection?

91. Did you feel guilty after breaking up?

92. What conclusions did you draw after our breakup?

93. Could we start over?

94. What would you change in your life?

95. Are there any things that you still miss?

96. Do you have any habits that have appeared next to me?

97. Do you think you are better?

98. Aren’t you bothered by my presence in the general company?

99. Could we continue to chat as friends?

100. Can I sometimes ask you for help?

Questions to Ask Your Ex-Boyfriend on chatting online or in real! If you manage to talk calmly, discuss all the problems, and find out what led to the breakup, you will help each other. Get rid of resentments and illusions and sincerely let go of the past – only in this case friendship/normal cooperation at work will be possible.

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