Amazing Mind Blowing Psychology Facts About Women or Girls

These facts about women’s psychology may seem strange or fictitious to you. Surprisingly, this is pure truth, confirmed experimentally. Read, be amazed, and do not stop admiring women.

Amazing Mind Blowing Psychology Facts About Women or Girls
Amazing Mind Blowing Psychology Facts About Women or Girls

These direct and obvious examples show how the female psyche and psychology differ from the male. The question arises, is it possible that psychologists can use universal techniques in therapy that are suitable for both men and women. Or two new psychologies need to be invented: male and female. And when working with a client, choose a method based on his gender.

Interesting Psychology Facts About Women or Girls

1. It is more difficult for women with a high IQ to find a mate. Intelligent women are more likely to remain single than live with the wrong person.

2. According to some studies, 70% of women use silence to express pain.

3. Women can understand and read emotions better than men.

4. A woman’s favorite song will tell you more about her feelings than her words.

5. When a woman tells you about her problems, this does not mean that she is complaining. It just means that she trusts you.

6. According to researchers, women who are shown ideal and perfect bodies tend to lower their self-esteem.

7. Women look more attractive when they are fertile.

8. Women tend to think more about those who ignore them than about those who constantly talk to them.

9. Women are more capable of empathy and empathy.

10. Women are more emotional than men.

11. Women are more likely to say, “I’m sorry,” because they often think they did something wrong.

12. Studies have shown that women are better at multitasking than men. For example, household chores: cooking, cleaning, kids, makeup, fitness.

13. Women are better at remembering faces than men.

14. Women deal with stress by joining or interacting with other people Men love to relieve stress with alcohol and fighting.

15. Men communicate, insulting each other, but in fact, they do not mean it. Women communicate, complimenting each other, and they don’t mean it either.

16. All women have their own dream world. They dream that one day, he will become true.

17. When a girl asks you a question, it’s best to just tell her the truth. She’s most likely asking you because she already knows the answer.

18. Women tend to argue more with those who are dear to them. And if not, they are simply not interested in you.

19. Women are more attracted to men who pay attention to them, those who remember details about them without the need to remind them.

20. Women have twice as many pain receptors on their bodies as men, but much higher tolerance than men.

21. Women are better at remembering the faces of pretty girls because they are seen as a potential threat to them.

22. Research has shown that curvy women can be smarter than skinny women because of the fatty acids in their thighs, which improve their mental performance.

23. Women love kissing.

24. Women tend to fall in love with those who speak rudely and act like a “bad boy.”

25. Women crave sex more than men.

26. Women need more time to make a decision, but once they have made a decision, it cannot be changed.

27. Humor is associated with intelligence which is why most women tend to be attracted to men with a good sense of humor.

28. In every girl’s life there is a boy whom she will never forget.

29. Ignoring her is just teaching her how to live without you. You think she’s suffering while she’s been adjusting all this time.

30. Women’s eyes speak volumes, and this is the door to her heart.

31. A woman’s neck is more flexible than a man’s. Therefore, in response to the call, she turns only her head, while the opposite sex is forced to turn around with her whole body.

32. During sex, a woman thinks about how beautiful she looks. If she is not sure of herself, she will prefer complete darkness.

33. Women feel uncomfortable with free hands. They definitely need to fiddle with something. A handbag, a fan, a book, gloves – they are worn in the hands just for this.

34. To gain the confidence of a woman, it is enough to hug her for twenty seconds. Don’t confuse trust with love. In order to achieve love, you need to make much more effort.

35. Women are better organizers than men. They are better at grasping the humanities and multitasking.

36. Women have a great need for communication. They pronounce three times more words per day than men. This is all due to the pleasure center in the brain. Apparently from this came the assertion that women love with their ears.

37. Women have better developed peripheral vision, they see better in the dark.

38. For the same reason, women are more successful in negotiations than their courageous counterparts.

39. Women cry five times more than men. On average, 30 to 65 times a year.

40. Often women ask a question to which there can be no correct answer in principle. This is done in order to induce feelings of guilt in the interlocutor.

13 Interesting Facts About Women’s Psychology.

Amazing Mind Blowing Psychology Facts About Women/Female or Girls
Amazing Mind Blowing Psychology Facts About Women/Female or Girls

1. Why does a girl sometimes, in a completely inexplicable way, fall for a guy?

And if you ask her about it, she will not answer this question. There is often one very simple explanation here. On a subconscious level, a woman likes someone with whom she can experience positive emotions that she experienced earlier. For example, a guy reminds her of her first love, and she unconsciously strives to reproduce these fantastic sensations again. And even if he is in fact a goat and a degenerate, she will still fall for him.

2. Sympathy for tough men.

In psychology, this phenomenon is called “Stockholm Syndrome”. This is when the victim is drawn to the tormentor and subsequently identifies with him. Let me remind you that in August 1973, Jan Erik Ohlsson, who escaped from prison, took four people hostage. They consisted of three women and one man. He kept them for several days.

And then, when everyone was released, the captured women were imbued with sympathy for Ohlsson, wrote admiring letters to him, and supported him in prison. Similar situations often happen in everyday life. Many women, living with their cruel and aggressive husbands, experience the same Stockholm Syndrome. They continue to love him and feel, oddly enough, themselves protected. Although he can beat her and mock her. But should someone from the outside try to stop this monster?

3. How women and men experience separation.

The guys after the breakup for the first few days have a reaction like this: “Yohhu! Hooray! Finally unhooked! ” Further, partying, celebrating freedom. And a month later: “Bliiin, here I am a fool! Why did I break up with her ?! How lonely and shitty I am! ”

In women, the reaction is reversed. First, a sea of ​​tears, tons of used handkerchiefs. Universal tragedy and all that. After one to two months, the woman calms down. And when a guy comes in and says, “Let’s start all over again.” He receives in response: “F*CK you!”

4. Why does a woman constantly wear a purse?

The reason is that she constantly needs to hold something in her hands. In fact, a girl feels very uncomfortable if she has nothing in her hands and has nothing to fiddle with. She has such a basic need!

5. If you are standing with your friend and discussing some beauty in an undertone,

you can be sure. She hears everything! A woman’s hearing is much more subtle than that of men. Therefore, girls perfectly catch the sounds of what is happening around them. And if you think that standing at a distance of two meters from here you can comment on something in a whisper, you are mistaken.

6. What’s the easiest way to gain a girl’s trust?

Save a life? Cool, but not necessary. The easiest way is to hug her for 20 seconds. A simple twenty-second hug significantly increases the production of oxytocin in the blood. It is a neurotransmitter that induces a very strong sense of harmony, calmness, and well-being. By the way, if a girl gets angry, screams, swears, the man just needs to grab her into his arms and hold her. Even if she struggles, twitches, and yells: “Let me go!” After 20 seconds, oxytocin will hit her brain, and she will calm down.

7. Many guys don’t even know about this, but in vain!

The girl attaches more importance to kisses than to intimacy. Here! 90% of women in the survey said that they recall the first kiss with much more warmth than the first intimacy with a boyfriend. Therefore, it often happens that you are dating a girl. You kiss for weeks and months, and … nothing else happens. And just a woman expresses her feelings precisely through a kiss.

8. After sex, a woman looks at a man and thinks:

“Hmm. And he’s really handsome! ” and she doesn’t mind doing it again and again. For a man, the opposite is true. After intimacy, he does not think about anything at all. Wants to relax or sleep.

9. What kind of guys do girls like?

Powerful bad or boys? It all depends on the habitat. In countries where the situation is generally prosperous, where there are no threats to peaceful life, women choose men with more feminine features. Conversely, women living in countries with a difficult crime situation begin to choose men who are more rude and strong.

10. Women like men who are sad and angry.

Women attach great importance to the emotional side of relationships, in particular, it is important for almost any woman that a partner shares his feelings and experiences with her. If a woman sees that her partner is sad or angry, then she perceives this as a sign of trust on the part of the man and experiences emotional satisfaction from this. The more often a man demonstrates his negative emotions (despite the fact that this behavior is not typical for the stronger sex), the happier the couple will be.

11. A woman needs more time to calm down after a conflict.

This is due to a number of physiological factors: a woman is by nature more emotional than a man, since her nervous system is more sensitive and reacts more strongly to stimuli. Consequently, when the quarrel is already over, the nervous system is still in an agitated state for some time and continues to send signals to the brain that the conflict continues. Often this becomes the reason that the quarrel moves to a new level and a new reason for disagreement is found.

12. Men can manipulate a woman with a smile.

If a man smiles when trying to manipulate a woman, for example, giving her instructions, then the probability that a woman will succumb to manipulation is several times higher. The fact is that women instinctively perceive a smile as a manifestation of warm feelings. Also, when communicating, women attach more importance to body language, and not to the spoken words, so a smile can cause misunderstanding of the statement, whether it is even an offensive joke or a sexist remark. Looking directly into the eyes often has the same effect on women.

13. A beautiful woman is almost always healthy.

Beauty in a woman’s life is of paramount importance at any age. Women tend to take care of themselves and look after their appearance more carefully than men, because they instinctively feel that healthy skin and a beautifully strong body can attract the best partner, and therefore, there are more chances to fulfill the main function inherent in nature – motherhood. External beauty is a sure sign of the health of the whole organism.

Facts About Women or Girls | Female Psychology

Amazing Mind Blowing Psychology Facts About Women/female or Girls
Amazing Mind Blowing Psychology Facts About Women/female or Girls

1. According to research, a woman looks in the mirror for about 120 hours a year, this is a whole 5 days! And for about a year in her entire life, she decides what to wear.

2. A woman will never scratch her head, pondering the answer to a difficult question, as men often do. Women do not at all like to show that they are puzzled in any way. They also just don’t want to ruin their hair with such a casual gesture.

3.  A woman feels uncomfortable if she does not hold anything in her hands when going somewhere, so she always and everywhere carries a purse with her.

4) Women desperately need to cry from time to time, because this is the easiest way to relieve stress. Women cry on average 30 to 64 times a year, while men cry only 6-17 times.

5) Women always ask questions that have no definite answer, because this is how they can make men feel guilty.

6) Women are very upset by the fact that they are wrong. This is why they don’t apologize as often, but if that happens, the man should enjoy the moment. Women are very stubborn and like to think that they are always right.

7) The curiosity of women manifests itself at any time. For example, they always need to pick up a ringing phone, even if they are busy with something important. After all, what if they are going to tell her that she won the lottery?

8) According to statistics, a woman pronounces an average of 20 thousand words per day, which is 13 thousand words less than a man pronounces. Women really love to talk and it can go on indefinitely. Perhaps this is because they hate silence and want to break it at any cost. It is from here that gossip and rumors are born.

Female Body

9) Throughout her life, a woman eats about 2-3 kilograms of lipstick.

10) Women blink about 2 times more often than men.

11) A woman will trust more the one who hugged her for at least 15 seconds.

12) 80 percent of wrinkles a woman gets due to the fact that she allows her face to sunbathe in the sun.

13) Taller women are more likely to get cancer.

14) If a woman responds to her name, she only turns her head, when like a man turns his whole body towards the one calling. This is due to the fact that the neck of women is more mobile.

15) A woman prefers that her man read her desires in the eyes, which is why understanding between the sexes is sometimes quite difficult to achieve.

16) Researchers found that men process the sounds they hear with only one side of the brain, while women use both for this purpose. This is probably why women are still considered better listeners than men.

17) Women do not like to show men that they eat a lot, so if a woman is very hungry, she will prefer to eat alone. 30 percent of women have a passion for inedible things during pregnancy.

18) There are 10 times more women’s cosmetics and various women’s personal care products in the bathroom than men’s things. By the way, a man will not be able to answer you what most of these things are for.

Feminine behavior, and World

19) Women love to buy things on sales, even if they don’t need them at all. For example, seeing a bag with a 75 percent discount, a woman will not be able to pass by her indifferently, even if a similar bag has been gathering dust in her closet for a long time.

20) Of the 20 richest women in the world, all but one inherited wealth from their husbands or fathers.

21) On average, a woman is able to keep a secret for 47 hours and 15 minutes .

22) In Russia there are 9 million more women than men.

23) Women began to wear heels, once imitating men in order to look more masculine.

24) Israel is the only country in the world where women serve in the army.

25) A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s. She also has more taste buds on her tongue.

26) A woman who had her first successful uterus transplant became pregnant in 2013.

27) The record number of children born to one woman is 69.

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Facts Everyone Should Know About Women | Female psychology

1. The first fact is that women can think logically.

Many people say: “women are guided exclusively by emotions when making decisions.” But they also have developed logical thinking. When making a decision, they are guided by both logic and emotions. Actually, like men. The question is that emotions have a much greater influence on women’s thinking.

Let’s take a simple example: how a man and a woman choose their car. For a man, a combination of appearance, price, and practicality is important. In other words, when we buy a car, we evaluate how convenient it is to use, how it looks, and, in general, whether the purchase will be affordable. Yes, there is a separate category of men who bought an expensive car on credit, while living in a rented apartment. But I don’t take them into account.

How does a woman think? She comes to the car dealership, the sales manager shows her the car which from the point of view of practicality is far from the most optimal. But on the other hand, this car looks great: bright, elegant, aesthetically pleasing, but it costs more than she planned. Under the influence of emotions, a woman takes out a loan. Although the very next day, she may regret buying.

You ask, what does logical thinking have to do with it? And the logic is that if the car is too expensive, or the car gets too bad reviews, or the car is not suitable for her, for example, because of the low suspension, then the woman will not buy it. In other words, a woman also has logic, but she rather acts as a limiter, and emotions dominate and play a decisive role when she makes decisions.

2. Sex for a woman is possible only after the emergence of emotional closeness with a man.

The exceptions are nymphomaniacs and other ladies of easy virtue. If to compare: when a man saw an attractive woman and he liked her, then he no longer minds having sex with her, if there is such an opportunity. For a woman, on the contrary, it is important to get to know a man better, to look at his manner of communication, at his inner world. And only after that will she be ready for intimacy. A little later, I will explain what this female behavior is connected with.

3. Women rarely tell the truth about the number of their sexual partners.

If men often exaggerate the number of sexual victories, women, on the contrary, underestimate. And many sincerely believe their girls and wives when they say that they had very few sexual partners before: only one or two. Although, in reality, this is far from the case. Why do women keep their past experiences a secret? It’s simple: they know perfectly well that it is better not to tell a man the whole truth about their stormy youth. Otherwise, it may scare him away.

After all, most men are very upset when they find out that their girlfriend has had many sexual adventures in the past. And to satisfy the ego of her partner, the woman calls the number no more than five. Men are just as upset when they find out that they are not satisfying their women.

During consultations, I often heard the phrase: “She left me, but in sex, we were all good, she was happy with me.” Therefore, often in intimate matters to a woman, instead of the truth, it is easier to say what her partner wants to hear. And he wants to be the best lover. Otherwise, his self-esteem will suffer very much and this will negatively affect the microclimate in the relationship.

4. Women like to think out a lot.

Again, this is due to the peculiarity of their thinking, with the fact that emotions prevail over logic. And a certain event can cause a strong emotion in her that logic cannot curb.

5. Every woman thinks that she is special, not like everyone else.

And it is on this feature of female psychology that many bloggers are promoting themselves, calling their programs, for example, “I am so alone, special and unique.” Accordingly, if you want to offend a woman, say that she is a gray mouse that does not stand out from the crowd.

What is the reason for this? With strategies for attracting the right partner, embedded in women on a subconscious level. If a woman does not favorably stand out in her environment, she will not be able to choose the best man and she will have to act on the residual principle, which, naturally, will not suit anyone. Therefore, feeling herself special, not like everyone else, a woman once again receives confirmation at a subconscious level that she can attract a worthy man, that she is better than others.

6. Money for women is a source of stability.

Therefore, there are no women who do not care how much their man earns. The question is in requests: for someone, it is enough for a boyfriend or husband to have an average income level, to be able to provide her with everything she needs. And someone will only be satisfied with an oligarch. Such a person thinks according to the principle: “I am a queen, I deserve the best, and I am not going to exchange for office plankton.” It all comes down to the fact that every woman has her own concept of stability.

For some, stability means yachts, restaurants, and business-class travel, while for others, stability is a quiet family life, when the husband brings a salary to the house and his salary is enough so as not to get into debt. Yes, there are situations when a woman falls in love with a gigolo or a stripper who constantly lives in debt. But such a relationship won’t last long. One day, logic will prevail over feelings. A woman will understand that with such a partner there are no prospects, he will not be able to satisfy her need for stability. In the end, everything will end in parting.

7. The feminine mood is changeable.

This is a consequence of hormonal surges, a consequence of the phases of the menstrual cycle. Who does not know, the menstrual cycle does not last 3-4 days, but about 28 days, that is, from one menstruation to another. If you measure the emotional state of a man within a month. And take a conventional scale, then this level will fluctuate from minus three to plus three. If we take measurements for women on the same scale, then the level of emotional state will change from minus twenty to plus twenty.

8. Girls/Women, unlike men, pay attention to little things.

Who and how you look, what and how you said. Any little thing can give you away. Because of this, many relationships fall apart. For example, a man, after meeting with his mistress, did not notice that her hair was left on the jacket or a trace of lipstick remained on the collar of his shirt, but the girl or wife would definitely notice all this. Again, it’s all about the good intuition that nature has endowed women with. If men have a more developed tunnel vision effect, when we concentrate on one thing, then women see much more detail, this allows them to compose a more complete picture of the world, to see much more nuances.

9. Women are more dependent beings.

If a man, when problems arise, goes into himself, he tries to cope with the difficulties that have arisen on his own, and if he asks for help, then only to experts in this field. A woman, on the contrary, seeks outside help. Tries to share his misfortune with others. Get either physical help or moral: at least talk out.

By the way, this is related to the fact that after parting, women often start a substitutionary relationship. This is the very help they need after the breakup. Therefore, women are less likely than men to suffer from cardiovascular diseases – they do not try to solve the problem on their own or just get sick, they always resort to outside help, including they need moral support. Men, on the contrary, keep everything in themselves, gradually accumulating nervous tension.

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