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Are you looking for hate quotes and sayings about feelings of hate? Then this is the peaceful haven on the internet where you can relax from haters and haters. Above all, the mostly anonymous communication on the Internet in combination with the statements of hateful and unscrupulous populists is the decisive breeding ground for excessive dislike, anger, slander, slander and hate speech. Now in this article I want to give you the most valuable quotes and sayings about hate. Here we go! My request: If you use one of the quotes about hate on your website or share it on the Internet, I would be very happy if you link to this elaborately compiled collection of sayings. Many thanks for your support! 36 Quotes About Hate And Dislike If you want to create positive change, you will reap hate. Especially by those who would have to adapt in the course of change. It doesn’t matter whether you fight against climate change and racism or for animal rights. Use the following short and long sayings about feelings of hate to remind yourself that dislike and hate speech won’t get you very far these days. By the way: Did you know that veganism promotes human rights? In the linked article I explain exactly why that is! Hate Quotes 1 – 10 “He who makes the others small is never great.” (Johann Gottfried Seume) “Hate paralyzes life; love sets it free hate confuses life; Love balances it. hate darkens life; Love enlightens it.” (Martin Luther King)”Where love grows, life thrives – where hate arises there is a threat of destruction.” (Mahatma Gandhi)”Love is one-eyed, but hate is completely blind.” (Berthold Auerbach)”Haters are people, who secretly want to be you.” (Harvey Specter) “Never in the world does hate stop with hate. Hate ceases through love.” (Siddhartha Gautama)”Hate is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.” (George Bernard Shaw)”Hate is as lawful as love, and I cherish it to the fullest those who despise.” (Georg Büchner)”The bigger the man is, the more punishable he is if he reveals the mistakes of others.” (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)”Injured vanity is often infected with feelings of hatred.” (Gerhard Uhlenbruck) Hate Quotes 11 – 20 “Famous: within easy reach of the arrows of spite and slander.” (Ambrose Bierce)”Know that those who preach hate to you will not redeem you.” (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)”The moment in which when you talk about others, I learn the most about you.” (Unknown)”The number of our envious people confirms our abilities.” (Oscar Wilde)”Let people talk what they want. You know the nature of the whole sex that it prefers to worry and agitate than to comfort and uplift.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) “Let us see that what we want to arouse admiration with does not become ridiculous and hateful.” ( Lucius Annaeus Seneca) “No one is born hating other people because of their skin color, race or religion. hate is learned. And if you can learn to hate, you can also learn to love. Because love is a much more natural feeling in a person’s heart than its opposite.” (Nelson Mandela)”Hate is an involuntary echo of fear, because fear degrades.” (Graham Greene)”We Germans hate thoroughly, constantly; since we are too honest and also too clumsy to take revenge with quick perfidy, we hate until our last breath.” (Heinrich Heine)”So flee from the chatterbox’s circle, who only knows bad things about others!” ( Friedrich von Bodenstedt) Tip: I have also put together an extensive collection of the best love quotes for you as a total contrast to the topic of hate. Hate Quotes 21 – 30 “It is easy to hide hate, difficult love, most difficult indifference.” (Ludwig Börne)”To express anger or hate in words or facial expressions is useless, dangerous, unwise, ridiculous , is mean.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)”Stupidity is usually the sister of malice.” (Sophocles)”It is better to be hated for what one is than to be loved for what one is not.” (André Gide)”Hate makes you ugly.” (Eberhard Puntsch)”Love doesn’t have to fear hate, but fear friendship.” (Peter Rudl)”Hate is a fertile vice, envy a sterile vice.” (Marie von Ebner -Eschenbach) “Never speak ill of a person unless you know it for sure! And if you know for sure, then ask yourself: Why am I telling you this?” (Johann Kaspar Lavater)”The deadliest hate often comes from the deepest desire.” (Socrates)”When you begin to sacrifice yourself to those you love , you will end up hating those you have sacrificed yourself to.” (George Bernard Shaw) Hate Quotes 31 – 36 “As I walked out of the cell through the door towards freedom, I knew I had my bitterness and my hate had to leave behind, or I would be imprisoned for the rest of my life.” (Nelson Mandela)”If you teach a child to hate a person who hasn’t harmed him, he will also learn to hate the rest of the people.” (Jean Paul)”If the If people’s hatred could be converted into electricity, the whole world would shine.” (Nikola Tesla)”Good is stronger than evil. Love is stronger than hate. Light is stronger than darkness. Life is stronger than death.” (Desmond Tutu)”I’ve seen too much hate to want to hate myself.” (Martin Luther King)”As long as you hate, there will be people to hate. (George Harrison) Can you think of any other sayings about hatred and spite that I should definitely include here? Then bring your suggestions in the comments! Use quotes about hate as a constant source of inspiration for good. Hate springs from weak people – and strikes weak as well as strong and forerunners. It is never a solution, but rather the problem itself. I hope I was able to inspire you with the quotes about hate speech. Finally, I would like to give you further articles that go with the sayings and could cause less hate in the world: Do you have any questions or further quotes about hate? Then, as always, feel free to leave a comment under this post. Stay loving, PS.: Be sure to check out the books that changed my life. I bet they are able to change yours for the better too. * Links with an asterisk are so-called affiliate links: If you click on them and buy something, you actively support my work with CareElite.de, as I receive a small percentage of the sales revenue. Thank you for your support and best regards, Christoph!

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